The 10 Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves

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Tattoos were once frowned upon but nowadays it seems as if everyone has a patch of artistic ink embossed upon their skin.

While they can look utterly cool and are often a token of affection and a sign of hardships and struggles, you may eventually end up regretting their decision. It could be perhaps that they are no longer obsessed with a music band they once worshipped, maybe their soulmate turned out to be a huge mistake, or the tattoo artist mistranslated the Chinese quote they swear by. 

It is not as if you can wake up one morning and simply wash it away. Removal of a tattoo is an excruciatingly painful process and an expensive one. If you are planning to look dope with an arm full of tattoos, you may want to consider getting a fake tattoo sleeve first. They work perfectly as a part of costume too.

Try on the look with the following fake tattoo sleeves.

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Have fun with these fake tattoo sleeves and find out whether you want a tattoo or not after all.