10 Free Prank Apps for Android and iOS

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Are you looking to troll your friends and family? Then we believe you have come to the right place. We have an awesome list of apps designed to pull pranks and jokes. The apps are compatible with most Android and iOS devices, and the best part is they are absolutely free!

Check these out and execute a perfect prank!

Your friend certainly did not see that coming…

1. Fake-A-Call (Android and iOS)

Fake-A-Call is a prank call app that enables you to mimic celebrities, your boss and even your wife. You can either make a call at the spot, or record and schedule it for later. Download it and have fun talking to your friend while pretending to be George Clooney.

2. Bee Swatter Prank Game (iOS)

Tap the screen to swat the bees! Simple enough, right? Tell your technically-challenged friends to try out this game. The game eventually freezes and depicts a cracked screen appearance. Watch your panicked pals trying to save their phone.

3. Ghost in Photo (Android)

Take your friends to a mystical archaeological site, click some pictures, and save them on your phone. Download Ghost in Photo and add a ghostly being to your pictures and prank your friend. They will have to believe the site you visited was haunted!

4. The Ultimate X-Ray (iOS)

Do you happen to have an annoying, hypochondriac friend? Take x-rays of their hands and feet from this genius app and solemnly tell them about their calcium deficiency,

5. Fake Chat Simulator (Android)

Create fake chats and messages, take screenshots, send out to people, and declare war among frenemies.

6. Atomic Fart (iOS)

Nothing will embarrass your friend in public like a loud fart. How about trying it in a crowded elevator? Make sure it doesn’t backfire on you.

7. Cockroach in Phone (Android)

Is your kid always after the phone? The cockroaches on the screen will surely keep the pesky child away.

8. Dude Car Prank (Android)

We all know someone who is crazy about their car. This app will help you fool your friend into thinking something has happened to their car. Did it just blow away? Yes, dude.

9. Voice Changer Plus (iOS)

Change your voice in funny and freaky ways and call your friends to fool them. Currently, it is only available for iOS devices, but similar apps are available for Android as well.

10. Laser Cut Fingers Prank (Android and iOS)

Cut open your fingers and pretend to writhe in pain with this app. Click the picture and send to your already worried mom. Don’t worry, it is not a real laser

Have fun fooling your friends. Don’t be nasty!

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