50 Ice-Breaking Hockey Puns to Tackle the Blues

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Are you ready to break the ice with some laughter? Dive into our collection of 50 hilarious hockey puns that are sure to score big with fans of the game.


  1. I told a joke about a puck but it just slid away.
  2. Why do hockey players make excellent artists? Because they’re great at drawing penalties.
  3. Don’t date a hockey player—they’re only interested in icing.
  4. What do you call a dinosaur that plays hockey? A Puckosaurus Rex.
  5. Hockey players are great at parties; they really know how to break the ice.
  6. I tried to play hockey with a soft drink can because I lost the puck, but it was just soda pressing.
  7. I don’t play hockey for the fame, I play for the love of the game and the pucks.
  8. Why was the computer cold at the hockey game? It left its Windows open.
  9. How do you know a hockey player is surprised? They look completely pucked.
  10. My dog loves watching hockey because he barks every time he sees a puck.

Power Play on Words

  1. Why are hockey players terrible at ballet? Too much pucking and not enough pirouetting.
  2. What do you call a group of musical hockey players? A puck band.
  3. Hockey is more about teamwork and less about the individual score, right? Puck no.
  4. I told my friend a joke about hockey sticks. It was a big hit.
  5. My favorite player scored a goal, and I just couldn’t keep my cool.
  6. What do you call an aggressive hockey strategy? Puck-er up.
  7. Why don’t hockey players get along with their neighbors? They keep icing each other.
  8. What’s a ghost’s favorite position in hockey? Ghoulie.
  9. Hockey games are only interesting if there’s a lot of body checking. Anything less is just playing nice.
  10. How do you stop a hockey player from stealing your snacks? Put them in the penalty box.

Stick-y Situations

  1. Why do hockey players always carry a spare stick? In case they get into a sticky situation.
  2. My friend got hit by a hockey puck. He said it was a smashing experience.
  3. What do you call an excellent hockey player? A puck master.
  4. I got a job selling hockey equipment; it’s nice to finally stick to something.
  5. Watching my favorite team lose, I felt like I was icing on the cake of my bad day.
  6. Never play hockey with sticky equipment; it’s a real puck up.
  7. What does a hockey player and a magician have in common? Both do hat tricks.
  8. Always handle your hockey stick with care. It’s a valuable piece of the game.
  9. Why are hockey players great drivers? They always know when to stick shift.
  10. What’s a hockey player’s favorite type of party? A puckluck.


  1. What do you call an optimistic hockey player? A goal-getter.
  2. Why was the hockey team always calm? They were good at chilling out.
  3. Scoring in hockey is like a good joke; it’s all about the delivery.
  4. What’s a hockey player’s least favorite board game? Sorry! They prefer board battles.
  5. Why do hockey goalies make good secretaries? They’re great at catching up on work.
  6. How do you keep your feet warm at a hockey game? Stand close to the boards; they’re always heated.
  7. What’s a hockey player’s favorite meal? Puckeroni pizza.
  8. Why do hockey games have breaks? Even players need to chill out.
  9. What do you call someone who steals hockey equipment? A puck-pocket.
  10. Every hockey player’s dream is to be the puck of the draw.

In the Penalty Box

  1. Why don’t hockey players argue with the referee? They know they’ll end up in the penalty box.
  2. Ever heard about the hockey game in heaven? It was a real divine goal.
  3. Getting put in the penalty box is the hockey version of being put in time out.
  4. Why was the hockey player bad at math? He always got caught in the penalty box for checking.
  5. A hockey player’s favorite type of tea? Penaltea.
  6. The only thing worse than getting a penalty is getting your pride hurt.
  7. Why did the hockey coach go to the bank? To get his defense in check.
  8. Why was the hockey player good at dodgeball? Because of his penalty box evasion skills.
  9. The penalty box is both a punishment and a badge of aggressive play.
  10. How do you make a hockey player laugh? Tell him a good penalty box joke.