20 Great Get Well Gifts for Women (2023)

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How often have you found yourself wondering what to get when a family member around you is unwell. Be it your mom, wife, sister, niece, a friend, or colleague, you want them to know that you are wishing them a swift and speedy recovery, and what better way to express this than to get a meaningful present that shows you are rooting for them. 

Listed below are some great get well gifts for women that will certainly give them a much needed boost when it’s needed most. So the next time you find a loved one in need of some comfort, browse through these items and find the perfect present.

1. Compassion Blanket with Healing Thoughts Messages

When you are sick all you want to do is cuddle up in bed and watch movies for as long as possible. If you have ever been unwell, you probably spend the day on the couch or in bed and nothing makes it more special than having a soft blanket to cuddle in. think of it as a virtual hug!

Before you start wondering, the compassion blanket is a great gift. It's warm, cozy, and a great aid when it comes to having a peaceful night’s sleep. Made with super soft material and some very adorable designs, the throws can be used for decoration during the day. Even if you are not present, the blanket will assure your presence. The thoughtful words can serve as a way to communicate your message.

2. Get Well Soon Candle

You can never have enough candles and nothing says get well soon than a candle with a soothing and relaxing aroma. Candles are a whole mood and they can instantly freshen up your vibe. An unwell family member will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Share the light of recovery with this paraffin wax candle as you allow it to illuminate the room!

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3. GCalming Adult Coloring Book

This is a perfect gift if your loved one is struggling with a situation where strenuous activities are a big no. Limited mobility and the boredom that comes with it can be kept at bay with a beautiful and intricate adult coloring book. It is good to keep busy by doing light activities and this gift will keep a person preoccupied in body and mind.

4. Guardian Angel Keychain

Do you wish your loved one had a guardian angel that brings them comfort? This adorable keyring makes for cute memorabilia and allows you to send your good wishes to a sick friend with this Guardian Angel Keychain. It will surely warm their heart and speed up their recovery. The plus point is, they can take it anywhere as a good luck charm too.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: MadeByVickyLouise

5. Inspirational Notebook

Since people who are unwell have a lot of time at hand, they may feel like tracking their journey in a notebook. A beautifully designed notebook with an uplifting message will lift a comrade's esteem. It can also serve as their confidant and witness their progress as a person. If you know someone who likes to jot down things and is home-bound, a notebook is a great and economical gift.

6. Self-Love Work Book

Being sick is not fun so go ahead and gift your friend a fun and wholesome book that gives a lesson or two about self-love. There are many options available in the market and you will find something that suits the personality of your loved one. If you are looking for a book that has positive affirmations, quizzes, and empowering exercises that will help the recipient tap into their emotions and benefit, the compassion book will be a worthwhile present.

7. Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

Being unwell comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. Some people are more prone to it than others and if you want to show her how much you care, get an anti-anxiety bracelet. Not only will it keep negative emotions away, but it can also help the recipient feel validated. Go ahead and look forward to brighter days ahead with an Anti Anxiety Bracelet.

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8. Huggable Get Well Soon Bear

Who says you cannot offer physical comfort without actually being there? This Huggable Get Well Soon Bear will provide warmth and softness to every ailing person. This plushy gift will surely touch the heart of the receiver and fill it with joy. And the best part? It is a gift that can be kept for a very long time.

9. Get Well Soon Bracelet Gift

Send your sincere greetings with a Get Well Soon Bracelet Gift.

The encouraging words will warm their heart whenever they check out their wrist. It will definitely make up for the presence you cannot offer due to unfavorable circumstances.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: LetterboxLoveofficia

10. Comforting Message Coffee Mug

Words can be more effective than the most efficient medicine out there. Let your beloved person feel the comfort as they sip hot beverages out of this coffee mug. You can pick a design based on how personal the friendship or relationship is. If nothing, you get them an extra mug in the house in case they are lagging behind in washing dishes.

11. Quote Books for Strength

Every once in a while we know someone who could use strength in turbulent times. The Quote Books for Strength is an inspirational gift that will help them stay on track. It is okay to be sad and mourn a loss and then you have to find the strength to go on. Some experiences are meant to make us stronger and that is the reason behind this book. It may just be able to offer perspective to people dealing with a tough situation.

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12. Insulated Wine Tumbler Cup

An insulated mug will allow her to drink her wine or any beverage in bed without worrying about spilling. It will also keep her tea hot for hours!. The Insulated Wine Tumbler Cup is one of those gifts that will keep her content as she lies in bed and sips on some precious fluids, whatever form it may be in. this specific tumbler also has a quote that reminds the user that they can be tougher than whatever life throws at them.

13. Loveable Fairy Cards

Aside from guardian angels, fairies are also believed to look after a person's well-being. These Loveable Fairy Cards are dressed in pink, ready to spread their wings on anyone who could use a pick-me-up. The handmade and creative art pieces give a customized vibe that makes them personal and special. Nothing beats a well-thought gift that is made by loving hands. The positivity and energy can brighten a difficult day.

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14. Warm Novelty SocksRecovery Keepsake Set

When a person feels cold, the most difficult part to warm up is the feet. Even if you are snuggled inside a blanket, moving a lot in your sleep, the feet will most likely get exposed. If you know she likes to wiggle in bed or feels cold, Warm Novelty Socks are a good idea. Interestingly, these socks come with funny messages that can cheer your friend up. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

15. Recovery Keepsake Set

Many people will support a good friend whenever they are sick. Help them store their favorite memorabilia of this tough time with a Recovery Keepsake Set. This cotton bag also contains items that will help a person get better. It includes a star, flower, plaster, jar of sugar, white quartz, and a heart. It will surely speed up the healing process thanks to the positive energy.

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16. Motivational Swear Words Coloring Book

If you know your friend is the type who lets off steam by using colorful words, let this Motivational Swear Words Coloring Book do all the cussing for you. Vent all your frustration on each page. You will be surprised how empowering it may feel when you indulge in a bit of colorful vocabulary. So next time you see a friend trying their best to hold it together, give them an emotional outlet that works like magic.

17. Warrior Gift Necklace

Life can throw curveballs and you might be in a situation where a loved one is dealing with challenges. You may not be able to help them or pacify the situation but you can make them feel better by showing you care and will support them no matter what. Give your special warrior the gift of love and appreciation. She could be your mother, sister, close friend, or mentor. Celebrate the strength of femininity with this lovely-looking piece of jewelry.

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18. Positive Message Home Decoration

When a friend is stuck at home, no matter the scenario, and you want to give her something rather unique and personal, get a Positive Message Home Decoration. It will surely brighten their home and attract good luck. It could just be the thing that would change the vibe of their room and their outlook. With lots of colorful options and themes ranging from bohemian to goth, there is something in here for every woman in your life.

19. You Got This Inspirational Blanket

Are you looking for something that can encourage a friend? Lift their mood with this loud pink You Got This Inspirational Blanket. It can be a decorative piece on the living couch, an inspirational display on a wall, or a comfortable source of warmth on the bed. Help your colleague find comfort in the simplest of things that make an impact because it's all about cheering up.

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20. Relaxing Scented Candles

Stress and anxiety are negative energies that should never stay long inside the body. Reduce and help a friend or colleague by gifting them Relaxing Scented Candles. The aroma will bring a sense of calm making meditations more meaningful. One can enjoy it too while taking a well-deserved soak in the tub. Treat yourself like a princess and give yourself the gift of comfort.

Final Thoughts

Giving a get-well gift to a woman who is unwell or struggling with a rough situation is a great way to show her how much you care. It could be exactly what she needs to lift her spirits and get her back on track. It should be simple and enjoyable to get the greatest get well soon gift for her. These Get Well Gifts for Women are symbols of how you appreciate the special ladies in your life.

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