The 30 Best Going Away Gifts For Coworkers in 2023 (Male And Female)

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So your coworker is moving on to greener pastures. As someone who is about to leave their job, you might be wondering what to give your coworkers as a going away gift. Not sure where to start?

Check out this list of the 30 best gifts for coworkers. From practical items to fun and unique gifts, there’s something for everyone on this list. Keep reading to learn more about gift ideas that will make saying goodbye a little bit easier.

2. Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake

A keepsake box is always a great gift idea, and this one is extra special because it's handcrafted and hand-painted. It features a beautiful carved design of two figures facing each other in a show of friendship. There is also a secret message inside the box that will make your coworker smile.

3. Katie Doodle Good Luck Card

This fun and colorful card is the perfect way to wish your coworker good luck in their new venture. The card features adequate space for signing and personal messages, along with the message "Good Luck." It's a perfect keepsake that your coworker can cherish for years to come.

4. Co-Worker Farewell Gift Signature Guestbook

Another great gift idea for a coworker who is leaving is this signature guestbook. You can personalize it with the coworker's name and farewell message. There's also plenty of space for guests to write their own messages. Your coworker will love looking back at all the kind words from their friends and colleagues.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DebussyAndCo

5. All-Purpose Wine Glasses

These all-purpose wine glasses are made from high-quality materials for a clean presentation. They are lead-free and dishwasher safe, equipped with a timeless design that your coworker can use for years to come. This set of eight glasses makes a perfect going away gift for any wine lover.

6. Coworker Goodbye Gift Personalized Print

If you want to give something admiringly personalized to your coworker, this print is a great option. It consists of cartoonish characters, their name, and a message to resemble a group of colleagues. What's more impressive is that you can customize everything, from the name to the message and even the characters!

This can be a great way to show your coworker how much you'll miss them.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: PryntifulGifts

7. Inspirational Positive Quote Print Poster

Is your coworker starting a new chapter in their life? If so, then this is the ideal gift for them. This print features a positive and inspirational quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's a great way to encourage your coworker as they start their new journey. Your coworker will surely appreciate this gesture.

8. Coworker Gift Box Set

This gift box set is a great way to show appreciation to your going away coworker. It consists of a spa box containing various items like lip balm, bath bombs, castile soap, etc. Along with that, there are jewelry add-ons and an engraved wooden heart with a beautiful message. This makes an ideal goodbye gift for a female coworker.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: DearAvaGifts

9. SOLINFOR Coworker Leaving Gifts

The Amazonite bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry that your female coworker can wear as a reminder of your friendship. It's made with high-quality natural materials and comes in a delicate design. This bracelet also has a meaning behind it, making it an even more thoughtful gift. It comes as a beautiful gift wrapped with a special card, making it ready to give.

10. Moving Away Gift

Your coworker who is moving away will surely appreciate this bracelet with an encouraging phrase. It comes in different colors and sizes, and you can pick the preferred phrase from a handful of options. It makes a sentimental and practical gift for your coworker.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: laureldenise

11. Coworker Leaving Away Keychain Gifts

The keychain makes a great gift for a boss who is leaving the company. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this keychain is strong and durable. There is also a beautifully engraved message, making it a thoughtful gift. It is a practical gift that your boss will surely appreciate and use frequently.

12. Going Away Farewell Gift

This custom-made going away gift is a great way to show your coworker how much you'll miss them. It's a keychain that features two cities - one where they currently work and one where they're moving. It's a little but thoughtful present that your coworker will surely appreciate. The keychain comes packaged in a cute little bag to be gifted straight away.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: TheLonelyMoose

13. Tumbler Cup Going Away Gift

A travel tumbler cup is a practical gift that your coworker can use on their commute. The tumbler cup comes with a lid and a straw and features a nice quote. It's double-insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Made of BPA-free stainless steel, the cup can last for years. It's a great way to show your coworker that you're thinking of them even when they're not around.

14. Moving Away Survival Kit

The Moving Away from Survival Kit makes a perfect fun novelty present for a coworker moving to a new city. The kit includes tissues, candles, balloons, teabags, etc. There is also a nicely designed laminated card that highlights the significance of the items.

It's a light-hearted and humorous gift that will surely make your coworker smile!

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: makeyourmark2020

15. Stemless Wine Glass for Coworker

Searching for a fun gift idea to say goodbye to your coworker in style? This stemless wine glass can be a perfect pick! It features a humorous printed message: "Chance Made Us Colleagues, Laughter Made Us Friends." The 15 oz glass is made of high-quality material and is dishwasher safe. It makes a great going away present for your coworker and can be used for years.

16. Stemless Etched Wine Glass

Another stemless wine glass, but with a more sentimental and thoughtful message. This one has engraved personalized locations where you both work currently and will work in the future. It's a great way to show your coworker that you'll always be connected, no matter the distance.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: ShopKPP

17. Primitives by Kathy 17423 Box Sign

The box sign is a great way to show your coworker how much you'll miss them. It features a heartfelt message that exhibits your affection and how you will always remember them. Made of high-quality wood and distressed paint, the sign is durable and can be placed anywhere or hung on the wall.

It is available in different sizes and with different quotes, letting you pick the perfect one for your coworker.

18. Personalized Gift For Mentor

Mentors are like second parents at work. They guide and support you in your career journey. If you are saying goodbye to your mentor, this personalized gift would be a great way to show your appreciation. It's a custom art poster that you can customize with a name, message, or quote. It's a perfect gift for a going away boss or colleague who has been a great mentor.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: LuckyTusk

19. Custom Best Friend Mugs for Women

These mugs are a great way to show your coworker how much you'll miss them. You can custom-design the mugs with names and cartoon characters resembling you and your coworker. The cups are made of high-quality ceramic and designed to be used comfortably. They make a great going away gift for your best friend at work.

20. My Favorite Coworker Gave Me This Notebook

This notebook is a great way to show your coworker how much you appreciate them. It features a funny message that says, "My favorite coworker gave me this to remind me of how mean I am for deserting them." The notebook consists of high-quality paper and a durable print cover. It's a perfect fun gift for your favorite coworker who is moving away.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: OUToftheBOXGiftShop

21. Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us Tumbler Cup Mug

Make your coworker remember you with a smile every time they sip their morning coffee!

This tumbler cup mug is a great way to show your coworker how much you'll miss them. It features a humorous printed message that says, "Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us." The mug is made of high-quality food-grade materials to assure safety and longevity. It can also maintain the temperature of the drink for a long time.

22. Farewell Gift for Friend Mug

Whether your coworker is moving away for a new job, going off to college, or taking a big trip, this mug is the perfect way to say farewell.

The mug is a beautiful and heartfelt way to let your best buddy at work know how much you'll miss them. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, you can personalize their mug with a name or message. This mug is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they take a sip.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: Campfiregiftsandco

23. HOME SMILE Trinket Dish Gift

The HOME SMILE Trinket Dish Gift is a beautiful and thoughtful way to show your friends how much you care. This gorgeously designed dish is crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic and comes in a lovely gift box.

It's the perfect size for holding jewelry, keys, or other small trinkets, and the sentiment written on the plate is a sweet reminder that you're always thinking of your friends.

24. Handmade Engraved Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet makes the perfect gift for a going away coworker. It has a sentimental message engraved on the inner side, which can be personalized as you want. It is made from hypo-allergenic surgical grade 316L stainless steel for long life. It is durable and strong, thick but also lightweight. Overall, it's a beautiful gift for someone you'll miss dearly.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: ENGRAVED4EVER

25. Oh, For Fox Sake 15 oz Stemless Funny Glass

Looking for a funny gift idea that is sure to get a laugh? The 15 oz Stemless Funny Glass is something you should consider! It comes with a humorous printed message that says, "Oh, for fox's sake." The glass is made in the USA with high-quality materials. It is dishwasher safe and printed with superior ceramic inks to assure durability.

Whether you're giving it to your office coworker or your best friend, this Funny Glass is sure to be a hit!

26. Cute Pint Glass for Beer with Etched Sayings

If you're looking for a quality, hilarious and practical gift, look no further than this cute pint glass with etched sayings.

Made with high-quality materials and etched text that will never fade, this glass is perfect for your drinks lover colleague. The weighted bottom gives it a sense of refinement, while the humorous sayings will add a touch of laughter to every occasion. It's dishwasher-safe and perfect for everyday use, making it a perfect companion for your coworker.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: BevveeCo

27. Keepsake Map for Going Away Coworker

With your coworker leaving for their new adventure, this Keepsake Map is a perfect way to say goodbye and wish them well.

All you have to do is choose two places, add some text and color, and you're all set. You can even add your company's logo if you want to. Made with high-quality materials, this map is sure to be cherished by your coworker for years to come.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: KeepsakeMaps

28. Sip Under the Stars Wood Beer Chiller

There's nothing quite like cracking open a cold cane on a hot summer day. And the Sip Under the Stars Wood Beer Chiller can help keep your colleague's drinks cold all day long.

Made from solid Vermont hardwood and lined with insulating cork rings, it can keep the drink at the perfect temperature. The beautiful rustic wraparound design will also bring a smile to their face. And because it's biodegradable and free from toxic materials, they can feel good about using it.

29. Personalized Coworker Leaving Candle

This Personalized Coworker Leaving Candle is a unique and thoughtful way to say goodbye to your favorite colleagues. Made with soy, wax, and wicks, it's a safe and environmentally-friendly choice. You can personalize the label with the colleague's name and a special message. The candle comes in a beautiful glass jar that can be reused or recycled.

Image Credit - Etsy Seller: ThoughtfulWicks

30. Beer Cap States

If you are looking for something unique for your coworker, this Beer Cap States is a great choice. It's a fun and decorative way to display their bottle cap collection. Made from high-quality wood, it is a sturdy and well-made product that resembles a state. And, it is available for most of the USA states. Your coworker is sure to love this unique and thoughtful gift!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The best going away gifts for coworkers. Whether they are leaving for their next adventure or moving on to a new company, these gifts are sure to make their transition a little bit easier. We hope you found the perfect gift for your coworker, and we wish them all the best in their new endeavors!

Do you have any other going away gift ideas for coworkers? Share them with us in the comments below!