40 Sprints and Giggles: A Collection of Running Puns

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Get ready to laugh until your sides ache with our collection of 40 hilarious running puns. Whether you’re a marathoner or a sprinter, these jokes will have you racing for more!

Race Against Time

  1. Time flies when you’re running fun.
  2. Why was the clock always behind? Because it always wound up running late!
  3. I’m reading a book on the history of running. I just can’t pace myself!
  4. Running a marathon is a run of the mill for me now.
  5. The race didn’t start on time. It was a false start to the morning!

Sprint to the Finish

  1. Sprinters don’t just play the field; they race it!
  2. I was going to sprint through the park, but it was a runaround.
  3. My favorite sprinter lost the race because he just couldn’t finish what he started.
  4. Running so fast to the sprint line, I almost ran out of time!
  5. Sprinting is just adult running away from your responsibilities at high speed.

The Shoe Must Go On

  1. My running shoes were a shoe-in for the worst footwear award.
  2. I tied my shoes so tight for the race, I was on a knother level of preparedness.
  3. Running shoes have a tough life – they’re always on the run.
  4. Those aren’t old running shoes; they’re vintage mile collectors.
  5. If shoes were jokes, mine would be dead runners.

Feeling the Burn

  1. I burned off breakfast, but then I had a running lunch.
  2. They said the run wouldn’t be easy, but no one said it would burn this bad!
  3. Running is great, as long as your calories are burning and not your lungs!
  4. I’m not running; I’m just speed burning calories!
  5. Running teaches you that the burn after isn’t your legs quitting, but your fat crying.

The Pace of Nature

  1. Running outdoors? Nature’s just trying to keep pace with you.
  2. I like to pace myself when running against the wind. It’s a breath of fresh air.
  3. Caught in the rain? No, I’m just running through nature’s cooling system.
  4. Why don’t forests make good runners? Too many wooden legs.
  5. When I run in nature, the world is my track.

Track & Feel

  1. Losing on the track? Change your tracktion!
  2. I don’t always track my runs… Just kidding, I love data more than running.
  3. Today’s run felt like a broken record – the same track, just slower.
  4. Running on an emotional track today, from exhilarated to exhausted!
  5. Feeling down? Time to track yourself on a run.

The Running Foodie

  1. I’m not a runner; I’m just chasing the ice cream truck.
  2. Why did the banana go running? It had to split!
  3. Eating before a run? Now that’s a race against time and digestion!
  4. My diet said to run more, so I ran to the bakery.
  5. If running was a recipe, sweat would be the secret ingredient.

In Stride

  1. Taking life in stride, one run at a time.
  2. A good runner knows how to stride right into a joke.
  3. My running pace? Oh, I’m just striding to keep up with my ambitions.
  4. Running for office or for fitness, either way, you need good stride.
  5. Every stride brings me closer to finding out why I started running in the first place.