5 Great Nun Costumes to Flaunt

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When we heard people mention they want to be dressed up as a nun in a costume party, the evil nun from The Conjuring movie series comes to our mind. oh, the unholy scares it brings!

Although the terrifying get-up will serve the purpose awesomely during Halloween, horror-themed parties, and haunted houses, you don’t necessarily have to put on a scary disguise when you wish to be a nun.


Take an oath to be a nun – scary or plain – in your very next costume party. If you don’t have any ideas, we got you covered. You can wear one of these sisterly attires:

1. Rubie's Nun Costume

When you want to be a basic no-fuss nun, put on some old-lady spectacles, a cross, carry a fake bible and wear these fine nun habit and make an impression on people around you. To keep it real, keep your expression absolutely grim. No smiling at all!

2. Bad Habit Nun Costume

Well, your foxy costume might offend some of your religious buddies and neighbors, but it is quite eye-catching without a doubt. We won't recommend you wear it your local church. They might kick you out and put a ban on you!

3. Zombie Nun Costume

If you find Valak too overrated and ugly, perhaps you would like to be the zombie nun. With the pale, bloodshot eyes, bloody silvery clothes, and weird gestures, it will sure make a frightening sight. Make sure you practice the zombie walk.

4. Dreadful Nun Costume

The dreadful nun and zombie nun make a great team! Wear this costume and pair up with your zombified sister and scare everyone around you. You two shall be remembered…

5. Plus-Size Nun Costume

A fairly standard nun custom available in X Large/XX Large. Also, if you are a man and want to be a nun for some reason, you can also don on this plus-size nun habit!

So there you have it! 5 different custumes to suit everyone!

Spotted any other great ones available? Write it in the comment section!