50 Elf Puns That Will Keep You Laughing All Season Long

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Get ready to jingle all the way with laughter! Our list of 50 hilarious elf puns is sure to bring joy to your holiday season with every chuckle and chortle.

Elf-ceptional Quips

  1. Why did the elf go to school? To improve his elf-esteem!
  2. I tried to catch some fog. I mist. But the elf caught it because he was more elf-ficient.
  3. Elves are always in shape because they do elf-ercise.
  4. I told an elf a secret, and he became my confid-elf.
  5. Elves don’t use the internet because they can never find the elf-i connection.
  6. My favorite type of music is R&B, but elves prefer elf-capella.
  7. Elves are terrible at sharing because they are so elf-ish.
  8. Elves make the best photographers because they’re good at capturing elf-ies.
  9. Elves are great at soccer because they know how to elf-evate the game.
  10. What do you call an elf who sings? An elf-star!

Santa’s Helpers: A Pun-demic

  1. Elves love baking because they make elf-ceptional cookies.
  2. Why don’t elves use pens? Because they always want to use pencilves!
  3. Elves are great at math because they love elf-gebra.
  4. An elf’s favorite type of coffee is an Elf-ogato.
  5. Why do elves make good listeners? They’re all earves!
  6. Elves never get lost because they have an excellent elf-sense of direction.
  7. An elf’s favorite movie genre is elf-help documentaries.
  8. Elves are so good at reading because they start with elf-abet books.
  9. Elves love fast cars because they’re always in a rush to elf-pedite.
  10. Elves never worry about the weather because they have their own elf-cast.

Festive Funnies

  1. Why do elves love gardening? They have green thumbs!
  2. Elves are great at hockey because they’re always on thin ice.
  3. What’s an elf’s favorite type of weather? Snow-flakes!
  4. Elves are great DJs because they always snow how to drop the beat.
  5. Elves are always calm because they practice snow-ga.
  6. An elf’s favorite breakfast is snow-tmeal.
  7. Elves make great tailors because they’re always seam-ing up magic.
  8. Elves love learning about planets, especially Mars, because it’s red like Santa’s suit.
  9. Elves’ favorite cereals are Frosted Flakes because they remind them of snow.
  10. Elves are always in shape during the holidays because they wrap up gifts.

Elfin Magic

  1. Elves love to eat spaghetti in the hopes they’ll become pasta-magicians.
  2. Elves are so small because they always drink their tea with a little shrinkle of magic.
  3. Elves are notoriously bad at spelling because they always rely on spell-check.
  4. What’s an elf’s favorite type of magic? Elfusions!
  5. Elves make terrible thieves because they always leave magical traces.
  6. Elves are excellent at basketball because they’re always dwarfing the competition.
  7. An elf’s favorite part of the newspaper is the magic stock reports.
  8. Elves make great judges because they always have the final magic.
  9. Elves are bad at hide and seek because they always glow a bit.
  10. Elves are the best at making toys because they have the magic touch.

No Elf Control

  1. Elves love to dance because they’ve got great elf-esteem on the dance floor.
  2. Why did the elf get kicked out of the choir? He was always elf-pitch.
  3. Elves make great baristas because they’re full of bean magic.
  4. Why don’t elves like loud music? It’s not elf-safe for their ears.
  5. Elves are great at bowling because they have their own elf-bow technique.
  6. Elves make poor chemists because they always misplace the elf-ments.
  7. Elves are bad at timing because they always think in elf-time.
  8. Why did the elf quit his job? Because it wasn’t elf-fulfilling.
  9. Elves are good at chess because they always think several elves ahead.
  10. Elves hate slow internet because it’s not elf-ficient enough for them.