20 Gifts You Should Never Give

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One of the worst things you can do is give someone a gift that they don’t want. It’s awkward, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. In this blog post, we will be discussing 20 gifts that you should never give to anyone!

We all want to make our loved ones happy, but sometimes we just don’t know what they want. This article will guide you through some of the worst gifts you could ever give someone.

Of course, some people might like these types of gifts, but they generally won’t be on the top of anyone’s list!

1. Cheap Souvenirs From Your Vacation

Your loved ones will be much more interested in hearing about your trip and seeing pictures than in receiving a cheap trinket that you bought at the airport. It’s not worth the money, and it will just end up collecting dust on their shelf. Leave the tacky keychains and shot glasses at home, they won’t need them for their birthday or wedding!

2. Plain Picture Frame

You can do better than this! If you’re going to give someone a picture frame, make sure it’s one that they will want to put their photo in. Get creative, and put some thought into it. It’s no longer the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, it’s the execution!

3. Pet Accessories

Unless it’s their pet’s birthday, or you know for a fact that they’ve been wanting a new dog bowl, don’t get them anything related to their pet. It’s not personal, and it shows that you didn’t put any thought into the gift. Get them something they can use, not their animal!

4.  A Mug

They probably own more than two mugs at home, adding one more to the collection isn’t going to make them jump for joy. If you’re going to get them a mug, make sure it’s one with a message that will make them laugh every time they use it.

5. Keychain

This is another one of those things that they probably don’t need, and if they do need a new keychain, they can buy it themselves. Get them something that shows you were thinking about them, not just something you saw on your way to the checkout counter.

6. DVDs or CDs

These are no longer a trend and people are moving towards streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. If you still insist on giving them a physical copy of something, make sure it’s something they don’t already have. CDs will only end up collecting dust, and DVDs will become obsolete shortly.

7. Candies and Chocolates

This is a tricky one, because if you know your loved one has a sweet tooth then this could be the perfect gift! However, if they are trying to lose weight or have some sort of dietary restriction, then it’s best to stay away from food gifts altogether. Also, they may already have a stash of their favorite sweets in their fridge!

8. A Necktie

This is already a common gift, step up your game! A tacky or ugly tie will just end up in the back of his closet, never to be seen again. Also, many people have a fairly limited amount of neckties that they wear, which again, may mean that your gift will not be seen again.

9. Cash

Some people love getting cash as a gift, particularly for occasions such as weddings, but many don’t. If you can’t be bothered to go out and pick something up for them, then perhaps a gift card might be a better option. At least that way they can choose something they actually want.

10. Cleaning Tools

Unless they’ve specifically asked for a new vacuum or mop, don’t get them anything that has to do with cleaning. It’s not fun, it’s not exciting, and it certainly doesn’t show how much you care about them. Give them something more special than a broom!

11. Underwear

This is a very personal gift, and unless you know them extremely well, it’s best to stay away from anything that has to do with their underwear drawer. You don’t want to give them something that they’ll never use because it’s the wrong size or style. They might find it weird that you even know what type of underwear they prefer!

12. Soap

Giving someone soap as a gift is like saying “I noticed you’re running low, so here you go!” It’s not romantic, and it doesn’t show that you truly care. Unless it’s some sort of luxurious soap that they wouldn’t buy for themselves, then just don’t bother.

13. Fruitcake

Let’s be real here, most of you probably don’t even like fruitcakes. So why would you give it to someone else as a gift? Just don’t do it, unless you want to be on the receiving end of some serious side-eye. This gift will only end up in the trash because not everybody in the house will eat it.

14. Candles

Candles are nice, but they’re not exactly an exciting gift. They might be appreciated, but they won’t bring a smile to somebody’s face the way a new book or piece of jewelry would. Candles are best given in small quantities, such as in a gift set.

15. Prank Gifts

Pranking them on their special day is not funny, it’s just mean. Your loved one will not appreciate a whoopee cushion or a fake spider in their cake. Embarrassing them is not a good way to show your affection!

16. A Pet

Not everybody is ready for the responsibility of owning a pet, and some people are allergic to certain animals. It’s best to steer clear of giving someone a pet unless you know they really want one and are prepared to take care of it. It’s a big responsibility, not a casual gift.

17. A Knock-Off Brand

Don’t try to save a few bucks by getting them a knock-off brand of something they really want. They’ll be able to tell the difference, and it will just end up frustrating them. It’s better to get them something else entirely than to give them a cheap imitation of what they truly want.

18. Weighing Scale

Unless they’ve specifically asked for one, don’t get them a weighing scale. It’s not only personal but it can also be seen as insulting. You don’t want to make them feel like you think they need to lose weight!

19. Re-Gifts

We’ve all been there, you receive a gift that you really don’t like and you end up passing it on to someone else. But please, don’t do this to the people you love. They will often be able to tell that it’s a re-gift, and they’ll feel unimportant. It’s better to just say you don’t like it and leave it at that.

20. Towels

Towels are one of those things that everybody needs, but nobody wants. They’re just so boring! If you insist on giving them something practical, try to find a towel set that comes with a bath set. But even then, it’s not the most exciting gift in the world.

Final Thoughts

Giving a bad gift can be just as bad as not giving a gift at all. So if you’re stuck, it’s better to give them something small and thoughtful than to give them something that will just end up collecting dust. Just remember to stay away from the items on this list, and you’ll be sure to give them a gift they’ll be able to use in the long run!