10 Funny Fanny Packs to Get Some Laughs

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Fanny Packs are awesome, don’t you think? They are so handy and convenient, not to mention the fashion statement they make, and how cool they make you look.

Fanny packs had a utilitarian and decorative purpose up until the ‘90s, after which they lost their fashionable charm and became more of a hipster joke.

But hey, carrying your important documents tied safely just above your buttocks is no joking matter!

Fanny packs are excellent for gift giving too, and you might as well tickle your friend’s funny bones while gifting it to them. Not that fanny packs need many embellishments to make you stand out in large crowds, yet here are some masterpieces that will surely make people stop and look, maybe even pointed and gag.

We suggest you tackle your travel anxiety by not taking yourself too seriously the next time you catch a flight and keep your most important documents in one of these hilariously classic fanny packs.

1. Funny Guy Mugs Space Cat Fanny Pack - Unicorn

After rainbows and butterflies, we bring you cats riding on unicorns as the next feel-good thing. What takes the imagination even further, is the lovely space set up with a waving flag to declare their territory.

This fanny pack is funny, it’s totally rad and retro, and it’s actually quite practical, once you get over the fire-spitting unicorn and machine gun holding cat image out of your head of course. Take this fanny pack with you for hikes, parties, vacations, parks or to the beach. Heck, take it to the airport, who’s to judge? It will also make for a great and memorable Christmas present.

Enjoy the superior quality of this waterproof and stain proof fanny pack, and be ready to receive a lot of compliments when you carry it around!

2. Big Belly Fanny Pack

Flaunt your curves with an added layer of beer belly. We highly recommend this fanny pack for no shave November.

The hair looks very real, you guys! Once the people around you get over the initial shock of it, they’ll actually have quite a good laugh. It has a lot of personality and gives you a chance to add some fun and charm while carrying out mundane activities.

The beer belly is quite spacious as well, so that you can literally stuff it and carry it around casually. It will fit your documents, gadgets and chargers, as well as wallet and keys. You can even stuff a beer can in your beer belly! We assure you it will be a great crowd pleaser, and make for a hilarious gift.

3. Funny Guy Mugs Kittens Fanny Pack

Let’s admit it, humans are gross. Most of us are here for the cats. Why not declare your love to the world with this amazing cat fanny pack.

The dauntingly funny close-ups of cats stare at you from every direction, silently judging and daring every passerby to make eye contact. This is also a golden opportunity to announce yourself as a crazy cat lady to everyone. You can flaunt it at Halloween parties, or gift it to a loved one and make them giggle. One word of caution though, the haunting gaze can pierce through the soul, so handle with care.

4. Backside Fanny pack

This fanny pack will literally make you the butt of the joke. We recommend wearing it directly over your buttocks and make every passerby turn around for a closer look. The silly and funny fanny pack is quite spacious so you can stuff the butt cheeks with all your valuables and really make it pop. The super-comfortable design is adjustable and fit most waist sizes.

It’s also waterproof and made from high-quality PU and canvas, so it can be given out as a tasteful and funny gift as well. Put it on your back, and rest assured, all those squats in the gym will finally pay off in the best way.

5. Fake Muscles Fanny Pack

We truly care about how you present yourself to the world. While you have the guts to flaunt a beer belly, you should also be able to show off them six-packs. This hilarious fanny pack will give you instant abs, along with a lot of charm and personality. It is an excellent gift for your dad, husband, brother or even a male colleague at silly office parties.

The 3D quality of the bag along with its stretch proof, anti-wrinkle appearance looks very real. Although it’s quite spacious, we’d recommend not stuffing it too much as it fails the purpose of having fake abs. Enjoy this comedic and innovative product, and make everyone around you smile a little.

6. Everest Signature Pattern Taco Waist Pack

Let’s give people something to taco about! Everyone loves tacos, but do you love it enough to declare it to the whole world by carrying it proudly around your waist? This fanny pack is absolutely spec-taco-lar and gives you the opportunity to share all your ‘mex’cellent and delicious taco puns with others. Taco-bout awesome, but don’t overdo it. 

The compact size is great for everyday use, while still being large enough to stuff some delish Mexican food on the go. As for those who think it’s a bit much, let them to taco walk on the other side. *mic drop*

7. Fitness Cat Lifting Dumbbell

This fanny pack combines the best of the best. With this product around your waist, you are not just an ordinary crazy cat lady anymore, you have achieved a whole new level. We are not sure the world is ready for a fanny pack this cool, but it's sure going to be a statement piece wherever you go. The macho cat stud is full of personality and makes for a great gift for every cat person out there.

It is durable, water-resistant and very capacious, so it’s a practical yet hilarious gift! It might even be a motivation for some to finally put that gym membership to use.

8. Funny Bachelorette Fanny Packs (12 Pack)

Wear your title proudly with these funny and sassy fanny packs. Get them for the whole squad and flaunt them in style while you prepare for a big event. Whether you choose to be the hot mess or hot mama, no one’s allowed to judge when you are wearing a fanny pack this cool. The premium gold glitter lettering adds bling and exquisiteness to your bridesmaid’s duties.

Grab the pack of 12 in all titles, and plan a truly unique bachelorette party for your bestie. The versatile and high-quality fanny pack fits most waist sizes and has a large capacity so you can keep the something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue all set and ready to go!

9. Sloth Camper Sports Pouch

This cute and funny fanny pack sets the mind at peace and depicts the inner sloth within you. Your sports gear might suggest an active lifestyle, but the fanny pack speaks to the soul, for you may be going on a run or a hike, the sloth inside you just wants to roast marshmallows by the fireplace and call it a day. It’s great for everyday activities and travels, and makes for a truly adorable gift!

10. Life is Short So is Your....

We were saving the best for the last. While gift-giving can flatter a person, keep them humble by stating a cruel fact to go with it.

This fanny pack is truly a tasteful gift, and the beauty of it is the stern yet hilarious comment can be passed on to every person who chooses to read it. We’ll say it’s not for everyone, but it’s impossible not to laugh when you see it the first time.

Featured Image by: Plot Spoiler [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons