10 Funny Stress Balls that are Oddly Satisfying

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Among the greatest inventions of all time, Stress Balls hardly get any love. They were invented to reduce tension and offer quick relief. We must say they are extremely successful thanks to their pliable and squishy material. The malleable ball is filled with sand, grains, clay, or gel. It is important you get a good quality ball that doesn’t tear open when you squeeze it too hard. It will be a huge mess to clean up!

As you grind your teeth in frustration, flare up your nostrils in anger and mutter curse words under your breath, squeeze the life out of the ball imagining it to be your worst foe. Trust me, it is a far better option than punching someone right in the face. You can spice things up by getting the weirdest and funniest types of stress balls out there. What’s more, you can enliven the workspace by placing your own bizarre collection of stress balls on your desk. Your colleagues will be impressed! After all, they can also use a few laughs.

Here are our top picks for the funniest stress balls:

1. Mimgo-shop Donald Trump Squishy Toy

Most of us have a grudge or two against Donald Trump, and that too, for a very good reason. While treason is an ultimate offence, a squishy toy does not hurt anyone. This particular stress ball comes in a wonderful shape of Donald Trump's head and torso that fits perfectly in your hand.

The squishy toy is composed highly integrated PU (Polyurethane) material that is durable, non-toxic and 100% safe. The texture is super-soft and bouncy, and as you let go, it regains its 'Trump' shape instantly. Besides offering stress-relieving therapy, Mimgo-shop Donald Trump Squishy Toy is a great gag gift and an ice-breaker.

Just make sure they are not a big fan of Trump!

2. Me So Funny Sumo Wrestler Squeezies Stress Reliever Ball

While I would label it as more of a 'cutesy' stress reliever, the sumo wrestler ball makes a hilarious addition to your work desk.

Buy a bunch of these and place it in your co-workers’ tables, and if you dare, on your boss's too! People have complained that the toy looks naked from a certain angle, but if you don't mind the pervertness, ignore the gasps and go for the adorable sumo wrestler!

3. MySack Smack-a-Sack Stress Ball Gag Gift

These two balls come in… ahem... a sack! When you are fuming with anger because of a certain 'male' figure in your life, you can smack the sack in full vigor and let out your fury and all your pent-up anger. You are guaranteed to feel utmost satisfaction immediately. The stress ball is made with a premium quality ultra-suede fabric and fine industrial stitching.

The Velcro closure is heavy-duty with double stitching. Besides being a perfect stress reliever, it makes a hilarious gag gift. My Sack has a 30-day return policy if you are not happy with the purchase.

4. 2 Poop Emojis Stress Balls - Nothing a little poo can't make better - One stress ball for each hand

No matter how hard you try to deny it, the fact is that poop emojis have slowly taken over the world. From bed covers and billboards to restaurants and clothes, they can be found everywhere. It is no wonder then that poop emojis are available in a form of your favorite toy as well... stress-relieving balls.

When you find yourself drowning in stress and terribly constipated, the pack of two Poop Emojis Stress Balls can help you relax. Treat your loved ones with laughter by subtly placing the balls in kitchen, bathroom and living room. They come in a beautiful package, so they make an awesome gag gift!

5. Telesca Funny F Bomb F$#% Gag Office Prank Stress Ball

The bomb-shaped stress ball is perfect for times when YOU become a ticking time bomb because of all that pent up anger and frustration. Life is indeed unfair, my friend, but prevent yourself from blasting off in front of your colleagues by squeezing Telesca bomb stress ball. It will help you calm down and save you from life-long embarrassment that you will never live down!

6. Flippy Brain Squishy Eye Poppin Large Squeeze Fidget

Are you one of those unfortunate people who happen be surrounded by jerks? Ugh, we can feel your pain

With eyes bulging out in tensions and nerves twitching in your temples, the unpleasant setting and obnoxious people can fill you with indignation. While you are stuck in such nasty circumstances, you can relieve some of the stress by squeezing Flippy Brain with popping eyes. The pink brain squishy is a wonderful stress reliever, albeit a little scary that makes it ideal for Halloween and pranks too.

It is made with high quality ABS plastic and is perfect for kids and adults alike.

7. HAWWWY Pickle Stress Toy

For the love of pickles! HAWWWY claims that their pickles are guaranteed to reduce stress and irritation, and it doesn't hurt that they make hilarious gifts.

The pickled stress toy will turn out to be your true friend when your boss makes you work extra hours, when in reality, you just want to head home, binge-watch a favorite TV show, feed your dying fish and devour a hefty cheese burger or two. Give your boss a polite smile, make a beeline for bathroom and squeeze the pickle hard and painfully until you feel avenged.

This pickle easily fits in your pocket and will help you in many tense situations. It is worth a try!

8. Potato Stress Toy by ALPI

Potatoes - scrumptious, versatile, and absolutely delightful. From French fries and wedges to baked potatoes and cutlets, you can never go wrong with this vegetable.

That's why you need a potato-shaped stress relieving ball to abate your worries and ease off your tensions. It has a nice texture and is firm yet bouncy. Squeeze it hard and it will rebound at once! You can also give out Potato Stress Toy by ALPI to friends and family. Better yet, hide them around the house/office, and it will be great to watch the reaction of whoever stumbles upon on it.

Wide grins and gales of laughter are guaranteed!

9. YOYOSTORE 16cm Funny Squishy Squeeze Toys Chicken

This chicken stress reliever is extremely amusing! Squeeze it when you are tensed, and it will reduce your anxiety by giving birth to a fried egg!

Yep, you heard us right. The stress chicken toy here actually lays an egg - a fried egg! The funny stress ball is made with rubber filled with water.

It is durable as well as non-toxic. Some buyers claim that the chicken toy breaks apart after a while, but its bizarreness definitely makes one want to try it out. Buy it for yourself, give to your colleagues and laugh out loud!

10. PMAG Pimple Popping Stress Relief Toy

Popping pimples is an oddly satisfying activity. Sadly, society calls it disgusting and it doesn't help that it leaves ugly marks and scars.

To satisfy your unhygienic urges and relieving stress, get this squeeze nose toy with plenty of pimples to pop! When you squeeze the nose, lots of pus spew out of the pores.

It is gross, fun, and deeply fulfilling. It is a must-buy for yourself and your loved ones.