50 Bookish Library Puns to Check Out

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Ready to turn the page to laughter? Dive into our collection of 50 hilarious library puns that will check you out of boredom and into a world of fun.

Bookmark These Puns

  1. Reading in the library is just shelf-help.
  2. I’m currently booked for the weekend.
  3. Page me if you need assistance.
  4. Libraries are overdue for some respect.
  5. I got lost in a novel; now I have to read my way out.

Check These Out

  1. I had to return because I left something binding in the library.
  2. Librarians go to shush school.
  3. Due yesterday, but I’m still checking it out.
  4. You autobiography to know better.
  5. My library fines are accruing interest.

Literary Laughs

  1. Never judge a book by its movie.
  2. Word on the street is you love the library.
  3. Libraries are too novel to be overlooked.
  4. Too many books, too few shelves.
  5. I tried to catch some Fog. I mist.


  1. Can’t find the library? It’s a classic case of mis-shelfing.
  2. My weekend is all booked up.
  3. Always read between the lines.
  4. Bookworms are the apple of my eye.
  5. This novel is a page-turner; it’s flipping amazing!

Volume Control

  1. I like big books and I cannot lie.
  2. Losing yourself in a book can be a novel experience.
  3. Library fines are purely fictional… until you have to pay them.
  4. Reading gives your mind a chance to book a vacation.
  5. Editions make good collectors; I have multiple issues.

Quiet Quips

  1. Silence is golden unless you have a toddler; then it’s suspense.
  2. Librarians are censor-sational.
  3. I had a book thrown at me; I only have myshelf to blame.
  4. Libraries: No talking; just use your inside voices.
  5. Quiet, please—revolutionary ideas at work.

Catalog of Chuckles

  1. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a dog? Frostbite.
  2. Bookmark me! I’m a highlight of this list.
  3. Library computers are never stunned; they just freeze.
  4. Libraries are for people who know how to check themselves.
  5. Reading is a hardcore activity: dive into the hardcover.

Cover to Cover Laughs

  1. We’re all booked for the night—no more covers allowed.
  2. Readers gonna read, haters gonna hate.
  3. Do you have this book on how to fix broken ladders? It’s a step-by-step guide.
  4. My book club has a whiskey problem—too much reading.
  5. Chapters closed early today; guess it was a short story.

Library Lines

  1. The only thing you should borrow without asking is a book.
  2. Why was the library book sad? It had too many issues.
  3. Dewey decimal himself out of this mess?
  4. I’m a novel librarian; check me out.
  5. Library cards are just vouchers for adventures.


  1. Biographies are just stalkers with a book deal.
  2. Spinelessness is a problem for both books and people.
  3. Hardcovers—for when you really need to throw the book at someone.
  4. A library haul is the only acceptable form of looting.
  5. The library is the best place to checkout singles.