Does Starz Have A Free Trial?

No Trial Available Directly

Stream exclusive movies and shows like Outlander and Power Book III: Raising Kanan as it airs live, ad-free, and in HD with a STARZ subscription. However, there is no free trial available for this service at the moment. You can get Starz as an add-on to your Hulu or Amazon Prime Video subscription and there's a higher chance you'll get it cheaper than getting it as a standalone subscription.

Check out this video of Starz if you're thinking about getting a trial.

Does Starz have a free trial?

Starz has no free trial available on its official website. However, streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and FuboTV are offering free trials that include Starz as an add-on.

What’s on Starz?

Starz is a video-on-demand streaming service that allows you to watch exclusive and original movies and shows like Outlander, American Gods, The Girlfriend Experience, and more.

What does Starz offer to its users?

Comparing its services to Netflix, shows like Outlander doesn’t air in real-time unlike on Starz. Other than that, here are Starz’s notable features:

  • Access to thousands of movies and hundreds of shows
  • Stream up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Download shows and movies for offline viewing
  • Same-day airtime of selected shows
  • View first: original shows
  • No ads

How much does Starz cost?

A Starz subscription costs $8.99/month or $74.99/year. But if you keep your heads up, you can get promo deals that can drop the monthly price to as low as $5/month. Starz has a simple streaming plan so the price you see is the price you pay.

Can I get Starz from other streaming services?

You can get Starz as an add-on to your Hulu subscription. Hulu is currently offering a free one-week trial of Starz so you can test out the service before committing to it. You can also get Starz through Amazon Prime Video Channels and FuboTV. Once you consume your free trial, the regular rate of $8.99/month applies.

Where can I stream Starz?

You can access Starz on your computer or laptop through the Starz website. You can also watch it on your TV with Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. For mobile devices, you can download the Starz app on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

How to sign up?

To sign up using the website:

  1. visit
  2. sign in and enter the needed information
  3. Enter your payment method and start streaming!

To sign up through the app:

  1. Visit Google Playstore
  2. Download the Starz app
  3. Sign in using your email and set your password
  4. Enter your payment method and start streaming!

How do I cancel my Starz subscription?

To cancel through the website:

  1. visit and log in
  2. click the top gear at the top-right corner
  3. click ‘Subscreiptions’
  4. click ‘Cancel My Subscription’

To cancel through the Starz app:


  1. Click the Starz app
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. If you click the current plan that you have, the app will take you to Google Play subscriptions.
  4. Click ‘Starz’
  5. Click ‘Cancel Subscription.’ (You’ll receive an email as a confirmation)


  1. Go to settings
  2. Click your name
  3. Click ‘Subscriptions’
  4. Click ‘Starz’
  5. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ that is usually found at the bottom

If you purchased a Starz add-on subscription through Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or FuboTV, you must cancel it via their websites or apps. If you got Starz from your network provider, you must contact their customer support to help you cancel your subscription.

What do I do if there are issues with the Subscription?

If you directly subscribed to Starz and you’re having problems with their payments and billings, contact Starz support through:

  • email 
  • call 855.247. 9175

If you subscribed to Starz through a different merchant or service provider, contact them for assistance.

No Trial Available Directly

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