10 Great Office Gag Gift Ideas

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When you all are burdened with tediously long working hours, dull assignments, and tight deadlines, you could really use a laugh. While your boss wants you to strictly stick to your work, it is necessary to lighten up the mood at times.

Make your gloomy co-workers smile and laugh by presenting them with hilarious gag gifts.

It is a great way to take revenge from your annoying colleagues as well. Place the thoughtfully chosen presents on their desks, hide them under their chairs or use them in the bathroom. Here are our top picks for the funniest gag gifts for office.

1. Butt Station

Is your co-worker prone to losing precious stationery?

Set up a butt station on their desk to keep their valuable pens, memo pads, paper clips and tapes safe and secure. The cute Butt Station is available in several beautiful shades of color.

2. The Bulls**t Button

Do you have a cynical, disagreeable work colleague that can also take a laugh or two? Get them the bulls**t button! They can place it at their desk and use it when the moment is just right!

3. Massive Coffee Cup

There is always one designated coffee person in your office.

Hand them this giant coffee cup and ask them to make you a cup of coffee. Watch their expressions!

4. Kikkerland Farm Animal Butt Magnets

Color up your co-worker’s kitchenette with this glossy set of farm animal butt magnets. What’s so special about them? Well, they are animal butts!

5. Emergency Clown Nose

You never know when you need to induce laughter and conjure up playful spells at your workplace.

Be prepared by keeping an emergency clown nose handy.

6. Grow A Therapist

The awesome item is for your colleague who just can’t stop talking about their miserable lives. Gift them their own ‘grow a therapist‘ to talk to.

7. Bag of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Share happiness, love and laughs by passing these bags of Unicorn farts cotton candy packs around the office. It will light up a rainbow of smiles inside everyone.

8. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Give this poo-pourri to a colleague and request them to use it every time they use office loo in a civilized manner!

9. Loftus Your Number 2 Pen! Poo Pen

Buy a set of realistic looking poo pens and present them to your colleague. The best part? They actually work!

10. Archie Mcphee Instant Underpants

Tightly packed to a small pellet, the instant underpants will come to the rescue in emergencies. Is your colleague traveling for work? Get a couple for them.

So whether you’re looking for ideas on office gag gifts then any of the above could be great options. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of humor to the office or fill out your secret santa gift box, it’s always good to have the right tools for the job!