30 Sky-High Laughs: Unbeatable Plane Puns

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Ready to take your humor to new heights? Buckle up as we soar through 30 hilarious plane puns that are sure to make your spirits fly.

Winging It

  1. Winging it is how I always fly, no matter the turbulence.
  2. Guess you could say I’ve really taken a wing to flying.
  3. When I’m in the air, I feel wingonderful.
  4. I tried to catch some Z’s on the plane, but I just kept wingking up.
  5. My friend’s first time flying was a bit shaky, but she’s winging better now.

Turbulence – Turbulent Times

  1. I’m not a fan of turbulence, it’s just plane annoying.
  2. During turbulence, it feels like the sky is playing bumper cars with us.
  3. Turbulence is the universe’s way of mixing up the flight a bit.
  4. I don’t mind turbulence; it’s like a free roller coaster ride.
  5. Turbulence? More like sky gymnastics.

Sky-High Pilots

  1. Why did the pilot break up with the cloud? He didn’t like its altitude.
  2. Pilots have the best job, they’re always up to something.
  3. Our pilot was a comedian, he had everyone in stitches the whole flight.
  4. Pilots don’t use dating apps; they believe in love at first flight.
  5. You can’t pilot a plane with comedy, but it sure makes for a lighter journey.

Landing With Humor

  1. Landings are great, but I prefer my jokes plane and simple.
  2. I always applaud after a smooth landing; it’s my way of saying “earth” you go.
  3. Landing isn’t the end, it’s just a runway to another adventure.
  4. The pilot really nailed the landing, it was rivet-ing.
  5. Every landing is just a leap towards another take-off.

Air-Hostesses and Their Quirks

  1. Air-hostesses really know how to throw a stand-up in the aisles.
  2. Don’t underestimate an air-hostess; they know how to handle excess baggage.
  3. Air-hostesses always have the highest standards, especially in elevation.
  4. I told the air-hostess a joke, and she said I was a breath of fresh air.
  5. Being an air-hostess is no easy feat; it’s planely a lot of work.

Airport Antics

  1. Airports: Where it’s acceptable to drink at 7 am, because it’s plane o’clock somewhere!
  2. Finding love at airports is tricky; it’s always terminal.
  3. Airports are fascinating; people and planes just winging it.
  4. I lost my luggage at the airport, now it’s having a vacation without me.
  5. Airports are the only places where goodbye and hello are equally planeful.