40 Spike-tacular Volleyball Puns to Set Your Mood High

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Get ready to spike your day with laughter as we serve you 40 of the most hilarious volleyball puns. These jokes will set you up for a match full of giggles, proving that humor and volleyball make an unbeatable team.

Serving Up Laughs

  1. Setting the standard for puns.
  2. I told a volleyball joke once. It was a smash hit.
  3. Why do volleyball player never blame their teammates? Because it’s always their own fault.
  4. Volleyball players are excellent at the beach because they really know how to dive into fun.
  5. My volleyball team is so good at serving, we could work in a restaurant.
  6. Why was the volleyball team so good at math? Because they knew all about angles and degrees.
  7. Volleyball: where serving and receiving aren’t just polite manners.
  8. I’ve got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one.

Set It Up

  1. Don’t ever date a volleyball player; they’ll set you up.
  2. Setting goals is important, but not as much as setting the volleyball.
  3. They say love is a game, but volleyball is a set match.
  4. My favorite volleyball move? The setcom, because it always gets laughs.
  5. Volleyball players have the best set-ups. They’re not just making plays; they’re crafting jokes.
  6. Setting up a joke is like volleyball; timing is everything.
  7. A volleyball player went to a bar and set the drinks on fire. Talk about a killer serve.

Spike the Humor

  1. Spike it like it’s hot.
  2. That volleyball player became a comedian because he knew how to spike the punchline.
  3. Don’t mess with volleyball players; they know where to spike the ball.
  4. Vegetarians love volleyball because of all the spikes and plants.
  5. My volleyball skills are a bit spikey. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Block and Roll

  1. Why did the volleyball team go to the party? To get some blocks off.
  2. Waiting for the perfect block is like waiting for a punchline. Timing is everything.
  3. I tried playing volleyball, but I couldn’t get over the block.
  4. Why couldn’t the fish play volleyball? It couldn’t get past the net.
  5. Blocking out the haters with every volleyball win.

Net Gains

  1. Love is a lot like volleyball, somehow it always involves a net.
  2. They’re not just my team; they’re my network.
  3. I was going to tell a volleyball net joke, but I missed the punchline.
  4. Netflix and chill is cool, but have you tried volleyball and drill?
  5. Always aim for the net gain when you’re on the volleyball court.

Court-side Comedy

  1. Why are most volleyball jokes one-liners? There’s not enough room on the court for a second line.
  2. Playing volleyball has really improved my court sense of humor.
  3. You can’t handle the court! Yes, that’s a volleyball and movie joke in one.
  4. My volleyball team doubles as a court jesters team.
  5. Being a volleyball fan in this court is a total racket.

Bouncing Into Puns

  1. Volleyball is a sport where you can really bounce back.
  2. The volleyball team’s boat capsized. Turns out they were better at bouncing than rowing.
  3. I wanted to join the volleyball team, but I heard they were all about the bounce and I was afraid I couldn’t cut it.
  4. Bouncing back from a loss is easier with a team like mine.
  5. Life is like a game of volleyball; the key is knowing when to bounce.