8 Great Spider Prank Ideas

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Spiders are always a great tool when it comes to playing pranks. They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they’re likely to freak anyone out if you do the trick right.

The right prank is one that not only scares or tricks your ‘prankee,’ but also leaves them laughing once the shock has worn off. The best pranks are not only scary; they’re funny as well!

When it comes to playing pranks, spider pranks are sure to not only freak people out but also have them in stitches once they realize that you pranked them.

We’ve found some of the best spider prank items available online!

1. The Original Spider Prank Box

Freak people out with a jumping spider!

The box is made with a solid pine varnish wood finish, so it just looks like the packaging for the real gift inside. However, when someone opens it, a rubber spider jumps out onto their finger!

It’s sure to draw a shriek and a laugh, no matter who your victim is. It’s the perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays, and for continued fun, label the box ‘Batteries’ and leave it on your desk – it’ll serve as an unexpected shock every time someone opens it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself pranked as well!

2. Taranrula Spider Fluffy Posable Art Doll

An arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

Made of real, ethically sourced fur, this lifelike tarantula plush is the perfect way to prank the arachnophobe in your life.

Leave it around your home and wait for the scream as people stumble across it. Each plush has flexible, wire-frame paws, making it easily posable so that it looks even more realistic.

This plush also makes for the perfect gift for any practical joker that you know – for the most fun, pretend it’s an actual spider, and let them discover the prank on their own!

This shop also sells a variety of other spider designs, so you can have a whole cluster of spiders when pranking your unwitting victims!

Image credit: Etsy seller | LifelikeSpiderArt

3. Here Taste This Spider Wooden Spoon

A sanitary but creepy prank perfect for any kitchen.

This is the perfect way to have a bit of fun in your kitchen. When you’re cooking, offer a taste to your partner, roommate, or child with this spoon – and watch them freak out when they realize what the design is!

The best part of this is that it is completely kitchen safe, and you can use it like any other wooden kitchen spoon. This means that this will remain an evergreen prank to spring on people at the most unexpected of times!

Image credit: Etsy seller | SillyJokes

4. Spider Bomb!

Perfect for a bath time shock!

Everyone loves a good bath bomb or bath candy! And this one has a hidden surprise inside that also makes it perfect for pranking unsuspecting bathers.

Drop one of these into a bath, and as they dissolve, watch six creepy spiders come crawling out! They’re sure to result in a scream as your victim tries desperately to escape from the bath before realizing that they’re only toys.

These bath candies are also perfectly functional and made using ingredients that include Vitamin E and natural aloe vera for soft skin and Epson salt to help with relaxation. You can also get these in a custom color as well so that they’re perfectly personalized to the victim of your prank.

Image credit: Etsy seller | bonbonbathhouse

5. Spider Toilet Paper

An unexpected shock at the most unexpected time!

This roll of toilet paper has a spider printed on every other sheet, so it’s the perfect way to give someone a fright while they are in the bathroom.

It’s sure to elicit a scream when someone looks at them for the first time. When they do realize that it’s only a print, however? We’re certain that it’s going to result in boatloads of laughter.

6. Fly Catching Kit

Set hearts racing with this customizable kit.

This fly catching kit comes with large text on the front of the box that states ‘Contains 3 Live Spiders.’ When it pops into your ‘prankee’s’ mail, it’s sure to give them a shock and set their hearts racing.

For added fun, you’ll catch the mailman unawares as well! You can personalize the message on the front of the box, and keep the prank completely anonymous if you’d like.

This is perfect for pranking close friends and family members – you can make sure to be around the recipient when the package is delivered so that you can get the most fun from their reaction!

Image credit: Etsy seller | MiddleFingerGifts

7. Spider and Web Fun Halloween Wall Sticker Decal Art

Great group prank when you’re throwing a party.

Are you getting ready to throw a Halloween bash? Or simply having a get-together at your home? Then this decal sticker is for you!

Apply this decal to a central location in your home, and watch people stumble as they enter. It’s the perfect way to decorate for Halloween or April Fool’s, or just if you’re looking to shock someone during a fun party.

You can customize this decal in a variety of sizes and color options.

Image credit: Etsy seller | PondicherryDesign

8. Remote Control Joke Halloween Prank

Realistic spider robot that’s perfect for chasing people with.

This remote controlled spider is a great way to prank everyone, you know. Bigger than life-sized, when this comes creeping towards a person, it’s sure to give them a good scare.

Easy to use, you just need to use two buttons to operate this spider. The best part is this is glow in the dark, so you can give them an even bigger fright when it comes crawling at them in the middle of the night!

Any of these pranks will not only see your victim shocked and frightened but once the scare wears off, they’ll be rolling on the floor laughing along with you. Whether you’re getting ready for Halloween or planning your April Fool’s pranks ahead of time, this list is sure to be full of crowd pleasers!

Featured Image credir: Etsy seller | LifelikeSpiderArt