Peter Answers – How Deep does the Rabbit Hole Go?

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How does Peter Answers know the answers to my questions?

Peter Answers has an incredible array of AI capabilities that taps into the deep web, social networks, and chemtrails in order to feed you back information that you never knew was even publicly accessible.

It’s both fascinating and scary at the same time.

Peter Answers - how it works

It seems to work particularly well when somebody else is asking the questions for you. It really gives Peter time to internally process all of those 1s, 0s, and who knows what other numbers and characters are available in the dimension that Peter operates in.

It’s amazing to watch. You ask it “What dog food did I eat today?”, and it can tell you exactly which brand of dog food you ate, and tell you to seriously consider your life choices.

Peter is, in many ways, a mentor. Someone that you can go to with questions, and you know you’ll get back brutally honest answers. You’ll reflect, think, and possibly cry at the responses. All in all, a great time will be had by all.


Peter doesn’t seem to be very good at responding when you’re asking him questions by yourself. He might not even be able to tell, which brand of dog food you ate, which I think is pretty outrageous.

I assume Peter is one of those type of people that works well in a group but not on a 1 to 1 situation. Maybe he’s a little insecure. Who knows.

Anyways, we at Stuff On The interviewed 25 people to uncover the true nature of Peter, and to figure out what his twisted intentions are with your trivial, potentially embarrassing details that only you care about.

How does Peter Answers work?

Oh, a good question. Since you’ve phrased the question in a different way, I’ll answer it differently. Peter Answers summons it’s mystical power to come up with a bunch of canned responses. Much like a regular tarot reader would do (sorry if you’re a tarot reader and you actually do have mystical powers).

Is it REAL?

It’s a tarot, except, it’s virtual.

By virtual, I mean it’s not real.

Just like regular tarot readings.

Sorry again to tarot readers that might be reading this article.

But… You can go one step further!

The virtual tarot ‘Peter Answers’ has been around for many years, and I still come back to it again and again to fool friends. It always gets some great laughs and I’ve noticed that really smart people often start overthinking this and can’t figure out the simplicity of it all!

Peter answers all comes down to a little keyboard trick. You hide the answer in the petition field!

But how do you do this?!

In the Petition field you’re supposed to type “Peter please answer the following question”

What your unsuspecting friend doesn’t know is that pressing the PERIOD KEY will allow you to enter in the answer to the question, while it will look like you’re still typing in the “Peter please answer the following question” petition.

Try it yourself, if you press the period key in the petition textbox then you could mash the keyboard and it will still write “Peter please answer the following question”!

Pressing the period key a second time will complete your answer, and you will go back to typing normally into the text box.

Peter Answers - how it works

This works really well if you’re a fast typist. Though even if you’re typing painfully slow, people still often can’t figure out what you’re doing!

Just make sure that you ask the question and figure out an answer before you complete the petition.

How does Peter Answers know my information?

If you got to this question first then you definitely skipped the first part of this article explaining how it works, and I commend you for your lack of patience.

What are the best questions to ask Peter Answers?

Assuming that you, by this stage, realise that Peter Answers is not sentient, here are some great questions that you can ask it to fool or freak out your friends.

Here are some examples:

  • Peter, who I standing next to me?
  • Peter, how many fingers am I holding up?
  • Peter, who did <friend name> sleep with last night?
  • Peter, what happened on <insert date> (relating to something embarrassing that only you and your friend know about)?
  • Peter, what’s my birthday?
  • Peter, who’s my crush?

And there you have it. Those are some examples. You’re probably a lot more inventive, and you can probably think for far more better examples than the ones above.

If you think so, then fine, be that way.

Or, you could add a comment below, and show me why my questions above are totally lame.


I hope that you’ve learned something very valuable in this article.

Peter Answers is something that you can come back to again and again and trick your friends. Or if you have a goldfish memory, and you can only remember the previous 3 seconds. You could possibly be continuously fooling yourself. And if you ask me, that’s something you should think about.