Feast Your Eyes on the 67 Cheesiest Pizza Puns That Will Have You Crusting Over with Laughter!

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Get ready to toss your dough into the air with laughter as we serve you 67 of the cheesiest, most hilarious pizza puns you’ve ever heard. These slices of humor are guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor, toppings and all.

Crust a Laugh

  1. This pizza crust fell flat, and so did my joke.
  2. You wanna pizza me? You can’t handle the crust.
  3. I knead you to crust that I love pizza.
  4. Crust me, I’m a professional pizza taster.
  5. Never fear, Super Crust is here!
  6. You had me at pizza crust.
  7. Our love is as deep as a deep-dish crust.

Anything for a Pizza Pie

  1. That’s amore when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.
  2. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.
  3. There’s no topping our love, except maybe more cheese.
  4. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pizza, which is almost the same thing.
  5. Slice to meet you.
  6. You had me at “let’s order pizza.”
  7. Pepperoni or not pepperoni, that is the question.
  8. Are you a pizza? Because everyone is craving you.
  9. Just roll with it, like pizza dough.
  10. Our love is like a pizza, round and never-ending.

Topping It Off

  1. I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but I am fond of the silverware atop my pizza.
  2. Olive you so much, especially on my pizza.
  3. This might be cheesy, but I think you’re grate.
  4. Keep your friends close and your pizza toppings closer.
  5. In quesso emergency, order pizza.
  6. You’ve got a pizza my heart, but please, leave the last slice for me.
  7. I’m feeling saucy tonight, maybe we should order pizza.
  8. Do you believe in love at first slice?
  9. Let’s face it, we are a perfect combo.
  10. Saucy and proud.

Doughn’t You Want a Pizza?

  1. I’ve got too much dough invested in pizza.
  2. Doughn’t forget to tip your delivery person!
  3. My love for pizza isn’t just a fling, it’s a deep dish commitment.
  4. I doughn’t know what I would do without pizza.
  5. Your crust is so good, it’s unbreadlievable.
  6. Pizza is my soulmate. It’s doughmantically involved.
  7. Roll out the red carpet; the pizza has arrived.
  8. Where there’s a will, there’s a whey. Cheese, please!
  9. Yeast we forget, every pizza begins with dough.
  10. I’m on that new diet where you only eat pizza; it’s very doughmain specific.

Slice of Heaven

  1. Tonight, let’s live on the wedge.
  2. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously hasn’t bought the right pizza.
  3. Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.
  4. Living that fantasy: a never-ending pizza buffet.
  5. Can’t decide if I love more or less. I guess I’m ambidextrose.
  6. Slice, slice, baby. Vanilla Ice loves pizza, probably.
  7. There’s no slice too small.
  8. Remember, every slice you take, I’ll be watching you.
  9. What’s the matter? It’s just a little pizza.
  10. I could never get sick of pizza, but I could get sick without it.

Full Pie Ahead

  1. Sorry, I can’t; I have a date with a pizza.
  2. Pie love spending my nights with you.
  3. I’m all about that base, ’bout that base, no trouble.
  4. In crust we trust.
  5. May the sauce be with you.
  6. What a saucy affair this pizza is.
  7. Keep calm and carry onion.
  8. My therapist told me to put all my problems on a pizza base.
  9. Pepperoni in the streets, cheese in the sheets.
  10. Mushroom for improvement? Always, in pizza and in life.

The Last Crumb

  1. You don’t choose the pizza life, the pizza life chooses you.
  2. Happiness is the smell of a freshly baked pizza.
  3. A balanced diet is a pizza in both hands.
  4. If pizzas were people, I’d have too many friends.
  5. Pizzazz in every bite.
  6. No such thing as too much cheese. Fight me.
  7. Pizza: because adulting is hard.
  8. Fold it like you stole it.
  9. Always save room for a little more pizza.
  10. The refrain from pizza is harder than you think.