50 Gripping Hand Puns That Will Give You a High Five

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Get ready to slap your knees and shake your palms with laughter because we’ve gathered 50 hilarious hand puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone! From finger jokes to wrist wisecracks, this collection has it all, guaranteeing a handful of giggles.

Handling a Good Laugh

  1. I’ve got to hand it to you; that was a great performance.
  2. Can you give me a hand? I’m trying to nail this magic trick.
  3. You’ve got to keep your hand in the game, or you’ll never finger it out.
  4. I tried to get a grip on the situation, but it just slipped through my fingers.
  5. High fives! Or as I like to call them, high fingers.
  6. I’ve been palm-ing off my duties, hoping someone else would take care of them.
  7. Don’t worry, I’m on hand to help with any issues that might arise.
  8. Let’s give them a big hand. Oh, and some applause too.
  9. I could never be a boxer. I don’t want to risk my hand-some face.
  10. Talk to the hand, because the face ain’t listening!

A Helping Hand of Puns

  1. I thumb-bled upon a great idea for us.
  2. It’s time to ring in the new year with some hand-crafted jokes.
  3. I can count my true friends on one hand. The other is just for waving.
  4. Keep your friends close and your hand sanitizers closer.
  5. I wrist my case, but I’ll be back with more handy arguments.
  6. If you need someone to rely on, I’ll be there in a handshake.
  7. My magic tricks are all about sleight of hand, or as I like to call it, sleight of fingers.
  8. You have to hand it to short people because we usually can’t reach it.
  9. I’ve got an ace up my sleeve; well, it’s more of a handful of jokers.
  10. Victory is at hand, so let’s not let it slip through our fingers.

Finger-Licking Good Puns

  1. I’ve got this project at my fingertips, but I can’t seem to get it started.
  2. I’m really thumb-thing special, just ask my mom.
  3. That pianist is amazing, he’s got fast fingers. Must be great at text messaging.
  4. My handwriting might be bad, but at least I’ve got a good grip on grammar.
  5. Ever tried to hand-paint with all your fingers? It’s a real messterpiece.
  6. You should always wear gloves to a snowball fight; it’s hand-y advice.
  7. Be careful with scissors, or you’ll end up with fingers in a bunch.
  8. I was going to make a joke about hands, but I figured it might not be all that touching.
  9. Our team’s got the upper hand in this competition; the other team seems to be a bit armless.
  10. I was going to lend a hand in the kitchen, but I’m more of a fistful of chaos.

Armed with Hilarity

  1. Arm yourself with patience; these hand-crafted puns take time.
  2. I went to the second-hand store, but all I got was this lousy watch.
  3. I want to make arm puns, but I’m afraid they’d be a bit off-hand.
  4. I tried arm wrestling but found it quite hand-some.
  5. Always keep an ace up your sleeve, it’s a handy surprise.
  6. Sorry, I’m late. I was caught up in something single-handedly.
  7. I’d lend you a hand, but I’m afraid I might need it back later.
  8. In the world of magic, the hand is quicker than the eye.
  9. I finger you’d appreciate a good hand pun.
  10. I was going to get a hand tattoo but decided not to palm off my skin.

The Final Handful

  1. I’d give you a standing ovation, but I’m all thumbs today.
  2. Always trying to get a handle on life, but it seems to be broken.
  3. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen or at least wear oven mitts.
  4. I’m not hand-ing out any more advice, unless it’s wrist-taken.
  5. Let’s wrap this up before I run out of hands to deal these puns.
  6. My fortune teller has a real handle on the future, according to her palm.
  7. If time is handy, can we ever really grasp it?
  8. Hand over the remote! It’s my turn to control the evening.
  9. I might be overreaching, but I finger we should hang out more.
  10. With these hand puns, I’ve really grasped comedy!