72 Laugh-Out-Loud Terrible Puns for Your Amusement

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Get ready to roll your eyes and chuckle at the same time because we’ve gathered 72 of the most hilariously terrible puns that are so bad, they’re actually good. From groan-inducing classics to clever new twists, these puns are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Cat-astrophic Puns

  1. I’m more of a purr-son than a dog person.
  2. Why was the cat so good at chess? Because it was always making purr-fect moves.
  3. Did you see the cat who could juggle? It was quite the fur-midable talent.

Dino-mite Puns

  1. I used to be a dino-saur loser, but now I’m ex-stinked.
  2. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put dino.
  3. Why don’t dinosaurs drive cars? Because they’re dead.

Egg-cellent Puns

  1. Omelette you finish, but these are the egg-best puns of all time.
  2. I’m an egg-spert in my field.
  3. Why did the egg go to school? To get egg-ucated.

Fishy Jokes

  1. Don’t trout yourself too much!
  2. I’m hooked on fishing, seriously.
  3. Cod you believe how well these fish puns are going?

Ghoulish Gags

  1. I’m dying to use more Halloween puns.
  2. That ghost is so lazy, it won’t even boost its productivity.
  3. Do you like my ghoulfriend? Isn’t she boo-tiful?

Hammering the Point Home

  1. I’m ham-mered by how good these puns are.
  2. This joke nails it, doesn’t it?
  3. I screw this; I’m going into stand-up comedy.

Ice Breakers

  1. These puns are cool, aren’t they?
  2. I’m frozen with anticipation for the next pun.
  3. Chill out, these ice puns aren’t that bad.

Jokes on You

  1. I’m laughing on the inside, I promise.
  2. These puns are hilarious, just kidding.
  3. I was going to make a joke about sodium, but Na.

Knot Tying Loopholes

  1. This pun is knot working out.
  2. Tie the knot; these puns are getting serious.
  3. Are you knitting me right now with these puns?

Let’s Leaf it Here

  1. I’m falling for these autumn puns.
  2. Don’t leaf me hanging with no more puns!
  3. This conversation is branching out too much.

Mooving Along

  1. These cow puns are udderly amusing.
  2. Don’t have a cow, man; just enjoy the puns.
  3. I’m not amoosed anymore.

Not a Drop to Drink

  1. These puns are a sea of laughter.
  2. I’m waving goodbye to my sanity.
  3. Water you thinking, making puns like these?

Owl Be Seeing You

  1. Who thought these bird puns were a good idea?
  2. I’m so talonted at making these puns.
  3. It’s an owl-right mess in here.

Purr-plexing Puns

  1. This is a cat-astrophe.
  2. Are you kitten me right now with these puns?
  3. Let’s paws for a moment to appreciate these jokes.

Quacking Up

  1. These duck puns are quacking me up.
  2. I’m not ducking out of making more puns.
  3. Feather you like it or not, these are funny.

Roar-ing with Laughter

  1. I’ve got a lion-sized appetite for these puns.
  2. Let’s pounce on the opportunity to make more puns.
  3. These puns are the mane event.


  1. Fintastic jokes, right?
  2. These puns are jaw-some.
  3. I’m not chum-ping to conclusions, but these are great.

Time for Puns

  1. These puns are hour-glass half full kind of jokes.
  2. Clock-ing in for more pun-tastic humor.
  3. It’s about time we had more puns like these.

Unicorn Throws

  1. These puns are legen-dairy.
  2. I’ve horn too many puns today.
  3. These jokes are a myth come true.

Vegetable Puns

  1. Lettuce romaine calm; these puns are almost over.
  2. I’m rooting for these vegetable jokes.
  3. Peas leaf me alone; I’m punning.

Witch-ful Thinking

  1. Brooming marvelous, these puns!
  2. These puns cast a spell on me.
  3. Cauldront you just love Halloween puns?

X-tra Special Puns

  1. X-pect more puns from us.
  2. X-ploring the world of puns, one laugh at a time.
  3. X marks the spot for treasure troves of puns.

Yarn-ing for More

  1. These puns are knit-picking the best of the bunch.
  2. I’m all tangled up in these jokes.
  3. Let’s weave these puns into our daily conversations.

Zoo-m in on Puns

  1. These puns are a roaring success.
  2. I’m not lion, these are great!
  3. We’re not kidding, these animal puns are the best.