10 Great Sites and Apps to Look Like a Master Hacker

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Are you a mischief-maker who likes to play sadistic tricks on friends? Does it give you intense pleasure in scaring the bejesus out of people? Do you take pride in your practical jokes and trickeries?

If your answer to these is yes, then welcome, Satan, you have come to the right place. Here are some hilarious and creative ways to trick your friends into believing their account has been hacked.


1. HackerTyper website


This one is great. You don’t even have to install any app. Just go to hackertyper.com and start typing randomly. A page with a black background appears with random code and numbers that no one will understand, except you of course.

2. Fakeupdate


This one is gold, and it will send even the most tech-savvy friends of yours into a fury!

If there’s one thing that windows users hate it’s this: Windows Updates. Particularly old windows updates screens will send computer geeks into a very memorable nightmare.

Simply visit the fakeupdate.net website and put their browser into full screen mode (on chrome just press F11 to put it into fullscreen).

3. Rotate the direction of the screen

This one can be infuriating for computer users, and it’s a pretty common prank to play on people in offices.

Simply turn the direction of the entire screen sideways, check out this article on ‘how to geek’ to check out how!

4. Hack prank – prank app.

Trick people with the hack prank app by making them believe that you’ve hacked into their phones! Just pretend to play a game on it while installing it and then watch their reactions as you torment them with anonymous calls.

5. Greek Prank Hacker Website

Screenshot of geekprank.com

The Greek Prank Hacker website is pure gold. From Password Cracker to Secret Deals and even Nuclear Plants! They’ve got you covered.

6. Computer Hacker Prank App

Open the computer hacker prank app and type away my friend! Tell them their firewall has been breached. Go nuts!

7. Control their PC remotely using Remote Desktop

Screenshot of support.microsoft.com

This one can be really spooky. If you set up remote desktop on their PC, you can actually take control of their screen.

You can either use the native Windows Remote Desktop if you know how to set it up. Alternatively there are lots of free applications online to help you do it.


8. Shady URL Website

With the shady URL website, you can trick your loved ones into believing that they’ve been sent some sort of a virus or an IP stealer!

9. Desktop Background – Frozen Icons or Broken Screen

Personalize you friends laptop background! Parade your wickedness by taking a screenshot of another desktop and using it as the background. They will try to move around the icons and get really frustrated.

You could also use a background picture of a broken screen!

10. WWW Hacker Prank App

This brilliant app will make it look like you’re hacking into any site on the net.

Bonus ideas

11. Keep it Simple – Attach another mouse to their computer

If you have a wireless mouse, just attach it into a wireless slot of their computer and start moving and clicking the cursor as they’re using it. This is even better if they’re using a desktop computer, as it will be more difficult to spot the USB item attached to the computer.

Enjoy friends! You’ve struck gold.

Have any other ideas? Write a comment below and we’ll add it to the list!