Drive Your Co-Workers Crazy with ThinkGeek Phantom Keystroker V2

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1. ThinkGeek Phantom Keystroker V2 - Time Delay Dial, Caps Lock, Keyboard, and Mouse Switches -...

Do you have a friend who never returns your flash drives? Do you happen to know a co-worker who always ruins your precious files with their virus-infested drives? It is time to take revenge! Find an excuse to insert ThinkGeek's Phantom Keystroker V2 and let them figure out what is causing all the mess in their laptops and computers. They will NEVER borrow anything from you.

The sleek-looking little USB stick is here to drive your friends and colleagues crazy! Phantom Keystroker V2 makes random mouse movements and types out bizarre phrases, leaving your victims flabbergasted.

The office-based, high-tech prank device looks quite harmless and nifty. However, the reality can’t be more different. As soon as you insert it, the flash drive causes your keyboard and mouse to go crazy.

The pointer goes out of control and weird words appear on the screen. Your victims won’t know what has hit them. It has three switches on one side through which you can choose different options such as Caps Lock toggle, keyboard typing and mouse movement.

You can choose all three at once! There is even an adjustment dial to select timings of pranks. The timings range between seconds to minutes.


Caps Locks and mouse movement are quite simple. The pointer goes haywire – moving up and down and all over the screen. When you choose Keyboard typing, phrases such as ‘I see what you are doing,’ and ‘I have all of your passwords’ pop up on the screen. Watch your colleagues run around the office in frustration.

The IT department will be scratching their heads in confusion. Everyone will be working hard to get rid of the invincible virus. If you feel your IT department is rather smart and will figure out the trick, take out the little stick as soon as your co-worker runs for help. Keep repeating it. Be warned though, don’t mess with the wrong person or you may get fired!

The flash drive comes in a matte black color and it absolutely looks like the real deal. The drive only functions by being attached to a computer’s USB port. It is a great little toy for a few harmless laughs. Next time your computer is acting up at work, be sure to check out your USB ports! You never know when you are the recipient of a prank.