Pull the Classic Gag with this Remote Controlled Fart Machine

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T.J. Wisemen Remote Controlled Fart Machine No. 2 - Single Pack

Who doesn't love a funny and harmless practical joke? With T.J. Wisemen Remote Controlled Fart Machine, pull the funniest gag of the century. It features an array of random bubbly fart sounds through which you can add color, life, and laughter to a boring day at work. Secretly press the button and enjoy the show that will make your coworkers blush and giggle in embarrassment.

There is something about farts that make us laugh out loud no matter how serious the situation is. Set someone off on a journey of uncontrollable giggles with T.J. Wisemen Remote Controlled Fart Machine.

From teeny weeny kids to old, droopy grown-ups, everyone knows how hilarious farts are. It can set anyone laughing madly considering they are not sitting with stuck-up people. With T.J. Wisemen Remote Controlled Fart Machine, you can even prank the prankster. Place the fart machine near your friend and start pressing the button continuously. Question your friend’s bodily functions and blame them for the horribly funny fart sounds they are creating during a highly sophisticated tea party. Shocked, alarmed and with their mouths wide open, they will be left confused and defensive. Don’t let them figure out the real culprit behind the noisy emissions and keep blaming.


Remote Controlled Fart Machine features 15 different and realistic fart sounds – Each sound is comically amusing, loud, and unique. You can set the machine as far as 100 feet away and only have to press the button to begin the flatulent show. The speaker machine is only three-inch long and is powered by 9-volt batteries which are not included in the box. It utilizes boom box technology that creates a loud sound that goes through walls. Make sure to hide well to prevent giving it away. The remote control transmitter is tiny and can easily fit in your pocket. It is powered by a watch battery which is included.

Dare to use it anywhere – In your office during a very boring conference, at school to irk your teachers, at home to gross out your siblings or at parties to shock random strangers around you. The choice is all yours. Put the speakers under the chair of your victim and cover it well. Press the button and look around in utter amazement while trying to control your laughter. Your friends will either be impressed by your comical skills or they will be extremely annoyed.

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9 shares, 62 points