The 5 Best Priest Costumes To Leave Your Friends Dazed & Bewildered

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Are you hoping to hear some juicy secrets, witness emotional outbursts and shocking confessions? Do you wish to read vows on your best friend’s wedding? Do you want to guide a young man to a straight path?

There is no better way than becoming a pious man of God. Well, it may take you years to reach the highest spiritual level, but physically, you only need to spend a few bucks to dress up as a priest.

Leave your atheist friends dazed and stupefied and watch your religious pals’ bewildered expressions as they check you out from head to toe. If you have made up your mind to be priest or a monk on a costume party, on an upcoming wedding or randomly because why not, we have a bunch of great options for you.

Hover board, not included in any of these options… unfortunately.


1. GOLDSTITCH Friar Medieval Hooded Monk

The clerical costume is cheap but authentic enough to pull you off as a pious, religious figure.

When you don on this apparel, you will instantly have solemn expressions on your face and your eyes will have a sharp and piercing gaze that will make people around you bow in respect. Well, hopefully!

Wear this as a monk to a Renaissance Faire, on Halloween or at your local church if you dare.

2. Ivyrobes Men’s Short Sleeves Clergy Shirt

Before you think this is a costume, let me tell you that this is an actual clergy shirt.

Priests from all over the world buy it!

But they are new, so it’s not like you’re buying a used priest’s shirt…

If you wish to dress up as a cleric occasionally but also want to wear it to work, maybe this simple shirt will work out for you!

3. Leg Avenue Priest Adult Men’s Costume

The long robes are ideal for Halloween, Cosplay, and other costumes parties.

Have a commanding presence and elusive aura around you with this priest costume.

Keep an eye on youngsters and don’t let them go astray. But hey, please remember to wear pants if you want people to take you seriously.

4. California Costumes Men’s the Pope His Divine Holiness

Who wants to be a priest in dull, black robes?

Boasting silk robes in crimson and pearl white, this deluxe holy costume oozes of divinity and luxury.

Lead people on the right track with this roomy and lavish pope poncho.




Not the actual costume… but you get the idea

5. Fun World Men’s Pontiff Costume

All hail the supreme pontiff! Featuring an old-man miter hat and silky white robes paired golden shimmery shawl, this pontiff attire is perfect for weddings and costume party. The material is sheer so choose your undergarments wisely.

We hope you find a chic, stylish and holy costume that will help you raise your spirituality. Let us know if people spill out some secrets to you! Ours lips are sealed.


If you’re interested in causing wide-spread hilarity and confusion among your friends, peers, family, and colleagues, then there’s nothing better then showing up in a priest costume.

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