29 Gifts For Police Officers (2023)

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Keeping law and order is a huge responsibility. It is not a job for the faint-hearted or the physically unhealthy. Police officers contribute a lot to the community by keeping everyone safe. These men and women in uniform patrol streets to make sure no irregularities are happening. They respond to anyone who seeks help. And their presence is sometimes enough to keep the bad guys away so you can live peacefully without fear. 

Do you have a family member or friend who is part of the Police Force? Why not show them your gratitude by giving them the following Gifts for Police Officers. It is the best way to show your appreciation for the services and sacrifices they make every day. Check out the list below and take your pick.

1. Personalized Bulletproof Vest Key Chain

One of the most important pieces of protective equipment for police officers is the bulletproof vest. It assures their safety whenever serious encounters are inevitable. Gift them this personalized keychain as a reminder to always have the real thing handy whenever they report for work. The inclusion of their name on this gift makes it very personal and intimate. It's a cute present that they can easily carry around on a regular basis and won't get in the way of their work.

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2. Customized Thin Blue Line Flag Decor

This is a gallantry flag that every police officer on the right side of the law should have. The thin blue line represents all law enforcers and is a source of great pride. This gift idea is suitable for all law enforcers who are on active duty. It can also be given to fresh graduates from the academy as well as those who are retiring. It will serve as an appreciation for their faithful service through the years and can be displayed proudly either in the workplace or at home.

3. Police Officer-Inspired Notebook

Every job requires you to take down notes for record purposes. Police officers take a lot of these whenever they patrol areas, investigate occurrences, and entertain concerns from the community. This attractive and personalized design is a breath of fresh air when the day is hectic. It is very whimsical and fun to look at and will also uplift their mood when they are feeling a bit down. At the same time is a practical gift idea because a notebook is like a work partner that can assist them all the time.

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4. Funny Police Officer Mug

A little bit of fun is needed, even if your job is pretty serious. Add a dash of humor to every quick break with this hilarious coffee mug. The engraved message on the cup “I Can't Fix Stupid But I Can Cuff It” will tickle the funny bone. Correctional officers will surely relate to this quote and might even help them recall an anecdote or two about their job. This mug can store an ample amount of their favorite warm drink that can help them energize and be alert the whole day.

5. Policer Officer Survival Kit Card

Novelty gift ideas never go out of style. If you are planning to get one, then this Policer Officer Survival Kit Card is a good option. There are listed items here that law enforcers must always have like coffee, safety pin, crayon, elastic bands, playing cards, tea bags, starburst, paperclip, button, mint, and candle. There are also detailed explanations of why these items are needed. Help our beloved police officers get through the day by reminding them of the essentials they should have close to them.

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6. Thin Blue Line Tumbler

Hydration is important whenever police officers are out in the field working. Whatever the weather, be it hot or cold, this Thin Blue Line Tumbler will maintain the temperature needed for the drinks they will be carrying around. This gift for police officers will keep their coffee warm if they suddenly have to cater to an emergency. It can keep juice or soda cold whenever they drive around the neighborhood doing their patrols. This large tumbler also comes with two reusable stainless straws and a small brush to clean the two up. This gift also promotes sustainable development.

7. Beautiful Digital Cartoon Portrait

Do you want to impress your beloved police officer? Here is a gift idea that will blow them away - a Beautiful Digital Cartoon Portrait. All you need to do is provide your favorite photo of them. The makers of this product will transform it into a very colorful cartoon image. The design depicts your favorite law enforcer on the job proudly wearing their uniform. It is a suitable present for birthdays, work anniversaries, or even Christmas. Place it inside a lovely frame, and you are all set.

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8. Retired Police Officer Shirt

Once a police officer, always a police officer. It is something that does not fade away even after retirement. This classic fit shirt proudly represents retired law enforcers. The thin blue line flags signify the association with the police force. This unique shirt design comes in different sizes to assure the perfect fit. Give it to a retiring cop and make the day special.

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9. Handmade Promotion Cards

There is nothing sweeter but to get recognized for a job well done. Being credited for loyalty is also another plus. And what better way to receive a reward for it than through a promotion? Make this announcement more special by using handmade and personalized police promotion cards. Nothing beats seeing your name written clearly with a new rank. It will surely wash away all the accumulated stress, making all that hard work worth it.

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10. Memorabilia with Location Distinction

The area of assignment holds a special place in the heart of every police officer. This customized memorabilia will be the perfect present for law enforcers devoted to their neighborhoods. The officer is drawn by the road. Their assigned location is in the background. The portrait has a space to put the name of the place for proper distinction. It is a perfect present for work anniversaries, retirement, or reassignment announcements. It will surely bring in lovely memories.

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11. Police Badge Whiskey Decanter

The police badge is proof of identity for any law enforcer. It is something they always carry around with pride. Of course, it does not need to be just confined to their pockets. The badge can also be displayed on a whiskey decanter. Having the badge engraved on the decanter might just serve as a reminder to drink responsibly. Since they are a cop, it is best not to overdrink. Take in only what is manageable.

12. Retired Stainless Steel Tumbler

Some habits are hard to break. Like drinking your cup of Joe warm after long periods. Or keeping your juice beverage cool throughout your drive. A stainless steel travel mug is handy and will do the job well. Retired law enforcers will appreciate this functional gift. It even has a hilarious message: Not My Problem Anymore. This could be the reminder that they can finally take things easy and enjoy their day as they please.

13. Thin Blue Line Wood Docking Station

Help your beloved law enforcer get their desk organized with the help of a Thin Blue Line Wood Docking Station. Police officers can use it at home or in the office. They can keep their valuables like watches, phones, pens, and more on this wooden docking station. The overall design is minimalistic and prevents clutter. It is a great addition to any work desk to get everything well arranged. The thin blue line design also indicates what profession the proud owner of the item has.

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14. Saint Michael Challenge Coin

Law enforcers frequently put their lives on the line whenever they go to work. At times they will face compromising situations that can endanger their lives. This Saint Michael challenge coin is an excellent charm to keep them safe while they are away. The piece has an image of Saint Michael trampling the serpent and also has a prayer for protection engraved on it. This coin is a small act of saying that good will always triumph over evil. The product is made of durable bronze metal that can last a long time.

15. 365 Daily Devotions For Law Enforcement

In doing a job well both body and mind must be healthy. The emotional and spiritual state of a person requires as much nurturing as the body. This collection of 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement is a great tool in establishing this. It's chock-full of motivational stories, Scripture references, and short prayers that any cop will appreciate. The exterior cover of this devotional is made of imitation leather, which protects the pages inside from damage. This book's lessons can be passed on to family and friends.

16. Globe Decanter w/ Law Enforcement Badge

Are you tired of the conventional whiskey decanter designs? This unique globe style will surely capture your interest in that case. It also has a law enforcement badge engraved on it. Even officers are entitled to have a few drinks now and then so why not have it from a decanter made for police officers! The stand is constructed from durable oak wood and the decanter itself is from high-quality glass.

17. Police Badge Bottle Opener

At least a few times a year police officers should enjoy a gathering or two. And what best way to celebrate it but to share a few bottles of beer and soda. Open the caps of the beverages with ease using a stainless steel bottle opener shaped like a badge. It is tough, reliable, and sturdy and can assist the user in many more events to come.

18. Petit Ribbon Pendant

As time progress, more and more women are entering the police force. Celebrate this momentous advancement in gender equality by gifting your favorite female law enforcer a ribbon pendant. This beautiful piece of jewelry represents its wearer well and can always be kept close to the heart. The item comes in a lovely gift box that gives a special vibe to the whole package.

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19. Resin Stone Table Top Figurine

Are you a fan of room decor? In that case, resin stone figurines have probably captured your interest more than once. Why not gift your favorite officer a tabletop accent? It is an item that depicts a faithful law enforcer kneeling in prayer with his head bowed. It is a sign of submission to their profession and a vow of sincerity to their duty. It is a nice decoration to be displayed in the office or at home and can also serve as a trophy for being a formidable police officer.

20. Stylish Pocket Watch With Chain

Pocket watches are vintage gift items that never go out of style owing to their classy and sophisticated nature. The design comprises nostalgic roman numerals that give a vibe of the good old days. The finishing of this piece is impeccable, making it very attractive and expensive-looking. This unique gift is a memento for law enforcers planning to retire, awarded for valor, or just starting with active duty.

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21. Leather Badge Wallet

A police officer's badge is a treasure itself that should be kept in a safe and secure place. A good option would be a leather badge wallet. In addition to the badge, the user can store money, credit cards, and other necessities in this small and thin storage. The carbon black leather component is small enough to slip in a pocket or store in a purse. The design is straightforward, elegant, and exudes a strong sense of professionalism.

22. Police Officer Congratulations Card

Every important moment deserves a greeting of congratulations and a Police Officer Congratulations Card is a lovely way to share your pride in the work they are doing. The item has embellishments and a printed metallic cover that gives very luxurious. And why not? Every job well done deserves to be treated with class and high regard.

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23. Police Badge and Gun-Themed Whiskey Glass

Thinking of unique gifts for police officers? Why not give them a gun-themed whiskey glass engraved with a police badge? The set includes whiskey stones cleverly designed as bullets. Talk about drinking shots of liquor. It also comes with other essentials like a tong, travel pouch, and a bottle opener made from a real 0.50 caliber bullet. It has everything one would need to enjoy a night of relaxing drinking.

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24. Paracord Police Mini Character Keyring

Are you searching for a whimsical and fun gift idea to cheer someone up? Then this Paracord Police Mini Character Keyring will compliment anyone with a creative mind. It is small and handy and can be hung on bags or serve as a keychain. It is a suitable gift idea for officers who are usually dispatched to calm down riots.

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25. I Hate Being Sexy Coffee Mug

Admit it, due to constant physical training to fight bad guys, police officers have well-built bodies. One cannot help but find them sexy. Show your appreciation to these hardworking individuals by giving them a coffee mug with the message: "I Hate Being Sexy But I Am A Police Officer So I Can't Help It". Surely says a lot of things about your admiration for them.

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26. Police Congratulations Card With Cuffs And Doughnut

A police officer's life revolves around handcuffs that they need when they catch criminals and having a quick snack like a doughnut when they are off duty or taking a break. These are the fond memories these congratulation cards aim to depict.

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27. Tactical Pen And Accessories

A law enforcer must always be ready for surprises during a job. To overcome such situations, gifting them a Tactical Pen and Accessories will be helpful. A pen that doubles as a multitool, flashlight, or fire starter are definitely useful in an ongoing investigation. It is a very practical gift that can be used both at work and at home.

28. Artsy Police Officer Wall Decor

Fans of the famous word game scrabble will love this creative gift idea. The artwork depicts a police officer in uniform. The creation is personalized with the surname and rank of the receiver. It is a nice accent to put on display in the office or at home. Put a smile on someone's face by gifting them this thoughtful piece of art.

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29. Police Badge Pendant Necklace

Badges are often kept in pockets. Why not place them near your hearts? Is it possible? Yes, by opting for Police Badge Pendant Necklace. This intricate design is a striking copy of a hard-earned badge and makes for a sweet gift for police officers who can wear it on any occasion.

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Final Thoughts

Being a police officer is a tough job. It requires a lot of self-discipline and sacrifice to keep everyone safe and sound. As a result, any expression of gratitude will encourage them to continue working. Choose from the list of gifts for police officers above to make someone feel special and appreciated.