36 Goal-Worthy Soccer Puns to Keep You Kicking

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Get ready to score some laughs with our list of 36 hilarious soccer puns that will have you dribbling with laughter. Whether you’re a soccer fan or just in it for the giggles, these kickin’ jokes are the perfect match for your sense of humor.

Goalden Humor

  1. I scored a date last night!
  2. That player’s haircut is really goal-den.
  3. My favorite tea is goallong.
  4. Keep calm and keeper on.
  5. I’m quite fond of soccer because it has goals.
  6. Why was the soccer team so sharp? Because they had points.

Strike a Funny Bone

  1. I tried to play soccer once but didn’t have the balls.
  2. Why couldn’t the player listen to music? Because he broke his record.
  3. Soccer players have terrible jokes because they always kick off with a pun.
  4. That team’s performance was really striking.
  5. Goalkeepers are great bouncers; they love clubs.
  6. When it comes to soccer, I hit the fun spot.

Play on Words

  1. Running onto the field of puns, soccer-style.
  2. I was going to make a pun about defending, but I backed out.
  3. Soccer players are known to have goals in life.
  4. Aren’t we all just kicking it in the field of life?
  5. Soccer puns? I’m game.
  6. I told a bad soccer pun. Hopefully, it didn’t offend anyone.

League of Laughs

  1. Are soccer players good at math? Only if you need a sub.
  2. Why did the soccer player go to art class? To draw a penalty.
  3. Soccer games are always goal-oriented.
  4. My soccer friend is quite goal-sociable.
  5. I made a league of my own with these puns.
  6. Soccer puns have me kicking out loud.

Fan-tastically Funny

  1. The best soccer fans have lots of spirit.
  2. Being a soccer fan is really cooling.
  3. Soccer fans are goals; they know how to support.
  4. Fancy a game of soccer?
  5. My friend is a soccer fan; you could say he’s really fanatical.
  6. When soccer fans get cold, they just stand near the corner flag; it’s always a bit warmer there.

Kicking It with Humor

  1. Soccer players always kick things off on the right foot.
  2. What’s a soccer player’s favorite dance move? The side-kick.
  3. I like my jokes like I like my soccer: kicking.
  4. If soccer were a music genre, it’d be kick-hop.
  5. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the soccer game.
  6. Why did the soccer player kick the clock? To pass time.