How to Look Like a Horse in 1 Simple Step

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The internet has blessed us with blissful anonymity we wish we could use in our real lives. Becoming a recluse and unworldly hobo and moving to a secluded terrain isn’t an ideal option for any of us. We are too used to luxuries of the modern world.

We do have one option if we ever want to stay anonymous in a middle of a huge crowd…

A horse head mask!

You heard me!

Apart from offering you the wonders of staying faceless, it has a humorous and shocking effect and can even turn you into a viral internet meme!


In a few minutes I’m going to awe you with a bit of the fabulous history of the horse mask, but before then, let’s have a look at some of the exhibits:

Brown Horse

Here we have a CreepyParty brown horse head mask, perfect for all occasions – a Halloween party, creating chaos in a busy street, to freak out people at the beach or going to work on a random day as a horse man.

Dress up in your best suit or in worn-out undies, horse man head complements every look!


After achieving such a huge success with horse head mask, the market now has unicorn head masks! Boasting a delightful horn, bright blue eyes, and pink fur, it is the perfect mask for ladies (and gentlemen) to flaunt at costume parties and other occasions like entering a bar from where you have been banished.

I present to you the CreepyParty Deluxe, Unicorn!

To cause roars of laughter, wear a hat!

Black Horse

If unicorns are too girly for you and you find a brown horse head too common, we have a wonderful black horse head mask for you! The angry-looking mask seems to glare at you. It is more creepy than funny.

..the CreepyParty Black Horse Mask!

Perfect for haunted houses and Halloween parties.

Of course, if you’re a horse and you’re reading this article… We bring you:

The Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask!

Hide away those eyes, ear, and beautiful nose before they give you away.

How Did it All Begin?

In 2003, a novelty purveyor Archie McPheehorse was the first one to sell a horse head mask during Halloween season. He described it as ‘realistic brown latex with faux fur mane’. That year we saw a huge number of people flaunting the disturbing horse head mask. It became a hit worldwide and since then many manufacturers have copied the design. In the same year, a Japanese anime Full Metal Panic? launched a new character called ‘Pony-man’ which had an uncanny resemblance to the mask.

The year 2008 brought us a bizarre video of a dude wearing only a horse head mask and eating psychedelic mushrooms. Needless to say, it became viral with over 2 million viewers. In 2010, Google Street View captured a Scottish man wearing the mask. He is now known as the ‘horse boy’. Even President Barack Obama was greeted by a horse headed man in 2014 in the streets of Denver.

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