The Reactions to this Liquid Ass Fart Spray are Priceless!

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If you are an avid user of the internet, you must have come across ‘Liquid Ass’ somewhere. It is being called the worst smelling liquid ever. What is it exactly? It is a stinky prank product that smells just like… ass. Yes, ASS!

There is no better way to put it. The fart spray has caused rivers of tears. Some cried out of pain – apparently their nostrils died because of the horrible stench. Some cried tears out of laughter. In case you have missed the product, check out these hilarious reactions and pranks related to Liquid Ass.

1. I don’t what was going on their minds when they decided to take up this challenge. PUKE!

2. This person who ordered Liquid Ass but instead got a wonderful present from Secret Santa.

Secret Santa Stuff&Things or ‘Liquid Ass’ the Fart Spray?

3. It can make your grocery shopping an unbearable experience.

4. I am sure it was a memorable bus ride! Did their nostrils survive?

5. This guy who fell in love with the fart spray and happily proceeded to order some more.

6. Now this woman did not take the prank likely. Honestly, I don’t blame her.

7. This mom who knows how and when to take revenge! Good for you, mom!

8. This passive aggressive person who left a not-so-polite note.

9. Oh, those little cutie pies! Bless their noses.

10. This crazy fart mask challenge that will leave you wrecked.

11. Yet another crazy stinky game!

Are you willing to give Liquid Ass a go? Come on, prank someone!

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9 shares, 59 points