These Tile Bluetooth Stickers Help You Find Your Stuff!

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Have you ever spent hours looking for a phone, remote, or set of keys, only to find them in the most obvious place possible?

It’s a common enough issue, and it can lead to an enormous amount of wasted time. Every time you lose something, you probably promise yourself that that will be the last time it happened – only for you to lose something else soon after.

If that sounds like you, there’s an easy technological solution available – a Bluetooth tracker.

1. Tile Sticker (2020) 4-pack

Bluetooth trackers are small, smart gadgets that can be attached to most items.

The tracker connects to your phone via Bluetooth and helps you keep track of the item or items in question. This means that you no longer need to worry about losing something essential, like your wallet or laptop.

One big advantage of these trackers is that they don’t need to be large, bulky, or obvious. In fact, they can be as small and unobtrusive as stickers – the new Tile sticker measures only 27mm x 7.3mm.

This not only means that they aren’t obvious, it also means that they can be used to help keep track of a variety of smaller, from your television remote to your keys or your digital camera. They can even easily be slipped into your backpack to make sure you don’t lose track of it!

How do Bluetooth stickers work?

Bluetooth stickers work in the same manner as any Bluetooth tracker.

The sticker connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. Each sticker has a unique signature that is only known to your phone once you connect it for the first time.

This allows the sticker and your phone to recognize each other, while also ensuring that only you can track the sticker. You can, however, permit other users to track your sticker should you choose to do so.

Once your sticker and phone have been linked, the sticker will continue to maintain a connection with your phone. You can make the sticker ring by pressing a button on the connected app, which will help you find your lost item.  stickers also work the other way around – by pressing the Tile sticker, you can make your phone ring, thus also allowing the Tile sticker to function as a ‘find my phone’ device.

If the sticker is out of the Bluetooth connection range, the app will display a notification stating that, as well as the sticker’s last recorded location and the related time stamp.

Tile allows you to locate your sticker(s) even when they are out of phone range. This can be done by utilizing its unique Notify When Found feature. When you activate this feature, your app recruits other Tile apps and users to help anonymously trace your lost Tile stickers.

The other users are unable to receive any identifying information about you. Furthermore, the communication between your Tile sticker and theirs happens in the background of their apps, so they are unable to locate your missing item – only your phone will be able to do so.

How far is the tracking range of a Bluetooth sticker?

The tracking range of a Bluetooth tracker depends on the device’s size and is, at average, 200 feet (or 60m). The Tile sticker is smaller than the regular tracker and has a range of 150 feet (or 45m).

What type of battery is used in Bluetooth stickers?

Most Bluetooth stickers use a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery as a power source. The shape of the battery depends on the tracker’s shape – they can be the regular coin-shaped or can be custom made to fit the sticker better if needed.

Li-ion batteries can be rechargeable, depending on the model. However, not all Bluetooth stickers have these rechargeable batteries. This is usually for two reasons:

  • Rechargeable batteries have a shorter battery life than chargeable batteries – there are shorter periods of use between charges.
  • Having a water-resistant sticker requires a non-rechargeable battery model.

Other features of a Bluetooth sticker:

  • Each sticker has a single battery within it. The Tile sticker’s battery has a life of 3 years, and the battery is not replaceable. The battery lasts as long as it does because it relies on your phone to do the ‘heavy lifting’ of data transmissions, allowing it to save as much power as possible.
  • Many Bluetooth stickers also have an Out of Range alert for your phone. This alert will notify you when you move out of the sticker’s range – so if you’ve forgotten your wallet or phone, you can turn back and get it before you’re too far away.
  • Each brand will offer its own set of unique features to distinguish its offerings from other Bluetooth stickers. The Tile sticker , for example, is water-resistant and can survive being completely submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. They are also 99.9% recyclable, allowing you the mental comfort of knowing that you are shopping green.

Are Bluetooth stickers the same as GPS stickers?

The short answer is no; they are not. Bluetooth stickers and GPS stickers differ in several ways:

  • Bluetooth stickers are relatively cheap as compared to GPS ones.
  • GPS stickers maintain a constant connection with your phone via satellite and provide real-time tracking. Bluetooth stickers, on the other hand, have a shorter range (an average of 200 feet, or 60m) and need to be connected to a device with has Bluetooth enabled.
  • Bluetooth stickers have lower power consumption.
  • With Bluetooth stickers, you can get anonymous community help searching for your sticker if you are out of range. This is not possible with GPS stickers.
  • Bluetooth stickers come with automatically enabled sound alerts. With GPS stickers, sound alerts are optional.

What devices are compatible with Bluetooth stickers?

This depends on the brand of stickers. The Tile sticker , for example, is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Bluetooth stickers are a great, non-expensive way to keep track of your belongings. It’s an easy way to make sure that your smaller valuables are safe, and can also help you save time from your daily schedule of looking for essential items that you have misplaced.

Featured Image Source: Tile Inc.