Flexispot EN1B Stand-Up Desk Review (Similar to the EF1)

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This is a review of the Flexispot EN1B height-adjustable electric stand-up desk, which I have been using for the last five months.

This is very similar to the newer Flexispot EF1 model. A friend of mine who bought the latter model had a very similar experience with it.

This is a mechanical stand-up desk that is very easy to put together by yourself. It includes a control panel, allowing you to choose from three separate heights.

In my case, I set number one for standing and number two for sitting. You could set up a number three for a middle spot, or if you share the desk with another person, they could also make use of this feature.

You can also just manually increase or decrease the height to suit your preferences.

Overall build quality

Overall, I found this to be a very sturdy frame. It’s able to take quite a bit of weight and there is not much rocking side to side. The rocking increases slightly as you get higher up, but it is still very reasonable for me. I have a relatively light amount of weight on it with one modern monitor, but I think it would work completely fine with more weight.

How fast does the flexispot stand-up desk move? 

It’s reasonably quick—it moves about one inch per second. It doesn’t take long to change the position of this desk.


In my case, I had to buy a desktop part separately, which was a little bit more expensive than I would have liked. With the low cost of the frame, I did not mind too much. Also, if you are DIY-minded, you could easily just create your own desktop attachment.

However, I chose to get the set desktop version, because it already had the holes measured in the right place, and it was the correct size for the stand-up desk.

It’s a pretty cheap quality desktop but is completely fine for regular use.

You can choose between a bunch of different sizes for this. I went for the 120×60 cm size, which is perfect for me.


The assembly took about an hour in total, but I’m not particularly DIY minded, so you could set it up faster. It didn’t require any additional tools other than a screwdriver.


The biggest con that I’ve personally found from this is the lack of cable management. I bought some extra cable ties to be able to manage the cables a little bit better. In one case when the desk was in motion, a wire from one of the stands was pretty badly stretching one of the wires from the laptop, and I needed to manually stop the desk very quickly (that was a bit scary!).

So, after that, I managed my cables reasonably well (although it’s still not the prettiest!), and that is not a problem anymore. I would highly recommend that you get some cable ties to manage cables properly, otherwise, you could end up with some broken wires or gear!

Using an anti-fatigue mat

I highly recommend that you use an anti-fatigue mat when using a stand-up desk.

This is made from a comfortable material that allows you to change your foot position and lower the amount of overall fatigue you can face throughout the day.

I found this to be a very useful and affordable accessory to have for your stand-up desk.

How long should you spend standing up?

Try to work up to standing at least 15–30 minutes every hour. When starting out with your stand-up desk, make sure to only stand up in short bursts throughout the day. It’s very quick and easy to change the position of the desk, so why not make use of it!?

You shouldn’t spend the entire day standing up unless your body is used to it. For starters, you could just stand up for a few minutes every hour, and then you can slowly increase your standing time throughout the day.

When the stand-up desk is in motion, it’s a nice opportunity to stretch and make some quick brisk movements around the room before you get back to working again. It’s great for your body, and it gives your eyes a few seconds to relax!


Overall, I’m very happy with this Flexispot stand-up desk. I’ve had it for the last five months, and it has suited my needs perfectly.

I found that I have a much better posture when using this. I usually set a timer to try and make sure that I stand up enough time throughout the day so I don’t get lazy!

I do hope that this stand-up desk will last, but I imagine that it will, based on my experience of it so far.