30 Gifts for Gym Rats (2023)

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Gifts for gym rats mean much more than a generous gesture. Those who train know that the better equipped they are, the better their physical performance will be. When you work out you need tools to help you make your gym routine as enjoyable as possible and therefore be more motivated to work out.

If you give someone a good gym gift you are helping that person to evolve athletically. If you are the one who trains, you have the obligation to “give yourself” gym gifts to train better. Everyone who trains should be committed to their fitness routine and being well equipped is part of that commitment to themselves.

Here are 30 gifts for gym rats that make a workout more effective.

1. Cossac Fitness Journal Workout Planner

The Fitness Journal Workout Planner is designed for men and women to keep track of their workouts and therefore have more control over their fitness routine. This tool helps them to stay motivated throughout the year, taking into account their nutrition, the progression of their exercises, the time spent, their achievements, and the goals they have yet to reach. This fitness planner commits the athlete to their sporting evolution. This is one of the most effective gifts for gym rats to organize various exercise routines.

2. Futone Cooling Towels Workout Compact

These cooling towels for training are made of fiber fabric with cooling characteristics. The athlete simply places the towel on the area of the body that he prefers to cool down. All you need to do is wet the towel and place it anywhere on the body and you will feel refreshed right away. These towels can also be used to protect you from the sun during outdoor training and to relieve physical pain caused by injuries.

3. Gym Towel

This towel is one of the most original gifts for gym rats that you can find. This towel is useful to pretend that you have sweated a lot after a training session. The towel is printed with the phrase "You can go home now" which makes it even more fun. If you or someone who doesn't like to sweat, but pretend to, this might just be the right gift to create that feeling. An original idea like this is motivating for anyone who wants to progress in their fitness goals.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: PerunAthletic

4. Kombucha Brew Kit

The Kombucha brewing kit contains everything you need to prepare this nutritious drink. Kombucha is a fermented beverage of Chinese origin, which is obtained from tea. This kit has a glass jar with a lid, tea bag, organic black tea, and instructions for use. This drink strengthens the immune system, benefits the intestinal flora, and speeds up intestinal processes. Maintaining optimal health enhances athletic performance and the Kombucha keeps the internal balance strong. This might just be the kit your friend needs for good performance in any sport.

5. Funny Crossfitter Mug

The fun Crossfitter mug is ideal for those who love CrossFit and the lifestyle in general. The mug is white with black designs, contains the phrase "Did I mention CrossFit" and also has some drawings around the gym theme. If you are a fitness lover or have a friend or loved one who is, this mug will reflect that fitness fanaticism. Plus, rest assured that your fitness enthusiasm can inspire others to start training.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: HarleyDogDesigns

6. Canway Sports Travel Compartment Lightweight

This gym bag can be used for training at your club as well as for traveling anywhere. Many fitness fanatics don't stop training when they have to travel for different reasons. This gym bag is lightweight and even has a separate compartment to store shoes. The fabric is highly resistant and can withstand bumps and shocks. This fashion accessory contains several pockets that serve to store everything you need.

7. Gym Gift Gym Key Chain Boyfriend Gift

This gym key chain is intended for those who love to train every day of their life. Many times key chains describe the owner's personality and if you or a friend of yours likes to workout daily, this key chain will reflect your enthusiasm for exercise. Also, if this keychain gets lost, everyone will know who it belongs to because it has a small tag with your information. Don't worry because it will surely find its way back to you!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: YouLoveYouShop

8. GainzCity Tall Dumbbell Glass Ounce

The glass is a gift for those who love to train and especially like weight lifting. If you love to train and like to see your passion for exercise reflected in every possible detail, this glass will serve as a reminder of how good it feels to train.

9. Fitness Recovery Cube

The Fitness Recovery Cube is a tool of natural ingredients that serves to provide relief to sore areas of the body due to intense physical exercise and existing injuries. This cube works by massaging the affected area and immediately brings relief. This cube can be used before or after training and allows fitness enthusiasts to work out with peace of mind, knowing that they have a tool that will quickly relieve any aches and pains.

10. Weight Plate Coaster Set Of 4 And Rack

This set of non-slip drink coasters is presented through a roller coaster plate set containing 4 weights. An exercise enthusiast maintains a completely healthy lifestyle, therefore everything around him should reflect his passion for fitness. This is one of the most fun gifts for gym rats and the recipient will be very flattered to receive this one.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DrinkArmorLLC

11. Liquid I V Multiplier Electrolyte Supplement

Hydration Multiplier Liquid comes in easy-to-open powder packets that are easy to carry with you everywhere you go. This super hydrating powder is intended to meet the body's needs for minerals and vitamins. This liquid is low in sugar and has a pleasant taste. This tool serves to avoid any possible dehydration. This multiplier liquid is easy to take to the gym, to work, or anywhere else.

12. Personalised Gym Couple Gift

The personalized gym couple gift has representative images of a man and woman who love to train. This gift serves to motivate a couple to continue training and to stay together for a long time. This gift is suitable for an important date and can be a meaningful present to celebrate Valentine's Day. Remember that partner training is motivating in itself, so this gift will maximize motivation.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: BlaBlaPrintsArt

13. Therapist Barbell Workout Working-T-Shirt

This unisex cotton T-shirt features a funny phrase and pattern that can be stimulating for the workout enthusiast. Fitness enthusiasts go to the gym every day and this t-shirt can be used to add humor to the workout routine. The t-shirt is a basic design so it can be combined with any other sportswear. Believe it or not, the sportswear we wear while training has a positive impact on training. Wearing fun sportswear aids mental well-being and who wouldn't want a bit of fun while sweating it out.

14. Adjustable Bag

This adjustable bag is designed to adapt to different circumstances: travel, weekend trips, going to the club to practice a sport, going to the gym to train, and even going to work. This bag can also be converted into a backpack if the user wishes. This gift can be very useful for an exercise enthusiast since those who train not only to go to the gym but also to work, study or do any other activity.

15. Gaiam Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is lightweight and can be rolled up to take anywhere. Those who love to practice yoga would do it even when they travel or are on vacation and this mat will help them continue to evolve in this discipline wherever they are.

16. Jar For Weightlifting Personal Records

This personal exercise log bottle helps fitness enthusiasts to monitor their training by keeping track of what they have done and what they have yet to complete. This tool promotes gratitude for the goals achieved and encouragement to achieve what is missing. The athlete who has control over his physical performance will achieve what he sets out to do faster. These bottles will remind you of the reason you started training and that will make you feel powerful.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: FitFizz

17. Trail Butter, Big Squeeze - 6 Pack Almond Butter Mix

This packet of almond butter mixes is made from natural ingredients with no added sugar and has a pleasant taste. This butter mix is a powerful nutritional source for any athlete - the almond butter blend can be consumed alone or combined with other foods.

18. Gym lover Pencils

Stationary is always welcome no matter what you do and these pencils will wow you gym lovers. The pencils have some funny phrases etched on them - "Cardio is Hardio", "Gym Junkie", "Gym and Juice", among others. The one who loves to train daily needs constant motivation not to get bored while training. Good humor will always be a rewarding stimulus for those who have the discipline to train.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: BettieConfetti

19. Fitness Dice

Fitness dice are playful little things that fitness enthusiasts can use to make their workout routine more entertaining. These dice indicate specific times and exercises that make a fitness session surprising and encourage you to improve every day!

You might regret buying it when it lands on press-ups though!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MygaEco

20. Full Body Exercises Body Shred Guide

This complete guide to exercising the whole body helps you to train feeling well oriented. Within the fitness world, there is often confusion about how an exercise should be performed. This guide provides security when training since each exercise is well explained for its correct execution. The guide details exercises for the abdomen, legs, arms, back, shoulders, etc.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: ChiaraLCreative

21. Come With Me If You Want To Lift Tee

This men's t-shirt is printed with Arnold Schwarzenegger's figure inviting you to train with him is a fun idea to feel motivated. Those who love to train need constant motivation to keep evolving in their workouts. Any stimulating idea is welcome, as sometimes gym lovers can have off days that can affect their sporting performance. Good humor and fun ideas can make any fitness routine entertaining over time.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: SilverBaboon

22. Recoup Fitness Rotating Ball For Cold Massages

This rotating ball for cold massages is great to relieve injuries and pains that happen due to excessive exercise or poor execution of the same. The athlete only has to choose the area of the body to be massaged and then apply this rotating ball firmly so that he/she will soon feel the relief he/she is looking for. Staying physically strong to train better is an achievable goal. The sooner you recover from your injuries, the sooner you will be able to get back to training.

23. Hydrate Spark 3 Smart - Water Bottle

This water bottle has the particularity to control the amount of water you drink so you know if you are well hydrated. The bottle glows when you need to re-hydrate to keep you in optimal conditions. This can be useful for any fitness enthusiast because sometimes the athlete is focused on training and leaves hydration aside.

24. LoGest Wood Balance Board Trainer

The wooden balance board is intended for those who practice field hockey, surfing and snowboarding or any other athlete who wants to acquire more balance in the body and in their movements. This board is useful to acquire balance practicing at home, because sometimes the athlete can not move to a geographical point where surfing or snowboarding is practiced. A good balance provides a good body posture, stability and synchronized movements.

25. Guiding Yoga Grips

Yoga grips are tools that help yogis to execute yoga movements without hurting their wrists. The various yoga positions involve a great effort that many times are concentrated in the wrists and injuries occur.

26. Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

The acupressure mat and pillow set are intended to relieve stress and physical aches and pains, especially in the back and neck area. Those who work out regularly suffer from negative consequences due to physical overexertion. This is one of the most useful gifts for gym rats could receive.

27. Gym Decor For The Home

Fitness enthusiasts might enjoy some home decor on the theme. If your home is decorated with details alluding to a gym you will receive constant motivation to keep training. It will serve them well during the days when they don't feel fully inspired to train.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DonkorMotivation

28. Reehut Yoga Wheel

This yoga wheel is intended for exercises involving the back muscles. This tool allows for the various stretches that must be done in a yoga class. Yoga demands postures that require stretching and flexibility throughout the practice and this wheel comes in handy to attain that level of flexibility that yoga builds.

29. Caffeinated Soap Set Of 3

Caffeine soaps are one of the most amazing gifts for gym rats that you can find. It is known that caffeine is one of the most powerful stimulants in existence. Soaps with caffeine help to make the workout more vigorous because this substance provides high endurance. The caffeine soap also serves as a relief for sore areas.

30. Zmart Lifting Weightlifting Powerlifting Lifters

Baseball socks for men represent one of the funniest gifts for gym rats you will ever see. These socks contain humorous phrases that are going to draw more than a chuckle. As with all things fitness, a bit of discipline and a bit of humor will take you a long way.


If you are a gym lover or know someone who is crazy about their fitness, the above-mentioned products will be useful, effective, and entertaining, which makes an exercise routine more motivating. Each element mentioned above makes the athlete more and more committed to his training plan and thus successfully advance towards his goals. Being well equipped to train gives the athlete confidence because they know that their workout will go more smoothly. These gifts combine care and health together and will be very highly appreciated!