10 Funny Gag Gifts for Musicians

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When it comes to fun gifts for musicians, there are so many different angles you can take: you can poke fun at them, you can get something that’s as an inside joke for musicians, and you can get a gift that’s specific to their instrument.

If you’re really tight on money, you can buy them an air guitar. It costs nothing, but it’s the thought that counts, right? You can fit an air guitar in very tight spaces. You can even put it in a card with no money.

Please note: I can’t believe I’m writing this, but if somebody’s selling an air guitar then don’t buy it. An air guitar only exists in your imagination, and people have actually mistakenly bought air guitars on eBay.

If you’d like to level up and get something more thoughtful than an air guitar, then make sure to keep reading!

In this guide, we’ve put together some great fun gifts for any musicians.

1. Vinyl Record Disc Coasters (Set of 6)

Is the drummer in your life also a coffee lover? Vinyl never left us. What a better way to celebrate than to get a bunch of vinyl record disc coasters! This is a great cheap little gift that would add to any house!

These coasters come in a set of 6 and they offer the very impressive feature of being able to hold coffee cups without causing a ring on the table. Table coasters, they're the up and coming thing.

2. Amplifier Coffee Mug

This is a very funny coffee cup, and it's great particularly for guitarists and bassists. Whether the musician in your life has an office job or just loves their coffee/tea/cup of alcohol in the morning, then the amplifier coffee mug is a great fun way to do it.

The only way it could be better is if it actually played music - Alas, we hope it does in future.

3. Guitar Player Evolution Funny T-Shirt

A twist on the classic evolution t-shirt. This is a very popular choice for any musician. It's both funny and relatively subtle at the same time.

If the musician in your life is the type to wear a funny t-shirt, but doesn't want it to be really in your face, then here you are: The guitar player evolution t-shirt.

If the musician doesn't believe in evolution then you can either (A) buy this t-shirt to annoy them, or (B) get the amplifier coffee mug instead.

This bad boy comes in many different sizes and in a bunch of different colors, so we'd be fairly confident that you'll be able to find something that suits your musician.

4. Zildjian Mouse Pad

The Zildjian Avedis cymbals - a top class cymbal that drummers love to play. Though... this isn't the cymbal, this is a mousemat with a picture of the cymbal printed on top. Magic.

If the musician in your life uses a mouse on their computer (and doesn't just rely on their laptop touchpad like a silly person) then why not get them a cymbal mousepad so they can imagine playing on a drum set while they're in the middle of crunching their numbers in that job they hate.

5. "I couldn't pick a better Dad"

You know all those Dad jokes that kids cringe at. Imagine how happy the Dads would be if their kids said one back to them. Very happy, probably, who knows?

If your Dad only refers to their guitar pick as a plectrum then sit with delight and watch this one go over his head. Though, if your Dad doesn't know what a pick is, I'd be very surprised - and he's probably not a very good guitarist (sorry).

If you have the type of household where keys get confused and lost, the "I couldn't pick a better Dad" will be a ray of light in your music filled household. Good luck, and enjoy your new life.

6. Hashtag Coffee Mug

A classic coffee cup that says "I used this before it was cool". In fact, the hash symbol has many different uses... but those millennials, they've ruined the symbol for everyone with their instagram and their twitter and their snapchat. Some musicians altogether have formed a protest and will only refer to music in terms of 'flats' now. I might have made that up.

Either way, this hashtag coffee cup is a protest to the internet. It's an act of solidarity to the classic musicians of yesteryear, and it's also somewhat funny. What a great mix.

It's also pretty cheap.

7. Music in Me Print Fashion Leggings

Is this fashionable, funny, or both? I'm not really sure. That said, these music fashion leggings are actually really popular and they look great!

If the lady or legging-wearing musician man in your life is the type that like pattern filled leggings, then why not kill two birds with one stone and get music symbol filled ones.


8. Never Forget Funny Retro Music Mens Novelty Funny T Shirt M Charcoal

As technology keeps advancing, we never take a step back and remember all those that we left behind. The old graceful floppy disk (both the floppy kind and the non-floppy kind), the static filled VHS tapes that you had to rewind before playing again. You could even record over parts of movies.

Of course, the cassette music tape, it didn't have the benefit of vinyl and it didn't have the efficiency of CDs. Basically, it has no practical modern use. Though they were great when they were one of the only options.

If your musician is slightly older then this a great gift.

Buy it for them and watch them weep at the loss of their old loved floppy disks.

If you're reading this and you don't have any idea what a floppy disk, VHS, or casette tape is, then I'm absolutely ashamed of you. I'm joking - go you!

9. Definition of a Musician

A business person is somebody that moves resources from a lower to higher yield. A musician is somebody that "puts $5000 worth of gear into a $500 car to drive 100 miles to a $50 gig". So concise, whoever thought of this should be a poet. Maybe he/she is a poet and they don't know it.

If you're musician friend is someone that's a little self-deprecating, then they will enjoy this and wear it with pride (or is pride the opposite of self-deprecation. Who knows?).

10. My Retirement Plan T-Shirt

Following on from the previous t-shirt. If you're going to really twist the knife then this is a great follow-on one. Another great self-deprecating one.

So there you have it, our 10 funny gifts for musicians. Do you have other suggestions?! If so, drop us a comment below and we’d love to keep adding to this list.