100 Tentacular Octopus Puns to Squid You Laughing

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Get ready to dive deep into laughter with our collection of 100 hilarious octopus puns! These clever and tentacle-tastic jokes are sure to make you laugh until you ink.

Eight-asy to Love Octopuns

  1. I sea what you did there!
  2. Let’s taco ’bout octopuses.
  3. You’ve got to be squidding me!
  4. That’s inkredible!
  5. I’m kraken up!
  6. Feeling a little octopied lately.
  7. Just suckering around.
  8. Ink outside the box.
  9. Cephalo-pod me if you can!
  10. Don’t be so shellfish.
  11. Octo-pie in the sky.
  12. A wave of emotion.
  13. Tentacle late night show.
  14. Squid me a favor, will you?
  15. Hugging eight times better.
  16. Current mood: octopus.
  17. Trying to juggle life here.
  18. Just pulpo-ing by to say hi.
  19. Squid-pro-quo.
  20. Feeling a bit tenta-cool.

Inking of You

  1. Ink love with you.
  2. Octopus’s garden of affection.
  3. Arms wide open.
  4. Cuddlefish vibes only.
  5. Suckered into loving you.
  6. Sealing the deal with a kiss.
  7. Shell we dance?
  8. Tentacle-y speaking, I adore you.
  9. Ocean of devotion.
  10. Inked in my heart.
  11. Wave of affection.
  12. My love for you is squid-nificant.
  13. Pulled into your orbit.
  14. Hugs with extra arms.
  15. Heart of the ocean.
  16. Sea-cret admirer.
  17. Beakause I love you.
  18. Catching feelers.
  19. Aqua-inted with love.
  20. Sucker for your smile.

Krakening Jokes

  1. What’s an octopus’s favorite snack? Krill cheese and crackers!
  2. Why did the octopus cross the reef? To get to the other tide!
  3. What do you call a smart octopus? Ink-telligent!
  4. Why don’t octopuses fight in an aquarium? Because it’s a place of reef-conciliation!
  5. What’s an octopus’s favorite TV show? Game of Throans!
  6. How does an octopus go into battle? Well-armed!
  7. What’s an octopus’s favorite musical instrument? The octo-pipes!
  8. Why was the octopus so good at zoom? He had a good handle on technology!
  9. What makes an octopus laugh? Tenta-tickles!
  10. Why didn’t the octopus donate? He was a little shellfish!

Squid-tastic Food Puns

  1. Serving octo-pie for dessert.
  2. This sushi has me hook, line, and sinker.
  3. Cephalo-popsicles for the summer.
  4. Squid-ink pasta; it’s ink-redible!
  5. Going on a seafood diet.
  6. Takos for dinner again!
  7. Octo-pusheen the limits of seafood cuisine.
  8. Ink-joying some seafood soup.
  9. Fish and ships.
  10. Suckering sweet jelly desserts.

Oceanically Funny

  1. Seaning the day.
  2. Don’t be so salty.
  3. Wave-ing hello.
  4. Beach please!
  5. Shello there!
  6. Water you doing?
  7. Just coasting through life.
  8. Ocean-ally late.
  9. Docktor of marine studies.
  10. Surfing the net.

Squid Pro Quo

  1. Giving and takoing equally.
  2. That’s a lot of inkcome for an octopus.
  3. Krilling the game.
  4. Cephala-lot of puns!
  5. Octo-nomics 101.
  6. Podcasts about marine life.
  7. Sea-saw of emotions.
  8. Tentacleholding in business.
  9. Let’s squiddle this issue.
  10. Making a splash in the industry.

Kraken Open a Book

  1. The Great Cephalopod Gatsby.
  2. Squid and prejudice.
  3. Moby-Dick: An octopus’s perspective.
  4. Inkheart.
  5. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: Cephalopod edition.
  6. Kraken up the classics.
  7. Squidney Sheldon novels.
  8. Octopus’s garden of reading.
  9. Diving into the depths of history.
  10. Sea of stories.

Water You Saying?

  1. Ocean of puns.
  2. Seanse of humor required.
  3. Dive into the laughter.
  4. Tidal wave of jokes.
  5. Aqua-mazing puns.
  6. Making waves in comedy.
  7. Ripple effect of giggles.
  8. Currently laughing.
  9. Splashing smiles around.
  10. Buoy, that’s funny!