50 Baa-rilliant Sheep Puns to Make Ewe Smile

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Get ready to laugh until you’re sheepish! We’ve rounded up 50 hilarious sheep puns that are sure to make ewe smile.

Ewe Can’t Resist These Puns

  1. I’m not sheepish about making woolly good puns.
  2. Ewe can’t be bleat!
  3. Don’t pull the wool over my eyes; I herd that one before.
  4. Feeling shear joy whenever I’m with ewe.
  5. You’ve got to be kidding, that was a baa-d joke.
  6. Our love is un-baa-lievable.
  7. Just wooling around with some sheep puns.
  8. This might sound baa-zarre, but I love sheep puns.
  9. Let’s take a lamb leap into more puns!
  10. Pasture bedtime? Not until I’ve read a sheep story!
  11. Trying to ewe-levate the conversation with sheep puns.
  12. It’s not too late to lamb-ent over missed pun opportunities.
  13. Wool you believe how fun these puns are?
  14. I’m not lion, I love these sheep puns a lot.
  15. Fleece stop, I can’t take any more puns!

Lamb-entations and Ewe-phorias

  1. Ewe are the baa-est!
  2. I’ve herd enough, said no one ever about sheep puns.
  3. Shear luck that I found more puns.
  4. Do ewe believe in magic and puns?
  5. It’s sheeper by the dozen.
  6. Baa-ck off, I’m creating puns!
  7. Feeling a little sheepy, it’s pasture bedtime!
  8. Wool you herd the news? More puns are coming!
  9. A wool new world of possibilities with sheep puns.
  10. Lamb not going to lie, I love a good pun.
  11. These puns are mint to be sheared.
  12. I’m on a roll, nothing can stop me ewe.
  13. Hands down, ewe‘re my favorite person to tell puns to.
  14. It’s shear madness how many puns we’ve got.
  15. Sheep up or ship out, we’ve got puns to discuss!

Wool You Look at That!

  1. No need to fleece the scene, there’s more puns ahead.
  2. Knit picking my favorite sheep puns.
  3. Shearing these puns with friends, hoping they won’t unfriend me.
  4. My puns may be woolly, but they’re ewenique.
  5. Fleece stay calm, the puns aren’t over yet.
  6. Can’t resist-ewe, your pun game is strong.
  7. Ewe‘ve got to be kidding if you think I’m out of puns.
  8. Woold you mind another round of puns?
  9. Puns are shearful, aren’t they?
  10. Ewe‘ll miss me baa-dly when I’m gone!
  11. Lambasted by puns, but still loving it.
  12. Have ewe any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full of puns.
  13. Dyeing over these hilarious sheep puns.
  14. Puns are a shear delight, wouldn’t ewe say?
  15. I wool always love a good sheep pun.

Fleece Navidad

  1. Wishing ewe a merry Christmas and a happy New Ewear!
  2. Shear the love this holiday season with sheep puns.
  3. Baa-humbug! Even Scrooge loves sheep puns.
  4. All I want for Christmas is ewe!
  5. This Christmas, wool be better than the last.