70 Boo-tiful Ghost Puns to Lift Your Spirits

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Get ready to laugh until you’re transparent with our collection of 70 hilarious ghost puns! These spooky jokes are so funny, they’re bound to lift your spirits and make you howl with laughter.

Boo-tiful Beginnings

  1. I’m here for the boos!
  2. This party is unboolievable!
  3. Don’t let the boo hoo’s get you down.
  4. Feeling boo-tiful today!
  5. Have a spectre-cular day!
  6. Keep calm and boo on.
  7. Wishing you a frightfully good time!
  8. Just hanging around for the boos.
  9. Let’s have some spirited fun!
  10. Ghost-ing through the day like…

Ghoul Friends Forever

  1. You’re my boo-tiful friend.
  2. To my ghoul friend, you rock my world.
  3. Here’s to our spirited friendship.
  4. Ghost friends are forever.
  5. You’ve captured my heart, just like a ghost.
  6. Haunting around with my best ghoul.
  7. Friends who boo together, stay together.
  8. Apparition-ately, we’re best friends.
  9. Our friendship is supernatural.
  10. In the realm of ghost friends, you’re the best.

Haunt-ed Humor

  1. This place isn’t haunted, I’m the boo-ty call.
  2. I’d tell you a roof joke, but it’s over your head—like a ghost.
  3. My favorite exercise is dead-lifting.
  4. Let’s boogie down this Halloween.
  5. Haunted houses really raise my spirits.
  6. I don’t always tell ghost jokes, but when I do, they’re spooktacular.
  7. Keep haunting; maybe you’ll get a boo-st.
  8. Don’t spirit away from me!
  9. That ghost really lifts my spirits.
  10. Haunting is just how I roll.

Phantom Fun

  1. Ghosts make the best listeners—they’re all ears.
  2. I’m a phantom pattern lover.
  3. Spectral advice: Always stay transparent.
  4. Apparitions have their own way of showing up.
  5. We’re all about that phantom pride.
  6. Never ignore a phantom‘s plea.
  7. Let’s make these phantoms proud.
  8. Phantom parties are dead silent.
  9. That phantom stole my heart and ghosted me.
  10. Phantom punch—spirits with extra spirit.

Spectral Sayings

  1. Caught between the moon and New York spectre.
  2. Ghost writers are the real spirits behind the story.
  3. Eerie encounters of the spectral kind.
  4. In a spectre-cular turn of events…
  5. Keep your friends close and your anemones closer—said the sea spectre.
  6. My other car is a spectre.
  7. I’m on a seafood diet. I sea food, and it disappears!
  8. You’re not fully dressed without a smile—and a spectral glow.
  9. Visions are spectral reminders.
  10. Spectres of the past, illuminate the future.

Wraith-ful Wrinkles

  1. Why did the wraith refuse to leave the house? It had unfinished business!
  2. Wraith around the corner, surprises await.
  3. Wraith the consequences of a haunted night.
  4. Wraiths love to wrap up their chores.
  5. Beware the wrath of the wraith.
  6. Wraiths are the ghostess with the mostess.
  7. Did you hear about the wraith who became a rapper? He had deadly rhymes.
  8. A wraith‘s favorite fruit is boo-berries.
  9. The wraith couldn’t stop crying because he had a haunting feeling.
  10. Wraiths: because ghosts need heroes too.

Mummy‘s Musings

  1. Mummies are just ghosts in disguise.
  2. Why do mummies make excellent spies? They’re great at keeping things under wraps.
  3. A mummy‘s favorite music? Wrap!
  4. Mummies—the original ghost writers.
  5. Mummy said, “Time to wrap this up!”
  6. Ever heard about the mummy who started a blog? It was all about life in de-nile.
  7. Mummies don’t have time for your tomb-foolery.
  8. Why don’t mummies take time off? They’re afraid to unwind.
  9. A mummy‘s favorite type of coffee? Decrypt.
  10. What’s a mummy‘s favorite dance move? The sarcophagig.