10 Eccentrically Obscure Gifts to Weird Your Friends Out

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We all need to embrace our weird side at some point of our lives, and once we do that, we need to own it.

The best way to flaunt your eeriness is to creep out your friends and loved ones with the weirdest gift choices!

Here are some ingenious ways to set your plot in action.

1. A Bag of Edible Insects

They are novelty dishes somewhere in the world, right? Why not introduce a little culture to the group? Tantalize their taste buds with a unique assortment of edible bugs. You name them, we’ve got them!

From delectable Silk Worms to scrumptious Grasshoppers and Crickets, this goody bag has it all! Order yours today because there is no better gift than culturally rich food.

2. Framed Tweets

Kanye West’s tweets demand to be remembered! This remarkable service will frame your favorite tweets and deliver them to your loved ones ready to be hanged and cherished for life.

They come with an exquisite custom-made gold frame and neat high-quality print. It’s too good of a gift to pass on.

3. Octopus Headband

This will specially speak out to you if you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan. This gift will help your friends mimic their favorite character in style by pulling over the exceptional hand knitted Octopus headband.

Suitable for all genders, all seasons, all ages, and all occasions! Where else can you find such a versatile and disturbing gift?

4. Unicorn Meat

We’ve heard that Unicorn meat are an excellent source to meet your daily requirements of sparkles and rainbow farts. They offer not only a brilliantly advertised container, but there are actual cut up unicorn plush pieces inside!

It really is as weird as a gift can get. With magic in every bite and terror to last several nights.

5. Poop Pen

Before you start gagging, let us assure you that it doesn’t contain any real traces of the item, or the particular odor, but it sure is a treat for the eyes! This 4-inch-long poop pen looks like the actual stuff, with all the right crevices and cracks and just the right color to make it look very believable.

It is an excellent way to make your friends realize just how much you loathe them. Make sure they write you a thank you note with it.

6. Cat Butt Gum

We chew cat butts and we cannot lie. It is going to be your personal favorite for years to come! These delightful packs of cat butt gum come in sweet peppermint flavor with the right amount of sass and the whole kiss my ass flair.

It really is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds! Send this flawless gift to the special someone in your life and tell them in a gracious, tender way that who’s the boss.

7. Punch in the Nuts Snack Mix

Are you confused whether to punch someone in the nuts or send them an assorted box of snacks? We understand your mixed feelings and offer you a box of ‘punch in the nuts’ mixed nuts with a special message that will surely get your message across.

Available in three delicious flavors with a lot of sassy spice and zest to go.

8. Get Along with your Co-workers Gum

Do you have an irritating co-worker who just never misses the opportunity of annoying the stuffing out of your nerves? Do you keep finding ways to politely send across a warning to make them mend their ways?Behold the power of sarcasm! We have just the right thing for you. Gift it to a co-worker today and impart the gift of sarcasm at your work place guaranteed to leave a lasting effect with the ‘get along with your co-workers gum‘.

9. Talking Toilet Paper

This is going to leave you in fits of laughter! Just record your voice in this ingenious toilet roll talker, insert it inside the toilet paper and gift it to your friends.

They will be bestowed with your glorious messages every time they do the deed. From friends that forget your birthdays to husbands who neglect house chores, this is the best way to get your message across.

10. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

“There is not ugly a fiend of hell as thou shalt be.”

For a friend as dull as night, send this poetic and literary rich gift of the best Shakespearean Insults rolled up neatly in a pack of 15. You know you want to.

Well, where is your will to be weird?