15 Great Retirement Gag Gift Ideas

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No matter who is retiring in your life, a parent, a friend, or a co-worker, help them celebrate the new milestone in their lives, let them know they are loved and valued, and share a good chuckle at the same time!

Retirement gag gifts are a great way to say goodbye to working life. You all get a good laugh and even save yourself from the embarrassment of shedding tears and emotional hugs.

Here are some of the funniest gag gifts you can present to your retiree-to-be loved ones and friends.

1. Senior’s Texting Code Coffee Mug

Old age does funny things to you! If your colleague is forgetting simple words and names of friends and family, present them with this cute little mug on their retirement day.

They will surely have a good laugh.

Seniors often get poked fun at for not staying in touch with text speak and internet acronyms.

Have you heard of the grandmother who thought that LOL meant ‘lots of love’? Whenever somebody would give her bad news via a text message, she’d sympthatize by responding with LOL.

2. Adventures in Retirement Book

Sometimes us at Stuff On The Internet decide to be nice and suggest a thoughtful and helpful give, well this is that rare situation!

Gift your old friends ‘Adventures in Retirement‘ to introduce them to some great, life-changing advice.

The book is a joyfully relevant read for ‘oldies’ who have recently retired and are uncertain about future.

It’s always funny to give a nice gag gift to somebody retiring, but it’s also worth giving them something they will find useful and help them on their journey in retirement. Many people plan for what they would do in retirement. But it can still comes as quite a surprise to them!

Such a change in lifestyle can be quite a shock and giving them a few ideas might be very well appreciated by them.

They will love it!

3. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

When you are old and droopy, you never know when a horrible disaster can strike.

Be it in a long queue in a bank or during a tedious train journey, the emergency underpants got you covered.

Just to let you know… They are quite small in size!

4. “Travel Fund” Piggy Bank

Traveling is one of the most anticipated activities upon retirement. Some retirees like to travel around the country, while others want to explore every corner of the world.

Well, you will not be able to fund it with the contents of this travel fund piggy bank! Unless it’s full of hundred dollar bills stacked on top of each other, but either way, it will lead to quite a nice laugh, as well as a nice little reminder of what they have ahead of them.

Even better… you can fill up the travel bund box with cash! Even if it does not get them on a vacation, at least you will be able to save a few dollars to buy a single meal for your parents when they are traveling.

5. 101 Fun Things to do in Retirement

The funniest booklet in history! It tells you exactly 101 outrageous things to do. Go bonkers!

It is an ideal gift for a depressed retiree who want some light-hearted encouragement. No more dealing with self-centered bosses! The book, 101 Fun Things to do in retirement.

If you want a daft list of pretty funny things that the retiree can do in retirement, then this is definitely a very funny book to get.

By the way… It is R-rated!

6. ‘Whatever’ Battery Operated Wall Clock

Because why not? Retired people don’t have to wake up early in the morning.

They have no routine whatsoever.

For those that have worked serious routines for decades, retirement can be one heck of a change. They don’t need to wake up at the same time every morning. They can sleep in when they want, they can watch the news all day, and they can do whatever activities they like.

Remind them of that and give them this whatever clock, which has numbers jumbled around everywhere, and no doubt it will be a feature prominently in their house!

Get them the ‘Whatever’ Clock.

Do whatever you like, old man! No more tight schedules and deadlines.

7. This Wear Retirement Tee

When you are celebrating a farewell party, have your retired buddy wear this cheeky tee that literally screams ‘work sucks’.

Your boss might scowl a little but who cares!

This is a great one for somebody that was looking forward to retirement for a long time. They have worked for many years and now you can reap the rewards, sit back, and do whatever you would like. So why not stick it in everyone else’s face who are still stuck in the daily slog!

8. CafePress – Retired Fishing Gag Gift Cap

Fishing is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a passion. It’s a job!

For those who are really obsessed with fishing. This is a lovely gift that will no doubt, get a chuckle, and they will proudly wear it regularly.

If you know someone who is obsessed with fishing and lakeside BBQ parties, this cap will make a perfect statement gift on their retirement party.

You can even give a fishing rod along with it.

This is also great for a retired person that wants to make let the world know that they’re doing stuff, and they’re getting out in the world, and they’re not just sitting on their living room couch all day long!

9. “Officially Retired” Survival Kit Favors

Throw a fantastic party and gift your retiree friend this amazing survival kit. It will mark them as officially retired!

Don’t forget to take pictures with the funny party favors and create memories.

10. Keep Calm “Good Bye Tension, Hello Pension” Mug

It’s finally arrived, the time when all those years of building a pension or and working in a job are finally over, and they can reap the benefits of it all. For those that had a stressful work life. They can say goodbye to tension and hello to their pension!

Every morning when they get up and take a delicious sip of their coffee from this mug, they won’t regret the decision to retire.

After all, pension is awesome and well-deserved!

11. Retired! Sash

This is sure to bring laughter to any retirement party.

Make sure that the person that’s retiring walks proudly around the room while wearing this retirement stash.

When you can have a sash for bridal and baby showers, why not for retirements?

Let them flaunt it on the long-awaited day!

12. Do Not Disturb Napping Eye Mask Gag Gift

This is one that will work both on their last day in the office, as well as for when any friend or family member comes over to the retiree’s house.

Tell them to wear this eye mask as soon as their boss or any other annoying colleague walks towards them!

They can sleep all day and do what they want, when they want!

13. Retirement Party Tiara

This party tiara can serve a few different purposes. It could be a lovely gift for any lady that’s retiring, and it could be a very funny gag gift for any manly man that’s retiring.

14. Thingamagift Out of Business Cards

Gift them this superb set of business cards and save them the trouble of printing new ones. Distribute and let the whole world know about the retirement.

The person retiring no longer has to deal with any of the rat race, they do not need to answer any phone calls or emails, and they don’t need to sell anything or elicit any new business. There are no deadlines. It’s not their problem, ask somebody else!

There are 15 high-quality cards in one set.

15. What You Don’t Know About Retirement: A Funny Retirement Quiz

On their last day, dare to take the most difficult quiz ever and find out how prepared they are for retirement.

Yikes! Check it out here.

They might be coming into retirement age, but do they know what’s ahead? This hilarious illustrated quiz might not fully prepare them for the future, but it will give them a few laughs!


We hope our list inspired you to grab the perfect retirement gag gift you came looking for.

Let your old friends know that this is not the end of the world and they can still be the life of the party!

If you know them very well, try to get them something from both categories, get them something useful while also getting them some gag gifts. So you can have a few chuckles, while also showing that you’re there for them!

So there you have our list of 15 great retirement gag gifts that will be useful for friends, family members, or co-workers!