50 Slurp-tacular Soup Puns to Warm Your Heart

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Get ready to ladle out some laughs with our collection of 50 hilarious soup puns that are sure to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a soup lover or just in need of a good chuckle, these puns are the perfect ingredient for a heaping serving of humor.

Souper Funny Beginnings

  1. I only tell soup-erior jokes.
  2. Being a soup-erhero means you always save the broth.
  3. I went to a soup seminar, but it was just a brothy discussion.
  4. Don’t be a soup-er star in the kitchen without trying a ladle bit of comedy.
  5. You know the soup at the party was cool because it was chilli.
  6. I tried to make a soup without a pot, but it was a total stew-pid idea.
  7. Soup-rise! We’re having broth for dinner again.
  8. Why was the soup bad at tennis? It always let the ball broth.
  9. My favorite fairy tale? The Soup-erella story.
  10. The soup got promoted because it was stew-pendous at its job.

Ladle Laughs

  1. I heard about a soup that went to space. It was a broth rocket.
  2. The tomato soup blushed because it saw the salad dressing.
  3. Why do we tell secrets in the kitchen? Because the pots have lids and the soups listen.
  4. Never trust a soup. They’re always broth-ing something up.
  5. Why did the soup start a fight? Because it wanted to stew things up.
  6. I’m not a big fan of soup operas; they’re too brothy for me.
  7. If you’re soup-erstitious, you might want to knock on wooden spoons.
  8. The soup refused to start because it didn’t want to be stew-pid.
  9. I asked the soup how it was and it said, “I’m broth-ling with excitement!”
  10. Soups have a lot of depth; you just need to dive into them.

Stock-full of Giggles

  1. Did you hear about the soup that went to Hollywood? It became a brothbuster.
  2. Soups never lie. They’re always broth-right and true.
  3. How do you make gold soup? Add 24 carrots.
  4. Soup-icate yourself on the finer broths in life.
  5. I got a job at a soup kitchen because I heard it was a broth-el of opportunity.
  6. I had a soup that was so good, it was un-pho-gettable.
  7. The soup loves to dance but only knows the broth-tango.
  8. I told the soup a joke and it was broth in stitches.
  9. Soup-endous! That’s how you describe a really good soup.
  10. Eating soup in silence is like a misonomy.

Simmer Down with Chuckles

  1. The soup went bankrupt because it had too many leeks.
  2. Why did the soup blush? Because it saw the spoon naked.
  3. Soup there, done that.
  4. My soup has a great personality, but it’s a little too brothy.
  5. The soup was an artist, always found dabbling in the broth.
  6. I broke up with my soup; it was just too clingy and stew-ck on me.
  7. Soups are terrible gossips; they always spill the beans.
  8. Why was the soup a great detective? It always got to the broth of the matter.
  9. My soup was so bad, even the flies got a refunoodle.
  10. Don’t mess with soups; they can be real hot heads.

Just for Laughs Broth

  1. Soup-erb! That’s what I say when the soup hits the spot.
  2. The soup was arrested for stew-aling hearts.
  3. You’re soup-erbly late for the broth ball, Cinderella said.
  4. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Soup. Soup who? Soup-erman, here to save dinner!
  5. Why do we whisper in the kitchen? Because the soup is sleeping.
  6. The soup had a broth-er, but he was more of a stew kind of guy.
  7. Souppose you were to make dinner; would it be a brothy affair?
  8. The soup got cold, so it put on a broth-er.
  9. The soup didn’t win the race, but it still received a broth-al.
  10. I’m reading a book on the history of soups; it’s a broth-taking adventure.