100 A-maize-ing Corn Puns to Pop Up Your Day

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Get ready to pop with laughter and brighten your day with our collection of 100 hilarious corn puns. From the cob to the kernel, these jokes are guaranteed to be a-maize-ing!

Kerneling Through Corn Puns

  1. Cobgratulations on your achievement.
  2. A-maize-ing grace, how sweet the sound.
  3. Let’s stalk about it later.
  4. You’ve earned my respect.
  5. Kernel Sanders’ secret recipe.
  6. Don’t let the husky voice cornfuse you.
  7. I’m all ears, tell me more.
  8. That’s corny, even by your standards.
  9. Feeling shucked by the surprise party.
  10. Popping by to say hi.

Cobmedy Central

  1. Butter be ready, it’s joke time.
  2. This joke is cornbread-worthy.
  3. You just got cornered in debate.
  4. Let’s stalk the night away.
  5. Kernel of truth in every joke.
  6. Husking for trouble with those puns.
  7. Don’t be a mazed runner, join the fun.
  8. Cobblers wear the best shoes.
  9. Silky smooth moves at the dance.
  10. Earth rotates because of its corner in space.

Silly Silkwords

  1. Cornivores eat only the finest jokes.
  2. Pop goes the corn on a fun movie night.
  3. Feeling shucked by all these puns yet?
  4. Cobble together a plan for the weekend.
  5. Take an early morning walk.
  6. This section is absolutely a-maize-ing.
  7. Putting the stalk in stock market.
  8. Kernel of wisdom: enjoy life’s simplicities.
  9. That’s one for the husktory books.
  10. Butter late than never to the pun party.

Early Laugh Riots

  1. Cobby our style, why don’t cha?
  2. That idea pops.
  3. Silk-y smooth execution.
  4. Grasping at straws, or should I say husks.
  5. Cob-webbed ideas finally clearing up.
  6. I corn hardly believe it!
  7. Stalk-er behavior: following corn fields.
  8. In a maize of confusion.
  9. Earmark this day for celebration.
  10. That’s the kernel of the issue.

Husk in for a Laugh

  1. Just shuck it off and move on.
  2. Why are all corn songs so popular?
  3. Butter up to the boss with corn puns.
  4. A cobination of factors.
  5. Shuck-ingly good at making jokes.
  6. This pun may a-maize you.
  7. Husky-voiced with a corny joke.
  8. Shucks, I thought you’d like that one.
  9. Pop quiz: How many corn puns can you handle?
  10. Kernel, my friend, lend me your ears.

Cornucopia of Humor

  1. Not all jokes are corn-ceived equal.
  2. Husking around at the party.
  3. Cob out the competition.
  4. That was a-maize-ingly bad.
  5. Cornfetti at the parade.
  6. Shuck to meet you.
  7. Embuttered by praise.
  8. Silk-ing a new career in comedy.
  9. Stalk about multipurpose: food and joke material!
  10. The cobblestone streets of Cornwall.

The Kernel‘s Secret Jokes

  1. Butter my biscuit; it’s joke time.
  2. Huskeeping tips: Always store your corn jokes.
  3. Cob-ras are my least favorite snakes.
  4. Shuck off your worries with a laugh.
  5. This might just pop into your favorite puns list.
  6. Stalking up on good vibes.
  7. That vibe is corntagious!
  8. Corn-templating the mysteries of the universe.
  9. Kernel to kernel, heart to heart.
  10. Got corn-fidence?

Husky Laughter

  1. Butter beware, I’m armed with puns.
  2. A-maize your friends with corn trivia.
  3. Cobsmic jokes for the soul.
  4. Shucked and awe-d by the talent.
  5. Popular demand brings more corn puns.
  6. This stalk will be the highlight of your day.
  7. Ears to hoping for a better tomorrow.
  8. Husking for a bit of silence.
  9. Cornered into making a speech.
  10. Making a kernel decision.

Corn-piling Puns

  1. Butter get these jokes while they’re fresh.
  2. Try not to pop with laughter.
  3. Cob your enthusiasm, it’s just beginning.
  4. Getting shuck into these puns.
  5. A-maize-ing adventures await.
  6. Can you husk what I’m thinking?
  7. It’s earie how funny these are.
  8. Corngratulations, you’ve reached the end of this batch.
  9. Feeling silk-ily smooth with the wit.
  10. Let’s take a stalk down memory lane.

Bricobbling Together More Puns

  1. This cobversation is getting interesting.
  2. Kernel of hope in dark times.
  3. Pop goes my heart for these puns.
  4. Shuck-ing up the limelight.
  5. Corny, but that’s how we like it.
  6. Laugh so hard you husk for air.
  7. Ear we go again with the puns.
  8. Can corn-vince me to stop?
  9. This humor is a-maize-ingly fresh.
  10. Ready to stalk about anything now.