10 Funny Coasters to Spice Up Your Tablescape

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Coasters have some serious business maintaining the integrity of the table. However, even though you are totally annoyed by water rings, scratches, and marks, you tend to overlook them.

We insist that you get some drink coasters for your table today. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to the basic ones that bore the life out of you. You can place a number of funny drink coasters to induce some laughter, amuse your guests and bring some joy to the table. What’s more, a set of hilarious coasters can be a superb housewarming present.

Drink up, protect your table, and laugh. Here are our top picks:

1. Drink Coasters Set Housewarming Gifts - Funny Gag Gift For Table, Bar And Furniture Protection -...

When you throw a huge dinner party and invite the whole circle, you know what you are getting into. There will be some chipped off surfaces and scuff marks here and there all over the place. It doesn't hurt to put a little reminder to prompt them into being a bit more careful toward your sanctuary.
These funny drink coasters have a simple and clear message: Don't Eff Up the Table. When your guests sit down to gobble down the delicious food, the coaster will be staring at them intently. They will enjoy a good laugh and be mindful at the same time. The coasters are made with leather. The message is printed on one side only so you can flip it over if you want to hide it.

2. Handmade Peeking Cat Butt Coasters | Best Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers | 4 Coaster Set | Funny Gag...

Here is an awesome set of drink coasters for cat-lovers, cat-haters, and cat-neutrals. Because, why not. The purr-fect set of coasters are meticulously handmade with crochet and are available in a variety of catty colors including orange, gray, black and white.
At first, the cat-shaped coaster seems to be only staring at you. But when you pick up the glass, you are greeted with none other than a cat butt. Set them on your work desk to cause some laughter in the office, give it as a gag present to a friend with a sense of humor or place them on your coffee table to shock your guests. No butts about it!

3. Funny Coasters for Drinks Absorbent with Holder | 6 Pcs Novelty Gift Set | 3 Different Sayings |...

Enhance your dinner party with lovely decor, scrumptious cuisine, warm smiles, and drink coasters that give off (not-so) subtle hints. If your guests know how to take a good joke, they will absolutely love these coasters. Otherwise, you may be subjected to frightening scowls and alarming disappointment. Some may even leave the place in a huff. Good riddance, though!
The coasters come in a set of 6, and each displays a snarky message such as 'Don't F**K the Table (please), (Please) Don't Stain My Table, Douchebag, and (Please) Be Considerate, you are now the person who won't tolerate any water stains and coffee rings on the table. Good for you!

4. Teivio 8 Piece Coaster for Drinks Absorbing Stone Coasters with Cork Base, Marble Style, Stone...

Fancy up things and bring a set of marble-patterned coasters to your dining room and coffee table. Gone are the days when you would have nicely put up with obnoxious guests. Teivio brings you a set of 8-piece coasters made with marble-styled, highly absorbent ceramic. The base is composed of anti-wear cork that sticks to the table, glide easy and prevent scratches and marks.
Each coaster displays a snide remark that will surely cause a great guffaw from the guests. Some of the comments include; No one likes a hot mess, don't stain my table douchebag, you are welcome, assh*le, don't f**k the table and even skanks say thank you. How polite!

5. 4 Funny Wine Coasters Set & Holder | Rustic Wood with Funny Sayings & Quotes | Great Wine Gift...

Here is an amazing housewarming or a bachelorette party present for your best girlfriends. They will be in stitches once they see the remarks on the coasters. The wooden coasters have a charming, rustic appearance that adds a vintage vibe to your place. The set also includes a wine bottle holder, so you don't have to fumble after you are done pouring the drinks.
The manufacturers, Zumatico, also offers a one-year warranty in case you don't have a sense of humor or run into a problem with the product. One of the funny comments include: Wine does not make you fat. It makes you lean. Lean against walls, chairs, and funny people. Could it be more accurate?

6. Funny Coasters, Rustic Board Coaster, Don't **** Up the Table Gift, Christmas Gifts, New Home...

Rustic elegance combined with rude remarks - We present you the set of perfect coasters that scream 'Don't F**k the table' at your bemused guests. The large-sized coasters are made with sandstone with cork on the back. They are suitable to hold all sorts of drinking medium such as glasses, mugs, tumblers, coffee mugs, flasks and much more.
To clean it, either wipe with a damp cloth or rinse under water with mild detergent. The coasters by Sugar Vine Art come in a set of four in several colors such as shabby chic, blue rustic, white texture and much more. You can buy it for yourself or gift them to someone who could use a hint.

7. Funny Beer Coasters Set of 4 Wood Square Drink, Home Bar, Brewery Gifts, Wooden Coasters,...

If you are a fan of drinking beer and tongue-in-cheek humor, you will adore the set of coasters by Rainmon. They will spice up your home bar. They come in a pack of four and are made of 100% eco-friendly organic natural oak wood that makes the coasters durable and long-lasting. The coasters feature high precision laser-engraved text and drawings.
They also make a great gift for a close friend who is having a housewarming party, because everyone cares about their furniture especially if it is brand new. The remarks are funny, slightly suggestive but all in a good way.

8. TANGRA Funny Party Cork Coasters Set of 8 Double Sided Laser Engraved with 16 Quotes. Have Fun...

Are you planning to host a dinner party for your loved ones? Here is a perfect set of coasters that will help break the ice and lighten up the spirits. The set includes 8 coasters with the text engraved on both sides.
The coasters feature cute animal silhouettes with amusing remarks such us 'just because I don't care, doesn't mean I am not listening, 'bad decisions make good memories', 'I already told my therapist about you', 'I am not as think as you drunk I am', I am not lazy. I am in power saving mode' and 'Please don't interrupt me while I am ignoring you'. The coasters are made with eco-friendly material with an absorbent cork.

9. Lavley Funny Novelty Drink Coasters - Gift Set of 6 - Black

Protect your table from unsightly water stains and marks with these high-quality, utterly funny set of coasters. They are black in color with a glossy appearance and white text. They are perfect if you want to exchange a white elephant gift, want to amuse your guests over a cup of coffee or make your friends laugh on their special day.
Some of the funniest remarks include 'I have decided not to have kids. The kids are taking it pretty hard'. 'I don't spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly... Like a f**king lady! ''Shit's about to get fancy' and 'Trust me you can dance. Wine'.

10. Juvale Square Cork Coasters with Funny Quotes (12 Pack)

The pack of 12 coasters by Juvale boasts hilarious wine puns geared towards drinking sprees with your best friends. They are made with cork material which means that the coasters are absorbent, shatter-proof and prevent scratches.
Each coaster is engraved with a unique pun about a renowned type of wine, such as: "Everything happens for a Riesling", "Hakuna Moscato", "Chardonnay or should I go!", "Que Sarah, Syrah", "You had me at Merlot", and "Stop and smell the Rosé". They make a great present as well.

Elevate your tablescape game with a set of awesome coasters, and at the same time, don’t put aside your subversive sense of humor, but embrace it.