The Useless Box – The Box That Turns Itself Off!

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A Useless box is a box with a simple switch that once pressed will turn itself off. It’s a hilarious gift idea, that will be sure to leave many people laughing, as well as leaving others confused (to your enjoyment!)

We’ve seen videos of these boxes go viral many times. Models of this just come with a simple metal implement that will automatically turn off the switch once you’ve pressed it.

But other people have made even more fun ones, which shapes of tigers or cats, which come out and turn off and switch with their hand.

1. EASTBULL Useless Box

The simple, humble Useless Box!

This is standard uses box it's a very popular one. It's made of real wood and it runs off to AAA batteries. This is the most simplest form of the useless box. If you want to get one that stays true to the original design then check out this one.

2. XINHOME Don't Touch Useless Box (Cute Tiger)

Have a cute tiger that turns off the box!

The XinHome useless box is a really funny one because it has a cute tiger, which comes out and turns it off with its hand.

This is a fun one for kids, or for anybody else that's thinking might get a giggle out of it.

3. Matney Stealing Coin Cat Box Piggy Bank

The coin stealing cat!

Another funny box is the Matheny stealing coin cat box, which is another very funny option.

This is not quite a useless box because it actually serves as a functional money saver!

Simply put a coin on the surface, and the cat will come up and steal the coin from the top and put it into the box.

4. AHCAI Rubber Spider Prank Surprise Box

Not quite a useless box, but a spider box!

We also have the spider box prank which is a pretty funny one. This is quite like the useless box but it does not actually turn itself off.

Therefore, this is not really a useless box but it kind of falls within the 'small gag gift box' category!

5. Useless box by CedarGifts

A nice useless box on Etsy!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller - CedarGifts

What else does a useless box do?

A useless box turns itself off when you press the button. That’s all it does!

If it did something else, it probably would not be called a useless box.

In fact, this box is more useless than a regular box, because you can’t even open it.

It’s even funnier when you get somebody that tries to figure out if it does other things are they’re just not understanding how it works. They keep pressing the button and it keeps turning the box off!


So that’s a little roundup of some useless boxes, a spider prank box, and the Matney stealing coin cat box! Between all of them, they will surely get a giggle out of just about anyone!

This is a great gift for friends, family members, colleagues, and basically, anybody that you think will have a bit of a giggle out of. You can also have this in your house or place it on table, particularly in places where guests might be curious and start pressing buttons.

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