TaoTronics Muscle Massage Gun Review – Professional Deep Tissue Muscle

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After using the TaoTronics deep tissue muscle massager gun for about 4 months, I’ve written my thoughts about the product and what its main pros and cons are.

The TaoTronics Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun is a popular massage gun that is a lot more affordable than bigger brands.

The key aim of the product is to relieve muscle soreness. It may also be used for accident recovery or a soothing massage.

The massage guns’ design has a sleek and elegant look. The packaging is done well, and the product feels durable when being used.

The compact design lets you take the device everywhere—be it traveling, camping, or to a friend’s house.

It works without a cord, which means you can take it everywhere conveniently and don’t have to worry about getting yourself or anyone else tangled up in a cord.

What’s it like to use?

The massage gun remains steady while being used—it doesn’t move around much. The option for different intensities lets you decide what your muscles need before doing massages that might be too harsh. This is a good feature for those massaging a sore or tight muscle.

How loud is it?

The massage gun works well for people who want to use it while watching the TV or in public places like the office. It isn’t very loud and doesn’t cause inconvenience to others.

How powerful is it? 

For those who love deep tissue massages, this device is ideal. The high torque motor can be too intense for those who are sensitive and prefer a softer touch.

It’s best to start at the lowest setting and go up while using the product for the first few times. 

Since this massage gun has some powerful settings, it is advisable that you only use it for one-hour sessions and give it at least a thirty-minute break in between multiple sessions.

To avoid any accidental overheating, the device automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of use, although it can be turned back on.

Is it useful?

The massage gun uses pressure and pulses to trigger sore muscles, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Users can help relax muscles while reducing muscle discomfort, weakness, and lactic acid build-up by using the device. The massage gun helps you speed up muscle regeneration after a workout and target a specific muscle group for pain relief.

It can also assist with muscle fatigue, enhance range of motion and endurance, and promote blood flow.

Overall, the TaoTronics massager gun offers a fast recovery time for those suffering from muscle pain or soreness, making it a good purchase.

Battery Life

A single charge gives you four to ten hours of use. You don’t have to worry about constantly recharging the device, as it holds the charge well. Depending on the use, the charge can last for weeks.

Different massage heads

The massager gun comes with 6 different heads. Each of the heads has its functions and advantages. 

The main spherical head is the most versatile in its application. It can massage large muscles such as the arms, back, hips, legs, calves. You can expect to use this head daily or after workout sessions.

The bullet head is designed to massage deep tissue and feels fantastic on the hands and feet. It can help users massage areas of the body where they feel soreness or pain. 

The air-cushioned soft head is ideal for calming and stimulating sensitive muscles. It has a light touch, and the air cushion feels great against the skin due to its soft surface.

The flat head is built to massage bulky muscles. This is good to use on the back, biceps, chest, or shoulders. The gentle pressure helps to soothe the muscles.

The U-shaped head is for the stomach, back, and Achilles tendon. It’s designed to massage delicate areas (like the spine) without causing any pain due to the shape of the other heads.

The D-shaped head is made for abdominal muscles. The intensity is not too high, and it’s good for relaxing the sensitive muscles of the area. 

All of these heads create a variety of therapeutic experiences that make you feel like you are giving yourself a professional massage. Users who want a deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy will benefit from them as well.

Travel case

With a practical, easy-to-store travel case, you can keep everything in one place. The travel case of TaoTronics is made of good-quality material and is durable.

The size of the case is compact, and everything fits neatly inside. The portable design of the device makes it great for traveling.


When the TaoTronics massage gun is taken out of its box, an initial charge of six hours is required.

Afterwards, a full charge of the massager takes up to four hours. A power adapter is included in the box, and the batteries of the device are rechargeable.


There is a reasonably low amount of vibration felt when holding the massager gun. This was one of the main reasons I bought this particular model. Some other massage guns vibrate quite a lot to the point where it could get quite uncomfortable for the hand holding the massager.

User guide

The user guide begins by detailing some safety measures before explaining the functions, battery installation, configuration, and controls.

Although the guide suits its purpose, it isn’t overly helpful. If you want to learn some techniques, then check out some YouTube videos on massage gun techniques!


The TaoTronics massage gun is a very popular product for a reason. It comes with 6x 2600 mAh batteries for better performance, 10-speed settings, and 6 separate massage heads for various applications. If you are looking for a reliable massage gun, it is worth considering.