Is Etsy Legit? What You Need to Know About Etsy

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Is Etsy legit? This is a question that many people have asked, and for a good reason.

Etsy is a unique online marketplace that allows artists and creators to sell their handmade or vintage items directly to consumers. While there are certainly some great deals to be found on Etsy, it can be tricky to know whether you should trust the platform as a new customer.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Etsy before making a purchase. Keep reading!

Is Etsy Legit?

Etsy is a legit and secure platform that has been in business for over 16 years. Therefore, you can trust Etsy with your personal information and financial transactions. However, as you will buy from individual sellers, it is essential to do your research before making a purchase.

Etsy is a reputable marketplace platform similar to Amazon or eBay, which means that it is essentially a middleman between buyers and sellers. When shopping on Etsy, you deal with individual sellers. This means each seller has their own policies, shipping times, and return policies.

It’s always a good idea to read the seller’s policies before purchasing on Etsy to be sure that you are comfortable with their terms.

Who can Sell Products on Etsy?

Practically anyone can sell products on Etsy after verification. To become a seller, you must provide some basic information about yourself and your business. Etsy will then review your information, and if everything looks good, they will approve you as a verified seller.

Once you are a verified seller, you will be able to create your own shop and start listing products. Such ease of use makes it easier for the sellers to target specific audiences with their products. However, this also makes the platform more susceptible to scams.

How does Etsy Protect Buyers?

Etsy has a few different systems in place to protect buyers. First, they have a dispute resolution system.

If you don’t receive your order or it arrives significantly different than described, you can create a ticket, and Etsy will work to resolve the issue. This system is in place to help buyers and sellers resolve any problems that may arise.

Etsy also has a team of investigators who work to identify and remove any fraudulent listings to keep the marketplace more secure for buyers.

Is it Safe to Use Credit Cards on Etsy?

Etsy is a secure website and takes credit card security very seriously. When you make a purchase on Etsy, your credit card information is encrypted and sent directly to the credit card processor. That means sellers never see your credit card information.

Etsy also does not store any sensitive credit card information on its servers. This means that if there was ever a data breach, your credit card information would not be at risk.

How to Check If an Etsy Seller Is Legitimate

Here are some of the things that you should check about a seller before making a purchase:

Product and Shop Reviews

The best way to gauge whether an Etsy seller is legit is to read their reviews. Checking the number of reviews can give you a good idea of how popular and reliable the seller is.

You should also take some time to read the actual reviews themselves. Pay attention to the dates of the reviews, as well as the type of feedback that the reviewer is giving. If all of the reviews are positive and recent, that’s a good sign!

On the other hand, if a seller only has a few reviews, or if their reviews are mostly negative, you may want to think twice before making a purchase.

Number of Sales

If a seller has a lot of sales, that’s usually a good indication. It means that they are reliable and people are buying their products! You can also check to see when the seller’s last sale was. If it was recent, that’s another good sign.

Another thing you can check is when the shop was last updated. If the seller’s shop has been inactive for a while, that’s not a good sign.

Sellers Profile

On a seller’s profile, you can see how long they have been selling on Etsy, where they are located, and what type of items they sell. By going through the seller’s description, you should get a good idea of what they are all about.

If everything looks legit, you can move on to the next step!

Shop Policy

Etsy requires all sellers to have a shop policy, which you can find on their profile page. This is where the seller will list their accepted payment methods, shipping times, and return policy.

It’s important to read through the seller’s shop policies before purchasing so you know what to expect regarding shipping times and return policy. Put more attention to the return policy, as it will be helpful if you are not happy with the purchase.

If a seller does not have a proper shop policy, that’s usually a red flag, and you should proceed with caution.

Payment Methods

Etsy offers a few different payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards. If a seller only offers one payment method, that’s not necessarily a red flag. However, if a seller only accepts PayPal, you should proceed with caution.

PayPal is a secure payment method, but it may be harder to get your money back if there is a problem with your order.

Talk with the Seller

If you’re still not sure about a seller, one of the best things you can do is reach out to them directly. Most Etsy sellers are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

You can contact a seller by clicking the “Contact shop owner” button on their listing page. By doing this, you can get a better feel for the seller and their business. If a seller is unresponsive or seems rude, that’s usually a red flag.


Overall, Etsy is a safe and secure marketplace. However, as with any online transaction, there is always some risk involved. By acknowledging the information above, you can help protect yourself from scams and fraudsters on Etsy.

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