10 Funny Tea Towels for Every Kitchen

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Tea towels are one of the staples in any well-stocked kitchen – you almost certainly use yours several times a day. However, just because they’re a must-have, it doesn’t mean that your tea towel has to be bland and boring.

The next time you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen linens, try some of these funny tea towels – you can simultaneously make sure you have all the kitchen staples while also adding a touch of personality to it!

1. Live Nice Funny Foods Six Pack

For any lover of puns! 'Bread Zeppelin', 'Let the Beet Drop'. Fantastic!

These will give you the option to have some fun, witty variety in your kitchen – or if you want, you can have all six out at once! For those looking for just one of these, you can buy each of them individually as well.

2. My Way or Fast Food Dish Towel

This black tea towel makes for a great addition to any kitchen.

The color means that dust and grime don’t show up as easily on the towel, which makes it great when there’s a stubborn stain on it that won’t come off.

It features a lovely pink illustration of a diner, with the text ‘My Way or the Fast Food Highway’ printed on it. It’s perfect for anyone who does most of the cooking at home – a perfect, pointed statement for the rest of the house!

3. Retro Housewife Kitchen Towel Set

This set of three tea towels feature vintage-style illustrations on it.

Each features a housewife illustrated in a retro art style, with a different line of funny text on it.

You can also choose to buy any one or two of the three if you’d rather not have the whole set. Each illustration is a gorgeously rendered depiction of a vintage art style and is sure to add a touch of color and humor to your kitchen.

These also make for great gifts for anyone in your life – whether it’s a gift for a loved one, a housewarming present, or a hostess gift when you visit someone’s home!

Image credit: Etsy seller | AmandaLawleyDesigns

4. LOL Made You Smile Dish Towel

For every time you want to think of what you’d rather be doing…

If you’re a wine lover or dog owner – or both! – then this tea towel is the one for you! It features a caricature of a woman petting a dog with a glass of wine in her hand, with ‘I Just Want to Drink Wine and Pet My Dog’ printed on it.

Express your love for the finer things in life with this towel. It can double as kitchen essential and décor all in one, and it’s definitely a sentiment that everyone can agree with!

This towel comes in several different wine-themed designs, just in case you’d prefer another way to show your love for your favorite drink!

5. Oh Kale No! Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

Do corny puns kale you? If so, this might be the option for you!

An adorable head of kale and the line ‘Oh Kale No’ adorn this tea towel. For all the pun-lovers out there, this is a lovely and subtle way to add to the décor in your kitchen with something you’ll also end up using!

This cotton kitchen towel is sure to bring laughter into your kitchen!

6. Flamingo Kitchen Towel

Party like a flock star with this tea towel!

This is sure to add a flair of color to any kitchen! Designed with a beautiful pink flamingo and the text ‘Ready to Flamingle’ on it, it’s so pretty you might not want to use it and get it dirty.

A machine-washable cotton towel, this is a great gift for all the fabulous people in your life! It’s sure to complement any home décor style. You can use it for decoration, everyday use in your kitchen, or both!

7. Let’s Give Em Something to Taco About Soft and Absorbent Kitchen Tea Towel

Add a touch of humor to your kitchen with this cute food pun tea towel!

Made with chemical-free, high-quality cotton fibers, this highly absorbable tea towel is perfect for everyday use. It features a cute yellow cartoon taco, along with the text ‘Let’s Give Them Something to Taco About.’

A great gift for any pun lover, or just a way to remind yourself to look forward to the Taco Tuesday – this tea towel does it all! It can also be used to clean up messes and spills from arts and crafts projects as well as come in use in the kitchen.

You can several design variations on this towel if you’re looking to a couple more tea towels for your home!

8. Bird Puns Peckers Tea Towel

This tea towel is perfect for all the bird lovers out there, or just someone who likes a good pun!

It features 19 woodpeckers from around the world, with the text ‘Peckers.’ Simultaneously educational and cheeky, it’s a great way to add a touch of humor to your kitchen!

Each vibrantly designed bird helps makes this tea towel even more attractive, and will lend a pop of color to any kitchen. Explore your mischievous side with this one – it’s perfect for anyone looking for a new tea towel, and is also an ideal gift for all the nature lovers in your life! (It makes a particularly hilarious Father’s Day gift for all those dads with a great sense of humor!)

You can find 5 other similar bird pun designs if you’re looking for other funny bird-related tea towels – you can add some variety and constant laughter to your home with the whole set!

9. If I Was A Jedi Flour Sack Towel

For all the geeks out there!

This white towel has ‘If I Was a Jedi There’s A 100% Chance I Would Use the Force Inappropriately’ printed on it.

The next time you find yourself in need of something to wipe down those newly washed dishes, you can use this one and find yourself pretending to be a Jedi!

Image credit: Etsy seller | SimpleSarcasm

10. Funny Kitchen Tea Towel Housewarming Gift

A great choice for a housewarming gift, or just a fun way to decorate your kitchen!

These punny tea towels come in eight options. Each has a different pun and a related illustration featured. Unique and funny, they’re a great way to make someone giggle while also coming in handy when doing the dishes!

Each towel is super-absorbent, making it perfect for every kitchen!

Tea towels are usually dull, boring and follow the same usual textures and patterns, add a bit of life to your kitchen with some of these funny tea towels.

These will serve as great housewarming gifts, would be pretty funny for students starting college, or even just buy them for yourself and hang them proudly around your kitchen!