10 Gloriously Funny Donald Trump Joke Gifts for Lovers and Haters

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Donald Trump has divided the world in two, you will find haters who despise even the idea of him and then there are people who worship him.

It is time to gift your democrat and republican friends with something blond and loud. Don’t forget to look at their priceless reactions!

We’ve got everything you need on this list from novelty items that shout Donald Trump remarks to birthday cards, talking toilet paper roll, coffee mugs, and even day-to-day Trump calendars and birthday cards.

1. Donald Speaks Magnetic Talking Button

Want to shut someone up or induce an attack of laughter? Press the Donald Trump magnetic button and hear him talk in his booming voice.

It features 8 authentic statements from his rallies and interviews such as “Look – I’m really rich.” and “Our leaders are stupid.

Our politicians are stupid.” The gag gift is guaranteed to be a hit at parties and work.

2. Donald Talking Pen

A perfect gift for someone who has borrowed numerous pens but never managed to return a single one.

Next time they ask for a pen, simply hand them this outrageous Donald Talking Pen.

It has 8 hysterical statements and it is really huge!

3. Donald Trump Talking Toilet Paper Roll

Who doesn’t want to hear Donald Trump’s voice in the loo? Erm…

Well, shock your loved ones by presenting them this practical gift, The Donald Toilet Roll Talker,

 That will surely make squeal in surprise.

4. I Hate When I Wake Up in The Morning and Donald Trump Is President

A superb gift for people who loathe Donald Trump as a president and love their caffeine.

Let them drink their coffee in this coffee mug as they bleakly wait for the next election.

5. Talking Trump Birthday Card

Know any die-hard follower of Trump? Give them this card and watch as their eyes fill with tears of happiness.

The president wishes them as soon as they open the card.

6. The Donald Trump Daily Affirmations Button

The world has a difficult place at the moment. Why not brighten up your day with the Donald Trump daily affirmations button?

The President will make you feel great again with 15 different compliments and affirmations that can get you set up for the day, or give you that motivational boost that you really need to get going.

There’s some very good impersonations on this, and it’s a really popular product that is definitely going to get some laughs from both you and anyone else in the room.

7. Donald Trump Talking Figure

Oh my!

Send the trump talking figure as a gag gift to a Trump’s hater or lover. They will absolutely love it.

The beautifully sculpted doll speaks 17 statements in Trump’s voice.

8. TRUMPisms 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar

Donald Trump is a president with probably the largest amount of crazy off-the-cuff remarks and tweets, that it was only a matter of time that somebody made a Trump calendar out of them!

It has Trump’s quotes for every single day!

9. Donald Trump Toilet Paper

There are not many constants in the world but one thing is for certain. There will always be novelty toilet roll with politicians faces on them! In this case, we’ve got Donald Trump toilet paper.

This is a really good one to place into the bathroom of your friend or family member. When they get into the toilet to do their business, they’ll be met with this!

This is even better when used in conjunction with the Talking Toilet Paper Roll earlier in this list!

10. Jumbo Funny Birthday Card

Celebrate your friend’s birthday on a larger scale this year and bless them with the president’s best wishes, with this jumbo trump birthday card.


The world is quite a crazy place at the moment, why not add a bit of fun into life by getting a Trump gag gift!

It’s always going to strike off some hilarious responses from people. Either you give it to a democrat friends or republican, it’s going to yield interesting results either way!

If you got any interesting reactions to these gifts or if you have any others that you would suggest adding to the list and be sure to write in the comment section below.

It’s gonna be huge.

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