30 Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Him (2023)

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Special and sentimental items like an engraved watch, a unique art, and even a whiskey glass are good anniversary gifts for your significant other.  No matter how long you’ve been together, anniversary gifts should be well thought of to make your day extra special.

If you’re looking for last-minute anniversary gifts for him, look no further!. We have compiled 30 of the best anniversary gift ideas you can easily order online that are sure to please your significant other.

2. Customized New York Times Anniversary Book

For a truly unique and special anniversary gift, this is a great option. This one-of-a-kind book captures all of the front pages of the New York Times from the day you got married to your most recent anniversary. It's a fascinating way to relive all of the most newsworthy events that have occurred throughout your years together and a beautiful reminder of your enduring love. Heirloom quality and utterly unique, this is an anniversary gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

3. Personalized Wood Photo Frame

This beautiful frame is made of high-quality basswood, and you can add photos of significant events in your life as a couple. The frame comes with double-sided tape for easy wall mounting, and you can include your name and a personal message at the bottom of the frame. This is surely a gift worth keeping!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DSGiftStudio

4. Engraved Whiskey Glass Set

This whiskey set is a luxurious anniversary gift for your partner who loves whiskey. The natural pinewood box which holds the items is engraved with a sweet message. He will surely love using this elegant set to relax and enjoy a glass of whiskey after a stressful day at work.

5. Engraved Gift Compass

For the outgoing partner, this personalized gift compass is a one-of-a-kind gift that will show how much you support him with his hobbies. You can customize it with an engraved message inspired by your actual handwriting! This compass will remind him that someone is waiting for him to come home so he better be safe in all his adventures.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: EliteCustomDesignUSA

6. Better Every Year Tree Ring Art

Take a walk down memory lane with your partner and celebrate all the wonderful moments you’ve shared with this unique piece of art. It is a beautiful wooden wall decor in the shape of a heart, with your initials carved on the innermost part and up to eight of your most memorable moments displayed in the rings. It's the perfect way to show your partner how much they mean to you, and how much you've grown together over the years.

7. Custom Man Bobblehead

This customized bobblehead is a quirky and creative gift for your partner. It is handmade and inspired by your chosen photo. They can copy your partner's physical features and create a cute replica out of it. So, why not give the gift of laughter on your next anniversary with this custom bobblehead?

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MyBobbleheadsShop

8. Personalized Pushpin World Map

This customizable map is the perfect way to document all the amazing places you and your partner have traveled together. It is personalized with your names and anniversary date, making it truly a unique and special keepsake. With 100 pins included, you can mark all your hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations, and more. It's a fun and creative way to celebrate your love of travel - and each other!

9. Custom Star Constellation Map

This is a unique gift to commemorate your special day as a couple. You can choose any date to see the stars and constellations as they were at your chosen location or time. This is a great piece to hang on his office wall.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DreamPapercutPrints

10. Neck And Back Pillow Massager

For your next anniversary, give the gift of relaxation with this unique massager pillow. He can enjoy his masseuse in the form of a pillow that will make him feel pampered and loved. This gift will show your partner how much you care about his health and wellbeing.

11. Engraved Decanter Set With Whiskey Glasses

This personalized whiskey set will surely be appreciated by the man of the household. It has a sleek design and the personalized engraving makes it extra special. The luxurious decanter also comes with a printed set of whiskey glasses which makes a great addition to any man cave!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: HappyTopperStore

12. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with Whiskey Glasses

This stylish set is another great gift idea for the man who loves his whiskey. The decanter is globe-shaped with a mahogany wood base and can hold up to 850ml of liquor. It comes with two matching glasses, so you can share his favorite drink. The set adds class and sophistication to any home bar so if you're looking for an anniversary gift that can be used for future occasions, this is it!

13. Personalized Compass

Whether your partner is an experienced hiker or a novice explorer, this personalized compass is ideal for all adventures. What sets this compass apart is the personalization options. It can be engraved with your handwriting, or even a logo or drawing, making it a truly unique gift. It also comes with a chain, so he can easily carry it on adventures.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MirageEngraving

14. Anniversary Wine Box

Have a toast to your love with this personalized anniversary wine box! It features three wine compartments, each to be opened on your anniversary. The box is also engraved with your and your partner's initials for a more personalized gift!

15. Couple Mug Set

This distinct set of coffee mugs is a lovely anniversary gift that puts a smile on your partner's face. The unique coffee mug set comes with a special inscription. One mug says "Let's Have Coffee Together " while the other has a "for The Rest of our Lives" design. With every sip of coffee, he is reminded of the beautiful love you both share.

16. "Our Adventure Book" Scrapbook

What could be better than giving the gift of an unforgettable adventure? This scrapbook is a great way to capture your amazing memories and adventures together. It allows you to document all the special adventures you have shared. The scrapbook comes with a beautiful wood cover and is filled with high-quality pages that will surely last for a long time.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: RedBerryGuestBooks

17. The Ultimate Game for Couples

This anniversary gift allows you to spend quality time together as a couple by playing this fun and exciting game. You will get to learn more about your partner and form a deeper bond which makes it a great activity for date night!

18. Custom Wood Sign

This custom wood sign is made from natural wood and can be personalized with both of your names. It can serve as an elegant piece that you can display in your bedroom or living room as a reminder that you reached this far as a couple.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: FalkelDesign

19. Mr. and Mrs. Couple Apron Set

Start your anniversary celebrations in the kitchen by giving these personalized items to the man you love. These matching aprons are great for any couple who loves to cook together and spend some quality time in the kitchen. If your husband loves to cook for you, giving him this set is a great way to show your appreciation for everything he does for you.

20. Couple Gift Box

For a rather intimate gift for your man, this gift box is the way to go. It has 2 scented candles with a naughty phrase printed on the packaging, a linen spray, and massage oil that you can use for your honeymoon. This gift set will be a tease for your husband.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: ScentsationalAromaUS

21. "Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right" Apron Set

This apron set is an ideal choice for cooking with your partner and will make an amazing anniversary gift. It includes two matching aprons, one for each of you. They are a funny present that will make your anniversary more memorable.

22. Personalized Tree Wood Carving

This unique piece of art celebrates the power and growth of your love. The tree is carved from Baltic birchwood and carved with your initials and your choice date It makes a beautiful addition to your home décor and is the perfect way for your lover to remember a special moment you both shared.

23. Personalized Glass Art

For the music-lover husband, this trendy piece is the perfect gift! Just choose a song or photo to print on the glass, it could be the album art of a song you both loved, a picture of the two of you, or a photo of a place where you shared a special memory. The glass art is also a great addition to your home décor!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: PixArtsCo

24. Men's Pajama Set

You can also give your loved one these comfortable and cozy pajamas on your next anniversary. It is super-soft and made from breathable fabrics and relaxed string-waist bottoms that give a lot of room. It also comes with a tee that you can customize with your family name to add a splash of personality.

25. Granite Rocks And Glass Set

Thinking of an unforgettable gift to give him for your anniversary? This whiskey rocks glasses gift set is a fantastic choice. It comes with two whiskey glasses, eight reusable whiskey stones made of natural granite, and other extra items for the best drinking experience. He will love this set and it will make a great addition to his home bar.

26. Funny Penguins Mug

For your quirky husband who never fails to make you laugh, this mug is a thoughtful gift you could give him! It features a design of two penguins and a cute phrase about staying together forever. You can also have your names printed at the bottom part of the mug for cute customization.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MyInnerDesign

27. Best Husband Ever Novelty Socks

These stylish socks have a sweet message sewn into the fabric making them a great anniversary gift for him. It reads "Best Husband Ever" at the bottom of the feet. They also come in a variety of colors you can choose from!

28. Personalized "Adventure Started" Mug

This lovely enamel mug represents an adventurous husband and his appreciation for the great outdoors. It features a minimalist mountain print and a space for two personalized names. What makes it even better is you can add a date of your choice which makes it a great anniversary gift!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: GiftsInaJiffy

29. BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

If you have a husband who is either part of the military, the navy, or anybody who works with a gun involved, then this unique whiskey glass is a lovely gift for him. The glass is embedded with a real, solid copper bullet making it a remarkable gift!

30. Insulated Tumbler

For your 20th-anniversary, this unique insulated tumbler is a nice gift option! It has a message that will make your husband smile. The quote is laser etched, making it long-lasting. Plus, it’s vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold or hot for hours!

Final Thoughts

Anniversary gifts for your significant other can be tricky to choose, but we’ve got you covered! From cozy pajamas and personalized mugs to unique whiskey glasses and funny socks, this list is filled with anniversary gift ideas that your man will appreciate. Thanks for reading!