10 Great Pranks By Mail – Anonymously Infuriate Your Friends & Enemies

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Do you love practical jokes and annoying the hell out of people? Well of course you do, what could be more fun than taking revenge from a sibling or bugging a close friend? We have 10 brilliant ideas for you to accomplish your evil goals and be the mayor of prank town!

1. Poop

Yes, we start with poop, because it should always be on your priority list. I Poop You can make your dreams come true and deliver fresh organic poop to that special someone in your life. Don’t think twice and avail this wonderful service today.


2. Glitter

Stuff your cards and envelopes with glitter. Glitter on hands, glitter on hair, an explosion of confetti and glitter right at the face of that beautiful schmuck in your life.  Ship Your Enemies Glitter will make it possible for you at only $9.99 shipping charges.

3. A Jar of Bugs

Who do you think you are? Running around leaving scars, collecting your jar of bugs. It doesn’t rhyme but it’ll surely do the trick, champ.

4. Potato

Just a plain old potato covered with stamps. You can even personalize it with a touching message to go. This amazing service is provided by Mail a Spud and is worth every penny.


5. A Box of Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes. Nail clippings. Body hair. Used tissues. Go crazy! After all, it’s a wonderful gesture. They will have your DNA samples for cloning if something were to happen to you!

6. Air

A simple, thoughtful, and precious gift of a box full of air, or as some people like to call it – Nothing. Ship Your Friend Nothing offers you a chance to send a box full of your hopes, dreams, and expectations from them. Sit back and enjoy their reactions when they open it to find just that.

7. Music that Never Stops

As Willy Wonka invented the ice cream that doesn’t melt, The Card That Never Ends brings you greeting cards where music never stops! Added bonus if you know the receiver’s least favorite song. It is guaranteed to drive them crazy.


8. Prank Candles

Scented candles are such a luxurious and pleasant gift, right? Wrong! At Prank Candles, what starts out as a pleasant fragrance, quickly changes into an atrocious stink, just like life! It’s surreal.

9. Middle Finger

Grace them with a picture of your middle finger through Bird by Mail for only around $5.

Alternatively, you can go a step further by sending a glove showing them the finger! Even your own personalized message can be included.

10. A Brick

Well, throwing it at their face is illegal, so mailing it should suffice, no? Enjoy this service via Mail Bricks.

Be thoughtful!

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