10 Fun Cat-Themed Face Masks for Any Cat Lover!

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It’s the most important item to wear when leaving your home these days – face masks are a must-have. A cat face mask is sure to bring a smile to people’s faces!

Just because they’re masks are a necessity doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun as well. You can customize your face mask in a million different ways, wearing your personality on your face. For all the cat lovers and self-proclaimed crazy cat people out there, that can only mean cat-themed face masks!

However, you should note that these are not medical-grade face masks, but should serve your every day needs well.

Here are 10 cat-themed face masks for all your kitty loving needs:

1. Glitter Cat Face Mask

A simple, cute cat-themed face mask.

This cute face mask isn’t too elaborate with its design, which makes it perfect if you wanted something that is both relatively subtle, while also being perfect for cat lovers.

An adorable design wit a cute heart-shaped nose and whiskers, this mask has a bit of flair by having the design in pink and decorated with glitter. If you’re looking to support women, this is also perfect, as it’s created by a female-owned and operated company.

2. Cat-Themed Bandana Face Mask

An extremely realistic mask, it fits over the lower half of your face and your neck.

If you want to surprise everyone who sees you in a mask or get a few chuckles because of what you’ve got on, this is perfect. Light and breathable, it isn’t too heavy on the face, and is a brilliant way to show what your favorite animal is!

(If you’re looking for other animal designs, they also offer a variety of other zoological themed masks).

3. Variety Cat Print Face Masks

Adorable and available in nine color and design variations.

These masks have an illustrated cat print on each of them.

Your options include ballerina cats, some realistic cat prints, a print with a magical kitten, and several others. Soft and reusable masks, these allow you to stay comfortable and safe, while also adding a touch of fun to your getup.

Image credit: Etsy seller | ReveCouture

4. I Do What I Want Face Mask

Is your pet kitten completely mischievous?

Do you often find yourself running to make sure something isn’t knocked over?

If that sounds like you, this face mask is the perfect choice! A cute illustrated graphic of a cat knocking over a cup of coffee adorns the front, along with the text ‘I Do What I Want.’

With its grey, black and white design, it isn’t too flashy, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for something a bit subtler. It’s waterproof, light, and breathable, and each mask comes with 2 replaceable carbon filters for extra protection. A perfect choice for the pet owner with naughty cats!

5. Cat Patterned Half Face and Neck Mask

Looking for something that protects both your neck as well as your face?

This one should do the trick.

This cat patterned face mask and neck protector is safe and skin-friendly. Not only a perfect solution for your daily mask-related needs, it can also be worn in a variety of ways, including as a bandana, scarf, or headband if you’re looking to change things up.

The grey and white cat pattern is both eye-catching and realistic, and you can choose from several variant patterns if you’re looking for different cat-themed patterns, or even different animals altogether.

6. Cat Whiskers Face Mask

Another simple mask for someone who isn’t looking for something too elaborate.

A black mask with a cat nose and whiskers as the pattern, it’s a subtle design for those of you not looking to go too flashy. This cute cotton, reusable, and machine washable mask is a great choice for those of you looking to keep it simple.

7. Black Cat Face Mask

Looking for a classic, evergreen pattern for your mask, but still want to keep it cat-themed?

Then this one’s perfect for you!

This soft, cotton mask is decorated with an adorable pattern of black cats on a white background. There’s space to add a filter in the mask if you’d prefer the extra layer, and it’s fully reusable and machine washable and can be ironed.

They also offer a variety of other cat-themed patterns in several colors, but we’d definitely recommend this one for a classic, stylish feel!

Image credit: Etsy seller | YourFaceMask

8. Quarantined With My Cats Face Mask

Calling all you cat owners out there!

This mask is the obvious choice for those of you who hate leaving your fur babies behind when you leave home.

Extremely customizable, you can build your own design with up to 6 cats, choosing from a variety of 15 cat colors and positions. You can further customize your mask by adding the name of your cat(s) to the mask – you never have to leave your house without a slice of home!

The design is completed with the text ‘Quarantined With My Cats’ on the front, so everyone you meet can have a glimpse of your favorite pets! This three-layer, reusable face mask is the perfect choice for any cat owner – treat yourself, or buy the perfect gift for a friend!

Image credit: Etsy seller | FlagLifeLove

9. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cat Face Mask

Looking for something with a touch of the creepy?

This sugar skull themed mask has a gorgeous design with just the touch of the eerie necessary to thrill you!

If you’re looking to celebrate the Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos, or just a lover of all things Halloween, this is the mask for you. Instead of the traditional sugar skull design, this mask instead has a cat-themed sugar skull, so it’ll fit your need for both spooky and cat-themed!

10. Cheshire Cat Face Mask

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole…

Take a tumble down to Wonderland…

Are you a book lover? Does the story of Alice in Wonderland take you back to your childhood? Do you love stories of mischievous cats? Wherever you fall, this is the perfect mask for you!

This Cheshire Cat-themed mask will take you back to childhood fairy tales and classic children’s stories. A deep purple with the Cheshire Cat’s face on the front, this washable and reusable mask combines your love of cats with your favorite story. Just slip this on when you leave the house, and you’ll feel like you’re taking your first steps into Wonderland!

This selection of masks offers something for every cat lover – just remember to check the dimensions and measurements before you order, so you can be sure your mask will fit you perfectly!

Featured Image credit: Etsy seller | YourFaceMask