HAKENO Pull Up Bar Review

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I chose to buy this Hakeno pull-up bar because it uses pressure to fix itself directly inside the doorframe area without the need to screw it to your door frame. After using the pull-up bar for six weeks, these are my thoughts on the product. This review also explains how it works and compares it to other types of door frame pull-up bars.

I am pretty impressed by the strength and sturdiness of this and how easy it was to fix it to the doorframe.

The Hakeno Pull-Up Bar has a great design that makes it safe to use on most doors, even when a bigger weight is applied.

Assembling and disassembling this bar is a piece of cake. You can quickly take down and put up the bar without having to look for the user guide again.

How to attach it to your doorframe

The Hakeno Pull-Up Bar is built of thickened chrome-plated stainless steel tubing and can be assembled quickly without the use of screws or drilling.

HAKENO Pull Up Bar

To attach it to the doorframe, simply rotate the main pole until the two anti-skid pads are pressed against the frame. Pull on the bar until it tightens up in place, making it even more stable. However, it’s best not to rotate it too much as it might apply far too much pressure to the doorframe, risking damage.2

The pull-up bar can be adjusted in its width to ensure that it fits into the doorframe adequately.


The pull-up bar has a very thick and bulky structure, but it can support quite a lot of weight when compared to products in the same category.

The bar can be realigned and relocated quickly and conveniently since no screws are used. The version I got ranged from 28 to 38 inches, but you can also get a larger option.

What is it like to use?

The padded bars make the equipment suitable to use for overhand grips and underhand grips.

It is convenient to use at home as it can be attached to the door and taken down without much hassle. Disassembly of the pull-up is easy, making it easy to pack the equipment during travel.

The device is adjustable, meaning that it can work at different heights and with different types of door frames. It is also great to use when you want to place the bar at a lower height to do push-ups or sit-ups.

When starting off, it’s great to get some resistance bands to help support some of your weight. Also, you should definitely try doing ‘negative pullups’ in your progression.

How secure is it, and how much weight can it handle?

Hakeno claims that their pull-up bar has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs. I can’t confirm that number, but from my own experience of using it, it feels very secure. It doesn’t budge whatsoever, even if I’m swinging back and forth on the bar!

A durable locking mechanism prevents the Hakeno Pull-Up Bar from rotating and getting loose during usage, making it much more stable. When you’ve set your bar in place, you just tighten the locking mechanism using an Allen key.

The pull-up bar uses friction to secure itself directly within the doorframe, without the need for screws. It has remarkable strength and sturdiness, and it quickly sticks to the doorframe.

In contrast to the models that attach over or to the front of the doorframe, this sort of pull-up bar is favorable because it is much more stable and feels a lot safer to use.

Does it cause any damage to the door?

Due to the padding on the bar’s ends, it is unlikely that any considerable damage would appear on the door in most cases. However, this depends on the materials of your door.

You can get some wood blocks to put on either side of the bar if you want to be extra careful not to cause visible damage to the door.

From what I can tell, the most likely way this could cause damage to the door is if you tighten the bar far too much, causing excess strain on the doorframe.

Comparison to other types of door frame pull-up bars

I greatly prefer the design of this bar compared to the doorframe bars that fit over and to the front of your doorframe. The design of this bar feels a lot more secure, and I feel a lot safer using this.

When using a pull-up bar, you really need to make sure it’s secure. Falling from these could certainly result in injury.

What size should you get?

The 28 inch to 38-inch option is ideal if you have a regular-sized door frame. However, it is best to use a measuring tape to determine if the alternative size option of 37.6–47.6 inches is better suited for your needs.


Pull-up bars are a must-have for every home fitness gym. The Hakeno Pull-Up Bar can be adjusted to attach to almost every doorway.

The 360-degree safety locks protect the bar from rotating unintentionally, the soft PVC mats on both ends of the pull-up bar keep it from moving, and the padded grip surface is ideal for a variety of bodyweight exercises.

The product is great for someone who needs a comfortable pull-up bar for daily exercise. This bar is very secure and comfortable to use, and it can be left in your doorframe without disrupting the door’s use.

I’m pleased with my purchase of this, and I would happily recommend this Hakeno Pull-Up Bar if you want to get a model that attaches to your door frame.